The Times They Are a-Changin’

The Times They Are a-Changin’


Detailed explanation on how the China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal will change Middle East & Iran India(45 min)


Silicone Wadi


Bakhmut final stage

Bakhmut final stage

Bakhmut, final stage. EU frozen Russian assets disappear (38 min)


🚨 NATO and U.S. issue red alert against China and Putin | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

About halfway he spruiks Uranium mines so watch it until then.


Russia Pincers Close Bakhmut, Zaluzhny Warns Zelensky; China Spooks West, CIA Says Russia Confident (1:20)

UK shrinks and Russia grows

UK shrinks and Russia grows

Oh dear Joe Blogs and all the other pundits got it wrong.  Told you so. And this is according to the FT.  Do you think they will apologize for being propagandists?  No they won’t.

U.K. Faces RECESSION as Russia Economy GROWS Says Latest IMF Report.(13 min)


Room for two dragons?

Room for two dragons?

“There is not enough room for two dragons in one pond.”  (Chinese saying)

Is the Chinese economy on the brink or is it Western propaganda?  It seems to me that it is shaky because they abolished their zero Covid lockdown policy because the economy was struggling.  They have a command economy which makes it very easy to cover a multitude of sins (until reality sets in).

This from a commentator on twitter:

Trump started a trade war with China. It wouldn't go away. China couldn't seem to fix the issue. The CCP couldn't find a person to pay off so this issue would go away. Trump couldn't be bought.

All the supposedly LEFT leaders of the world were deathly afraid of the CCP. Merkel a shining STAR of the LEFT couldn't prevent her eyes from twitching like she was a robot at the mention of Ughers.The Nations of the world were looking at CHINA in AWE. Just look at the splendors they've created in, what 20 years?? Cities with skylines 10 times longer than MANHATTAN, and not just ONE, but DOZENS.But TRUMP would NOT back down and the TRADE WAR was a real thing that would NOT go away for the CCP.

Then COVID hit. and the world got distracted. and what the CCP had been doing in the SOUTH CHINA SEA had already upset almost all it's neighbors. Another country building artificial reefs to build a military base in your backyard is annoying, to say the least.And world opinion is NOT at a high for the CCP with the VIRUS. Then, steps in AUSTRALIA. And bravely asks for an independent investigation into what happened in WUHAN, CHALLENGING SHI SHIN PING. NO ONE DOES THAT. But, Australia was getting concerned at the growing power

Shi shin ping is MAD. Australia, TARIFFS on barley, wine, coal 80%. DON'T QUESTION ME, I AM CHINA. Poor Australia. economy suffers HORRIBLY economically. THen... a weird thing begins to happen. The bad blood that the CCP created in the SOUTH CHINA SEA, there is NEGATIVE feelings about the CCP and nations will STILL be careful, but now braver.

CHINA now was going through some weird shit. power outages all over in BIG cities for DAYS at a time. turns out, CHINA NEEDS Australian Coal, which was $80/ton? It spiked several times. Chinese electricity makers did NOT want to buy at inflated cost. The electricity makers were PREVENTED by law from raising prices by the CCP. So, why buy COAL at 3x's the price and sell at a loss? Then, the STEEL industry stopped completely. FOR THREE MONTHS (maybe still stopped). NO COAL. Australian COAL was the best. So, the CCP covers this by saying, "we want clear blue skies for the winter olympics". dog ate my homework? lol. Now, the other neighboring countries, already annoyed by the CCP's aggressive stance start taking notice.

Indonesia, the SECOND largest coal exporter in Asia says..... um fellas. we've got an internal problem, so COAL exports for a while. hmmmm. Really? lol. testing the CCP. is it possible? China has NO COAL LEFT?  Then everything in China begins to collapse. All their real estate developers are crashing, almost every industry in China stops. COMPLETELY. Wall Street notices. every investor is backing away from CHINA. the CCP still wants to hold on. BUT, what did asia learn? The CCP was weaponizing trade. Meaning, once their whole BELT and ROAD initiative (string of pearls) connecting trade to europe and the world was finished, they would WEAPONIZE TRADE. Don't do what we want? NO TRADE FOR YOU. the level of power then??

Can China still become the world’s largest economy? | Business Beyond (25 min)

What will be the consequences of China’s declining population? | DW News(12 min)

Why China Will Never be a Global Superpower (14 min)

Bye , bye Kwarty

Bye, bye Kwarty

Farty is gone with the wind. Now we probably get Sunak. Anyone who knows anything about Sunak knows that is going from bad to worse.    This is following a globalist script. 

Kwarteng gone. Elensky curse coming for Truss. Sunak next in line (18 min)

October Surprise

October Surprise

Surprise!  Surprise!

In the UK they have to hand in twenty pound and fifty pound banknotes by the end of the month.   NORDSTREAM gas pipes have been sabotaged.   The fresh food market in France set on fire. 

Surprise!  Surprise!

You will starve and freeze.   The only way out is to accept your beast-tokens (called UBI).  Now be good boys and girls and get your jibby, jabbies.

Havoc Across the Planet Will Shock You (16 min)

BREAKING: Nordstream Pipelines Sabotaged by Explosions? (1:09)

This Financial Crisis Will Be 10x Worse Than 2008 (36 min)

The GLOBAL Financial System Is COLLAPSING. Home Prices PLUNGE At Fastest Pace ON RECORD. Mannarino (13 min)


The USA is broke

The USA is broke

Not just the USA but the global economy is running on fumes. Read the following thread by Kim dot com (only posted the first two):

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD. By Gregory Mannarino (14 min)


Can the Fed fix inflation? (26 min)

Just listening to this now. He thinks Covid is not real (its just a flu) and that the Chinese sent it to the USA so that they can take over the world (lolz).  Does he not see the contradiction in what he is saying?   For starters he should look closer to home.  People have become a lot dumber (or were they always this dumb?).


Lebanese Woman Holds up a Bank to Withdraw Own Savings & Help Sister (5 min)