Antipode earthquake

Antipode earthquake

Another noteworthy large earthquake in the upper M6.0 (M6.4 – M6.8 ) has struck. The second large M6.8 on the planet this week. This new event struck the Chile Argentina border region in South America.…



Several videos of the earthquake here:… The previous M6.8 (M6.7) struck on almost the exact opposite side of the planet in Mongolia earlier this week. Here is the research released recently on antipode earthquakes .. opposite sides of the planet striking within days of each other M6+ events :…

China Quake

China Quake

Very interesting…..

A large M6.8 earthquake has struck the China / Mongolia / Russia border region directly between two ancient volcanic fields. The warning for this week was to watch for M6.9 activity to spread out from the deep earthquakes in the West Pacific following the arrows West, and Northwest. Warning for M6.9 range to strike this week issued here:…… M 6.8 – 33 km SSW of Turt, Mongolia 2021-01-11 21:32:58 (UTC) 51.241°N 100.443°E 10.0 km depth Volcanic field to the East: Khubsugal Region volcanic field… Volcanic field to the West: “UNnamed”…

1/11/2021 — Large M6.8 earthquake strikes China / Mongolia – Seismic unrest spreading – BE PREPARED


Seismic increase

Seismic increase

A deep earthquake event is underway at this point. Multiple M4.0 to M5.0+ deep earthquakes have struck across the planet from the West Pacific to South America.

Following the deep earthquakes (and during the deep earthquake event) magnitudes have crept upwards to M6.0+ , additionally spreading out around the Pacific from Argentina to Indonesia.

I would expect the next step up to occur soon, and for the M6.0+ to reach upper M6.9 range before all is said and done for this week.

1/10/2021 — Major Seismic increase underway — SEVEN M6.0+ in the past week


Solar Forcing, Predictable Earthquakes, Observer Ranch | S0 News Jan.10.2021

Seismic Activity

Seismic Activity

Not just seismic but increased volcanic activity.  And it is getting colder. Space weather.

Volcanic Threat Analysis: La Palma, Etna, Kilauea – New Years Blizzard Confirmed in Texas? – Giants

 And then there is the mega Tsunami to worry about.

Earthquake Swarm Under La Cumbre Volcano, La Palma, Canary Islands = A Mega-Tsunami Warning!!

Increased seismic activity – Dutchsinse with his thorough analysis:

12/28/2020 — New Deep Earthquake event underway — Buoy in event mode in W. Pacific — BE PREPARED

But don’t worry because the latest asteroid was not catastrophic

Mammoth Ball of Fire ‘Falls from the Sky’, Crashes into Ground in China

It is getting colder


They are hiding the truth.  You will hear none of this on Main Stream Media. In fact you hear the opposite – that it is getting warmer.  Nothing about cooler ocean currents. Nothing about increased seismic activity. Nothing about increased volcanic activity. Nothing about attempts at climate engineering.  Everything they tell you is a big fat lie. 

Dutch Warning

Dutch Warning

11/28/2020 — Massive 50,000ft. high Volcanic blast DIRECTLY @ TODAYS WARNED AREA – Lewotolo Volcano

A seismic warning was issued for the area around Lewotolo Volcano on November 28, 2020 for potential very large activity. See the warning which was issued earlier here about 6min into the video:…

See video of the blast here:…

Now today, November 29, 2020 (international time in Indonesia) a very large 50,000 ( FL500 ) volcanic blast has occurred from Lewotolo volcano. This is a direct hit in the middle of the area where the warning was given.


11/28/2020 — Whole plates shifting in one days time — Major seismic unrest due next several days

The spread of seismic activity is undeniable, and can be seen over a 24-48 hour time period perfectly lining the whole series of plate boundaries West and East of the Pacific ( as a whole ).

The deep earthquake event has displaced the Pacific as well as adjacent plates West and East (Australia to India and Central to South America).

Large activity due between current sets of quakes .. magnitudes should reach above 6.0 in several locations with at least one M7.0 likely due in the middle of the whole region to the West of Fiji reaching to Indonesia where the new volcano just erupted (Lewotolo volcano)..







Earthquake activity across Pacific

Earthquake activity across Pacific

Don’t be scared, be prepared.
A new deep earthquake event is now underway, which should lead to a noteworthy increase in larger seismic activity M6.0+ in the next several days, in addition to a spread of M5.0 to M5.5 at multiple locations named in the video from Taiwan to the South Sandwich Islands, and from Oregons coast to Crete Greece.

From Heather stealth on Health:

Tap on the blue timestamp to be instantly directed to the portion of the video you wish to see. I recommend watching the entire video as I do not timestamp everything and could miss something important.

