Killer Tornadoes

Killer Tornadoes

NOAA Issues Highest-Ever Forecast For The Coming Hurricane Season – 4 people Dead 35 injured Midwest (16 min)

Killer Tornadoes Slam Iowa – Knee-Deep Hail Hits Colorado Town – Large Filament Threat On The Sun (25 min)

Pole Shift – Last Line Of Defense (3 min)

Space Mystery, Pole Shift State of Mind, Solar Storm Comparison | S0 News May.23.2024 (3 min)

Earthquake Live Stream — Past 48 hours of activity up to current

Losing the force and Losing your mind

Losing the force and Losing your mind


Losing Earth’s Magnetic Field – Major Health Problems (5 min)

Climate Conditioning


4.8 Mag Quake Rattles NYC, New Jersey – Deadly Nor’easter Cuts off Power To Hundreds Of Thousands (18 min)

Santorini Sudden Boom – Volcanic Smoke Rings – Antarctic Circumpolar Current – 57 Companies =80% CO2

The Sun does its thing

The Sun does its thing

Even if humans did not exist you would still have climate change and earthquakes.  It is the sun (stupid) not 0.04% CO2.

7.4 Quake Rocks Taiwan, Collapsing Buildings And Causing A Tsunami – Major Spring Snow For The US (12 min)

4/02/2024 — M7.4 Earthquake at Taiwan West Pacific — Unrest will spread next several days

“Eclipse Conspiracy” (3 min)

Jacob Nordangård on the origins of carbon dioxide hysteria | Tom Nelson Pod #205 (45 min)


Japan Quake

Japan Quake

It may already seem like old news but it is good to see how it links with solar activity and what the forecasters are saying.

Devastating drone footage shows earthquake and tsunami damage in Japan (2 min)

1/01/2024 — M7.5 Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan – Japan CONNECTS TO…


Major Snow For The East – Devastating Footage Of Japan Quake – Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks Now! (16 min)

1/02/2024 — New York City , Washington DC earthquakes, booms and rumbles – East Coast moving

CME Impact Today, Lightning, Magnetic Impact | S0 News Jan.2.2024 (3 min)

Joe Bastardi: “Tiny amounts of water vapor warm it where it’s coldest” | Tom Nelson Pod #183 (1:02min)

Erasing Australia (5:26 min)




X5 Solar Flare, Big Earthquake Japan, Top Stories | S0 News Jan.1.2024 (3 min)


40 earthquakes M7.6, M6.1, M5.7 occurred in Japan in 2 hours! 300 k… (8 min)

Huge M7.6 Earthquake Rocks Japan, Evacuations Ordered As Over 40 Quakes Strike Western Coastline (2 min)

Powerful 7.5 Mag Quake Hits Japan, Triggering Tsunami Warnings – Major X5.0 Solar Flare And CME (10 min)


X-marks the Spot?

X-marks the Spot?

Victoria’s south-west rattled by 5.0 magnitude earthquake | 9 News Australia (1 min)



Solar Flare Records, Hurricanes Impact, New Book | S0 News Oct.21.2023 (3 min)


Orionids Peak Tonight! – Major Winter Storm Developing – Death Valley Gleams With Water

Undeniable Evidence For Electric Comets – Minoan Eruption: Largest Of Our Time, Ends The Empire

Afghan quake

Afghan quake

Afghanistan 6.3 Earthquake: 120 killed and 1,000 Injured – Kīlauea Volcano 320 Earthquakes In 24 hrs (11 min)

Sun’s Magnetic Reversal Begins, Coronal Hole | S0 News Oct.7.2023 (3 min)

Abu Hureyra – Comet Airburst 12,800 Years Ago Initiates Agriculture – Solar Polar Field Reversal Now (56 min)