Victory Day

Victory Day

Something tells me that the Russians will be celebrating another victory day soon.

Victory day. NATO, no troops to Ukraine. Meloni & Macron want Ursula gone. EU to seize asset profits (39 min)

Rus Missiles Destroy Ukr Power Stations, Power Cuts; NATO Draft Statement: No NATO Troops Ukr (1:23 min)

🔴 Why the World Perception of the US Empire Is Deteriorating | Syriana Analysis w/ Kevork Almassian (11 min)


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse



**His stuff about “bird flu” spreading in cow-milk is … and it is suspect that he is hyping it.  Bird flu is spread as an aerosol not by ingestion.


How I came to hate The Duran (10 min)

He means that unlike Zelensky who telegraphed the “summer offensive” for months in advance and even speculated the route (lolz).  I am shocked that Putin uses propaganda and kept his plans hidden. Shocked I tell you. (lolz). The fact is that Putin did not invade all of Ukraine as the Duran highlighted “you can’t invade a country that size” (with the troops they had at the border) it was about liberating the Donbas which had voted to join Russia because they were sick of the slaughter. That is why Putin called it a Special Military Operation (SMO) and not a war. People may think that is semantics but the distinction is important. The West did not want peace and that clown Boris Johnson deliberately sabotaged peace. The feint by Russia towards Kiev with minimal troops was just posturing to force a sensible negotiating stance. Is the Duran pro-Russia and pro-BRICS? Yes, and they make no secret about it but the WHOLE of Western media is captured by ZOG as is everything else, so I am inclined to give the Duran a free pass. So far their analysis has been good, and I will keep featuring them. Propaganda is part of war and used by both sides but right now I trust Russian reporting more than the West. That says it all.

Ukr Front Collapse Continues, 2 Villages Fall; MSM Ukr 6 Months Collapse; Senate Approves Ukr Aid (1:25 min)

Sunak, UK war footing. Szijjarto, EU war psychosis. Europe troops in Ukraine. 2026, EU defeats Putin (33 min)

Israel-Iran strikes; Out of danger, but risk very real (18 min)

Here we go! Europe ready to send TROOPS to Ukraine to stop Putin’s move | Redacted w Clayton Morris (18 min)


The ‘war on drugs’ to further isolate Syria – with Clayton Morris of Redacted (18 min)

🔴 Armenia under Nikol Pashinyan: Heading Towards Imminent Downfall? | Syriana Analysis (1 hour)

New Axis of Evil

New Axis of Evil

I am Dutch/Australian and we have a word to describe the Duchman Rutte as a Kwal because he is a spineless mietje.   He can only wish that he had the same domestic support as Putin who has more integrity in his little finger than the globalist milksop Rutte has in his whole body.  I am no Putin fan but when you look at the lying, traitorous, hypocritical, weak, woke Western leaders, they make him look like a saint.  My advice.  If you are in a hole stop digging and do not drag all of us into your nightmare.

Also, the retaliation from Israel that was so exaggerated in Western media, was actually a couple of drones sent to save face.  Iran has won this exchange.  They sacrificed drones and ballistic missiles in order to allow hypersonic missiles to get through.  Iran hit all their military targets without killing any civilians.  They sent a strong message to Israel-namely, we can take out your military infrastructure anytime we want and your Iron Dome is more like a Plastic Colander (lolz)

Mike Johnson, a new Axis of Evil. Orban, EU mood is ‘one of war.’ Rutte, Putin is not strong (25 min)

Ukraine math does not add up. Istanbul Plus (27 min)

Massive Brownout

Massive Brownout

Brownout in Ukraine (and we are not talking the color of Zelensky’s underpants as he sharts himself).

Putin Ultimatum: West Accepts No NATO, No Ukr Army, 4 Regions/Crimea Or Rus Imposes Kiev Surrender (1:21 min)

Nebenzya, prepare for Ukraine surrender. Elensky demands EU, NATO entry. IOC/EU prays to Saint Vovan (32 min)

Kharkov blackout. Russian military stretching the front lines (19 min)

NATO outplayed, outproduced and out of touch

NATO outplayed, outproduced and out of touch

I think they actually believe their own propaganda.  It is like someone locking themselves in the toilet and smelling their own farts.  Are they really that stupid?  That disconnected?  They are dismantling their own economies.  Stupid is as stupid does I suppose. They don’t even listen to their own people. They are after-all unelected bureaucrats.  The EU is not a democracy.  The people of Sweden do not want to be in NATO.

Oh, and one more thing. Scotland has new hate laws.  You will be arrested for hurty words.  It is OK to genocide children with 2,000 lb jdams but do not say any antisemitic words.  The West is sick.

Stoltenberg $100B Trump proof NATO. Johnson, $8B REPO Act. Olympics spy on Russia. Scotland hate law (40 min)

The Bloom | Russia Out Producing NATO | Ukraine Needs A New Army. Military Summary For 2024.04.03 (24 min)

Kiev Desperate; Rus Breakrough Avdeyevka Chasov Yar, Ukr Troop Chaos Officers Tell Politico War Lost(1:26 min)

Cruel month of March for Ukraine. Robots enter war(27 min)

Ukraine Disaster

Ukraine Disaster

Of course they are going to keep it going until the election in Nov 2024…

They caught one of the Moscow shooters.  You can bet he will talk…



Ukr Disasters Pile Up: Rus Missile Strike, Power Cuts, FAB-3000, Rus Advance, Kremlin Floats Ukr End (1:21 min)


$1.2T spending bill. FAB-3000 mass production. Scholz; $50B Freedom Bonds. Ursula, EU war President (40 min)

Ooh La La

Ooh La La

The little gay mannekin can’t wait to expand the war.


Rus Intel France Sends 2K Troops Ukr, Paris Denies; Ukr Retreats Orlovka, Ukr Troops Mass Surrender (1:17 min)

French media wargaming 20K troops. Russia Intel, 2K French troops Ukraine. EU panic, keep war going (34 min)

Russia attrition war and fear of summer collapse (30 min)




Macron Freaks

Macron Freaks

Macron is freaking out over Ukraine collapse (15 min)

Macron, war with Russia. Eurobonds, taxes & EU army. Germany, secret ammo deal with India. Hero 360 (37 min)

Panic Sweeps EU, Rus Advances, Ukr Troops Flee; Macron Urgent Talks, Wants EU Troops to Ukr; EU No (1:02 min)