Chinese spy balloon explained

Chinese spy balloon explained

The China show is the bottom video.  Anti-China propaganda?  I don’t know. The China show is usually very good but we are effectively at war and truth is always the first victim.

Chinese Spy Balloons Called Top ‘Delivery Platform’ for EMP Attack, More Seen Near Hawaii and Guam (2 min)

EMERGENCY – Chinese Spy Balloon Explained – Currently Over USA (2:07)


2/03/2023 — “Chinese Spy Balloon” spotted now over Missouri (13 min)

Chinese spy balloon

Chinese spy balloon

The whole thing stinks and is in my view very fishy.  We are being played again.

Ex-US defense chief says he’d shoot down Chinese spy balloon (10 min)

Pentagon’s Chinese spy balloon explanation is not adding up: Former…

This video is keyed into the time stamp to go directly to where he says that it is not adding up:

Comment from the Discord:

Alex Jones also said that there's huge balloons that are used for EMP strikes (but he said he doesn't know if that's the purpose of the balloons that are currently over America and Canada): . Anyway, EMPs are the perfect way to clear up our lebensraum for Neo China, because it doesn't even produce radiation. The people will just cannibalize each other after a few weeks. And Americans have so much guns that they'll just shoot each other to death so we don't even need to send in troops.

Climate Collapse

Climate Collapse

As the climate collapse (reset) accelerates so will the tyranny.   They are hoping to have everyone vaccinated and locked-down (locked -up) before the stupid masses realize what is going on.  It is imperative that their ID and tracking system is in place and the digital currency implemented.  They need to rigidly control the populations during this rapid and devastating change so that they can emerge as the transhuman “gods” of the New Age.

Solar EMP with NO Warning, Major Disaster/Climate Confirmation | S0 News Oct.17.2021 (5 min)

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Methane in the Arctic region

Very High in the Arctic region? It must be all the cows. And the oil wells and their off-flaring of methane. It could not be natural. No way (lolz). It must be man made.







If your EMP or CME is big enough it will not matter what sort of Faraday cage your electronics are placed in – your phone will be useless if the cell towers are down.  There is actually a CME on the way to earth (as we speak) but only minor. It is only a matter of time…especially when “our shields are down”. Interesting to see (on the SO video) that electromagnetic changes are happening on Mars.  That is exactly what we would expect.  Notice how the Governments and media keep it quiet and only report on CO2.

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Solar EMP Preparedness & Expected Disruptions In a Grand Solar Minimum

Jökulhlaup At Grimsvötn Volcano (Iceland): Subglacial Flood Explained – Kilauea Volcano Inflation

And that is a boom. Be on the look out for lots of rapid changes.  Earthquakes, volcanoes, weird weather, etc.  Of course it is all your fault for driving your car and eating meat.


Solar Storm

Solar Storm

It seems that solar storms are cyclical and the next one is due in 2022-23.  We have these storms about every 30-40 years and have managed to survive them but this time we have a weakened magnetic field. Our protective magnetic shield continues to diminish. This allows much more cosmic radiation to fall on earth and if we get a CME or micro-nova it will make the damage much worse.  So many things seem to be converging in the next few years.  Interesting. I think I may have already posted this video. No matter…it is very important.

Major Solar Storm Due This Cycle | S0 News Mar.14.2021


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