Earthquake Forecasting

Earthquake Forecasting

After seeing this I think we all need to learn some forecasting:

Earthquake Forecasting (Where to Learn)-2 min

Weather view:,130.6,3.86z


Earth Cycles

Earth Cycles

The Great Sun-Earth Cycles (3 min)

4/07/2024 — New Seismic Update — All others gone / removed — Unrest spreading Be prepared

Things went off the rails, false copyright claims, religious and anti-religious wars in chat, false accusations of theft from the big solar channel.... my warning for the East Coast literally disappeared....... it is all a bit much after I warned the East coast from DC to the border for a M4.5+ and then it got hit as expected.

Eclipse Fear Op & Occult Ritual (43 min)


Eclipses and Catastrophes

Eclipses and Catastrophes

The April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse is Getting REALLY Weird… (9 min)

The Catastrophe Evidence (48 min)

As of March 2024, there are 5,504 Star link satellites in orbit, of which 5,442 are operational. Seems like more than 5,442 in this diagram..    Whatever happens they will be the first to go.  Remember when solar activity brought down more than a dozen satellites?


Signs of the Pole Shift

Signs of the Pole shift

Another Sign of the Magnetic Pole Shift (and more) | S0 News Feb.14.2024 (3 min)

Corrupting Uruguay (5 min)

You Should Question Climate Change! Here’s Why. w/Dr. Drew (8 min)

2/13/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — West Pacific Izu Ridge M6.1 , North Pole and Turkey (1:13 min)

No worries…electric cars will save the climate (lolz). Thanks Elon.

The GREAT electric car cover-up just CRASHED and BURNED | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (17 min)


Three Solar Eruptions

Three Solar Eruptions

Three Solar Eruptions, Galactic Core Risk, AMOC Collapse | S0 News (4min)

Big X Flare Sparks S2 Solar Radiation Storm, Earthquakes Strike Hawaii, California and Florida Coast (4 min)


This is good (from four days ago):

Surprise! Mysterious Events Happened on the Sun After the Biggest Solar Flare in a Decade (8 min)


2/10/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — Seismic Unrest spreads — Don’t be scared be prepared! (1:39 min)

The Green Dream

The Green Dream

The future is bright.  We will all be living the dream in 15 minute cities eating bugs. No need for oil products or things like meat. All climate change is caused by CO2.  The gas that is necessary for plant life is just like turning the thermostat up or down.

Living The Green Dream (5 min)


Dust Dampens Electromagnetism | ADVANCED DISASTER PHYSICS (2 min)

Dangerous Flooding and 2-5 Feet Of Snow For Cali – 5.1 Mag Quake Oklahoma – Kīlauea Seismic Swarm (14 min)

Iceland’s Newest Volcanic Island; The Eruption of Surtsey (4 min)

A Major Volcanic Eruption is Likely at Kilauea; A First in 50 Years (4 min)

2/02/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — Large M5.1 strikes Oklahoma — Largest in years (33 min)


Bigly Australia

Bigly Australia

Australia was much bigger in the past and the aborigines probably walked to Australia from the region  of India.  So much for climate always being stable and nothing ever changing except if it caused by man.  People are very stupid.  Monumentally dumb.


With the magnetic excursion you can expect more seismic and volcanic activity.  We are also entering Grand Solar Minimum which always increases activity.  We are end of cycle. Expect big changes.

Last earthquake in Oz was a day ago in Jamestown. Do you see that you can draw a straight line from NZ diagonally across the continent again. The energy is transferring across the plate not just around the plate boundaries. This map is interactive and you can change the settings and zoom in etc.