Environmental Terrorism

Environmental Terrorism

More “accidents” (lolz)?  It is either one hell of a psy-op or deliberate sabotage.  Either way, this cannot be done without multi-agency cooperation.   Does this mean that everyone in those services is corrupt?  No.  You only need a few who have their hands on the levers of power. And lest I forget there was a shooting at a church apparently instigated by a “trans woman” (whatever that is).  Probably another false flag event.    They want you either angry or frightened.  They want you helpless and confused.

Hazardous Materials Spilled After Another Derailment! 70-car Train Derails in North Dakota (2 min)

Not watched this one yet:

Chemical Spills

Chemical Spills

Heads Up! Big Chemical Spill Into Delaware River, Philadelphia Residents Told to Drink Bottled Water (2 min)


This is me trying to make sense of all the chemical spills and explosions. If I lived in East Palestine I would get a goldfish and connect an inlet and outlet drip feed to the fish tank to constantly monitor water quality. A canary in a cage for air quality.  I don’t believe the soil and water are poisoned. They want the land and they are forcing people off the land.

The Collapse

The Collapse

When the Music is over…

Turn off the lights…

The Music is your special friend…

…until the end

…..cancel my subscription to the resurrection (definitely not, lolz)

The Doors – When The Music’s Over (Live At The Bowl ’68)-13 min

Told you that a planned collapse was coming.  I told you and warned you. Are you listening now?  Financial collapse, hunger games and cyber attack all coming on top of bio warfare.  They want you broken and begging to be a slave. And then their Messiah will appear.  Get ready to worship (lolz).   You have been warned. Brace yourself. Prepare. Pray.

6 USA Banks at Risk of BANK RUNS as $1 Trillion Uninsured Deposits Raises Risk of Bank Failures (25 min)


This Shocking New Development Has Peter Schiff Mad As Hell… (15 min)

The drop in the two year treasury is unprecedented worse than 911 worse than any drop. It is over. Listen to Schiff (the “good” Jew, lolz):


“As announced on March 15, 2020, the Board reduced reserve requirement ratios to zero percent effective March 26, 2020. This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions"

Too bad goy. Get ready for your CBDC fun tokens and your bugs. You will own nothing but will be so miserable you won’t care. Thank you for your participation and for saving the planet (lolz). You might want to move to the country and grow your own food. I hear that there is land available in East Palestine (lolz). Have you had enough black pills yet?

We Went to East Palestine: What We Saw May Shock You (14 min)

Significant Derailment

Significant Derailment

“Significant Derailment” Hits Florida! Hazmat Crew Monitoring One Car with 30,000 Gallons of Propane (2 min)

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Sickness, Class-Action Lawsuit Filed, 9 Air Pollutants and More (4 min)

It Was OBAMA’s Deregulation That Caused East Palestine Disaster – Says Wash Post (5 min)