1:33/ 10:50 / 19:44 “D” Deep earthquakes explained & locations

4:44/ 11:15/ 25:30 Plate boundary map 🗺 (path of earthquakes)

5:50 New Zealand 🇳🇿

6:00 /7:55 Indonesia 🇮🇩

6:04 Philippines 🇵🇭

6:11 Japan 🇯🇵

6:44 🎯M5.4 & 5 fulcrum point ✔

8:00 volcanos 🌋

11:33 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Solomon Islands 🇸🇧 Mt. krakatau , Philippines 🇵🇭, Japan 🇯🇵, parallel to ??? North of Guam 🇬🇺 region? New Zealand 🇳🇿 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ next couple days.

12:44 India 🇮🇳 Nepal 🇳🇵 ✔

13:11 ⚠️⚠️ open point ° Taklamakan Desert 🇨🇳 ° North East Afghanistan 🇦🇫

13:40 Iran 🇮🇷

14:15 🦃Turkey 🇹🇷, Bulgaria 🇧🇬, Romania 🇷🇴, Italy 🇮🇹, Switzerland 🇨🇭, Spain 🇪🇸, Portugal 🇵🇹 , France 🇫🇷 Gibraltar 🇬🇮

17:22 Africa 🇿🇦

17:44 ⚠️⚠️ 🎯

17:49 / 1:32:00 ⚠️Crete 🇬🇷 ✔ (during video)

19:00 Aussies 🇦🇺

19:40 South America⚠️

21:00 ⚠️⚠️⚠️

21:28 ⚠️South Sandwich 🥪

22:50 Columbia ☕ 🇻🇪

24:49 Central America

26:24 ⚠️Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 by 29th M5.0

28:44 Alaska 🇺🇸

30:44 /57:50 North American Craton edge (path of earthquakes)

32:50 / 1:02:40 “U’ve been schooled” 💡 today’s lesson “ULF, ELF, VLF”

44:55 Juan de Fuca fracture Zone

45:45 North West (Washington/Oregon)

46:16 Tremor map 🗺

47:00 🐌 slip

54:40 Utah

55:44 Scipio (Skippy 😅)

58:00 Oklahoma drill🛢 points

59:40 New Mad-rid seismic Zone

1:01:00 🔥🔥🔥Texarkana , Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida (electrical arcing)⚠️⚠️🎯 1:08:18 New Mexico

1:11:13 California

1:14:04 Nevada

1:14:22 “Burning Man” 🌈🔥😇✌🧘‍♀️🫂

1:17:33 Bay Area 🌉

1:28:00 ❗⚠️

1:30:22 YouTube fixed CC

1:30:44 A.S.S.U.M.E = if you assume you make an ASS out of U & ME ~ Benny Hill Please 👍 Subscribe Share ↪

Earthquake swarms

Earthquake swarms

At 3.35 Australia is about to be displaced….surrounded by M5 earthquakes and  some small quakes incoming.  Also 14.50 onward large cliff face falls into the sea at the Canary Islands. A sign of things to come?


11/15/2020 — Earthquakes striking at POWER LINES, oil pumping ops, volcanoes, and NUCLEAR LOCATIONS

Well well well.. what do we have here… I got shut down as soon as I mentioned NASA and the nuclear site.. fun stuff.


Earth’s Magnetic Shift, East African Rift, Greenland | S0 News Nov.14.2020

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The beginning of sorrows

The beginning of sorrows

This appeared first (20 minute video)  Dutch had warned for a M5 or greater in the area of Cyprus but the Island of Lesbos of the coast of Turkey got hit.

10/30/2020 — Massive M7.0 earthquake strikes Europe / Turkey — Major damage across region

Cyprus was warned for upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 range for this past week… and now….. Turkey / Greece were hit by a magnitude larger than expected… M7.0 . This is the largest earthquake in years for Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Not only that but this from Dutch’s community page…..the Senate calling for the resignation of the head of USGS because of his treatment of whistle blowers!  Karma What goes around comes around.

Oct 29, 2020.. USGS director is BEING ASKED TO STEP DOWN BY CONGRESS over retaliation against a whistleblower employee at the agency!!!!! Yes this is really happening. Wow.… And the step down requests here:…


And now the updated video – the earthquake caused a small Tsunami.  This is obviously the second video.

10/30/2020 — Europe struck by Tsunami and M7.0 Earthquake — Greece Turkey — USGS ignores tsunami!

A tsunami has struck Greece and Turkey in the Agean Sea of South Europe.… Professionals and average citizens in the area have reported, recorded and first hand witnessed a full fledged multi meter high tsunami. USGS and US agencies are deliberately ignoring the tsunami in Greece. Additionally they have no buoys in the direct area, and all buoys off in the whole region to top it off. (no buoys in europe where we have so many assets and allies?! weird.) View the LACK of tsunami warnings here: has nothing To add insult to intellectual injury , the USGS earthquake page on the M7.0 in the Agean Sea is deliberately leaving out the ocean wave section normally included in all earthquakes worldwide which occur in an ocean.… All buoys either off or non-existent in the area: