Not Bluffing

Not Bluffing

“NATO is TESTING Putin’s red line and he’s NOT bluffing” Redacted w Clayton Morris (16 min)

Rus Prepares Kharkov Battle; Rus Jams US Black Sea Drones; Ukr Troops Untrained; Turkey Wants BRICS (1:19 min)

Biden, Russian military decimated. US/NATO, 5 land corridors to fight Russia. US $50B Ukraine loan (42 min)

Kyle Anzalone: Antiwar Latest (30 min)

Patrick Lancaster: Latest on the Ground in Russian Ukraine (22 min)

πŸ”΄ America is preparing for war with China over Taiwan! (3 min)


This is definitely pro-Russian and it is four days old but pretty good. The Aussie Cossack Show:

NATO’s Thirst for WAR Exposed! With RT’s Chay Bowes (1:43)

Mystery Drones

Mystery Drones

Mystery drones hit ZNPP. Yellen; China overcapacity, threatens sanctions. Lavrov, Friendship Games (31 min)

Ukr Bad Day All Fronts: Rus Takes Pervomaisky, Bogdanovka; Ukr No Air Defence; China Welcomes Lavrov (1:28 min)

Macron teams up with Cameron for Russia conflict (34 min)

Scott Ritter: Russia Crushing NATO. (28 min)

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski : Asymmetrical Warfare vs Russia.(27 min)

Ukraine Disaster

Ukraine Disaster

Of course they are going to keep it going until the election in Nov 2024…

They caught one of the Moscow shooters.Β  You can bet he will talk…



Ukr Disasters Pile Up: Rus Missile Strike, Power Cuts, FAB-3000, Rus Advance, Kremlin Floats Ukr End (1:21 min)


$1.2T spending bill. FAB-3000 mass production. Scholz; $50B Freedom Bonds. Ursula, EU war President (40 min)

Houthi Drones

Houthi Drones

How Houthi Missile Drones Attack Ships? (9 min)

Attack on U.S. military base in Iraq raises concerns of wider conflict in region (1 min)

Sirens sound in southern Israel after barrage of rockets is launched from Gaza (1 min)

Gaza University destroyed: Israel accused of targeting education centers (3 min)


Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

I think he could be right.Β  Pedal to the metal no left turns. Are we there yet?

Summer Operation | The Russians Destroyed Another Bridge In Kupiansk. Military Summary For 2023.8.31 (18 min)

Tucker, US-Russia war. Borrell, 40K troops ready. Pskov, Kremlin silent. Kishida, safe & delicious (44 min)

Rus Advances Kupiansk, Bakhmut; Ukr Gives Up Rabotino, Fails Verbove, Mobilisation; Xi Skips G20 (1:19)

Ukraine’s Western Sponsors Running Out of Ammo & Out of Time (37 min)


BREAKING! Ukraine launches DEVASTATING attack on Donetsk, civilians killed | Redacted News (12 min)

Russian Aviation Attacks

Russian Aviation Attacks

Russia Pushes Ukr Back from Klescheyevka; US DoD Admit Ukr Offensive Failure, Seek Restart Autumn (1:09)

Summer operations | Russian Aviation Attacks All Over the Front Line. Military Summary For 2023.08.2 (18 min)

Ukraine’s drone swarm strategy (22 min)

Hang on! Russia is using CAPTURED Ukrainian and NATO to attack | Redacted with Clayton Morris (18 min)

WW1 Stalemate

WW1 Stalemate

Ukraine War Is Turning Into a WW1 Stalemate (3 min)

Biden Ukraine ΠΊΡ€Ρ‹ΡˆΠ°. My dog is smarter. Now or never for Elensky. Dems smear RFK Jr. U/1 (30 min)

Military situation in Northern Syria (15 min)

A Russian Offensive Pushing Across The Rest of Eastern Ukraine (48 min)

Summer Operations | The Russians Pummel Ukraine With Massive Strikes. Military Summary For 2023.7.21 (26 min)

Can Trump Stop the War in Ukraine? (8 min)


Drones target Moscow

Drones target Moscow

Expect Blowback! Major Drone Attack On Russia Damages Several Civilian Apartment Buildings In Moscow (3 min)


Russia Hits Decision Making Center, Ukr Drones Hit Moscow, Refuses China Mediation, Kosovo Crisis (1:14)