Expanding Earth

Expanding Earth

Oh, no.  Not only is the waistline of the earth expanding, it is past its expiry date.  Well, it happens to us all as we get older (lolz).

Deadly 6.8 Earthquake Shakes Cities In Ecuador – California Drought Eliminated – Expanding Earth (14 min)

Earth’s Expiration Date (11 min)

The Expanding Earth Hypothesis – Plate Tectonics vs Expansion Tectonics – Facts vs Fiction (56 min)







Tonga Trench

Tonga Trench

For some reason Dutchsinse took his video down (the one that I embedded)…..so I did my own homework.  The Tonga Trench looks very active. remember that Hunga Tonga blew up a year ago.  The Karmadec Islands got hit (again) but the quakes were shallow.  New Zealand has been experiencing a lot of quakes.  The plate boundary travels between the islands.


Residents Trapped

Residents Trapped

Record California Snow Leaves Residents Trapped In Their Homes -M5.8 Solar Flare -New Electric Comet (11 min)

Our Endless Winter Continues (5 min)

6000-Year Disaster Cycle Review (3 min)

Is NorCal’s BIG ONE just DAYS AWAY?? Geophysicist analyzes Geophysicist analyzes ABNORMAL magnetic signals (16 min)

Trident Volcano Alert

Trident Volcano Alert

50,000+ Without Power, More Snow, Icing And Blizzard Conditions Ahead – Trident Volcano Alert

Galactic Superflare Risk, Earthquake Predicted | S0 News Feb.23.2023 (4 min)


Good production quality on the next video but they are lying (or stupid) abut CO2 and global warming. Don’t fall for it.

North America’s Worst Disaster Of ALL TIME Is About To Happen! (27 min)


Flares, quakes and storms

Flares,quakes and storms

Geomagnetic Storm Forecast – Expansive Winter Storm & Bitter Arctic Cold In The Forecast Next Week (10 min)

X Flare & Solar Storm Prediction | S0 News Feb.18.2023 (3 min)

2/18/2023 — Seismic Spread — New Forecast Earthquake activity in Europe, Americas, Asia, Pacific (1:25)

AD 536: The Sun Dimmed And The World Shivered, Leading To Famine, Plague And The Fall Of Empires.(56 min)