BRICS currency

BRICS currency

Gold Standard Is Back! BRICS Launching GOLD-Backed Reserve Currency, Diminishing US Dollar’s Power (4 min)


Yellen; BRICS currency, no problem. Plan B, hit Kerch. Erdogan calls Biden. Elensky mocks Trump. U/1 (42 min)

Erdogan playing the game, taking big risks (18 min)


Zaluzhny Tells Zelensky Offensive Unsustainable, Should be Stopped; Wagner Swear Loyalty, Rejoin War (1:04)



Erdogan backstabs Putin

Erdogan backstabs Putin

Erdogan backstabs Putin. Azovstal release, PR win Elensky. Odessa chess move? Yellen bows. U/1 (31 min)

Tobias wants UK (and NATO) boots on the ground in Ukraine (25 min)


Ukraine’s Offensive Suffering Heavy Losses, Azov Commanders Return (28 min)

Operation Day-D| Ukrainian Hopes For Success Have Vanished. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.07.10 (9 min)

Money well spent killing Russians

Money well spent killing Russians

Graham, Russians are in for rude awakening. Medvedev, UK our eternal enemy. UnionPay tops VISA. U/1 (43 min)

Zelensky travels, Zaluzhny’s star fading, Intel Chief Budanov gains power (34 min)

Biden White House debates various Ukraine off-ramps (34 min)

Aftermath of Bakhmut, Zelensky’s Worst Enemies, & the US Empire Strikes Back in Asia (15 min)

Kadyrov RU Offensive Starting, Avdeyevka; Ukr Shells Belgorod, Putin Warns; Biden Erdogan Tense Call

Comeback of the Sultan?

Comeback of the Sultan?

America and the US want Erdogan gone.

Erdogan one step closer to re-election. Regime change will not end with elections (14 min)

More regime change:

US Proxies Win Thai 2023 General Elections – Thai-Chinese Relations at Risk, Instability Looms… (20 min)

Spreading democracy everywhere (lolz).

What’s Happening In Haiti Is Absolutely Beyond Belief!(13 min)


Israel attacks Syria

Israel attacks Syria

Israel Steps Up Attacks On Syria

Without Trial, Without Charge | What Is Administrative Detention? (7 min)

Ursula von Der Leyen’s Racist Comment on Arabs (5 min)

BREAKING NEWS – Arab League readmits Syria as relations with Bashar Assad normalize (6 min)

Turkey may have a new president, what will change? (13 min)