Notification: Doc Kek vs.Virginia

Notification: Doc Kek vs.Virginia

I only just got around to watching the video report/interview between Kevin and Doc Kek (aka Anthony Pena) who brought a case against the state of Virginia regarding informed consent (second video on this page; . Governments have what is known as sovereign immunity.  In other words you need their permission in order to sue them. They are not likely to give you permission and his case was found of “no standing”.  Doc Kek is a private citizen trying to set a legal precedent (not make money) and he did his own research to present his case.

The Gov (state) must tell the benefits and risks as well as to the extent they are both known and unknown… that is required from Section 564. Doc Kek is trying to get them on the the S1 subunit being the causative agent for Long Covid means the S1 subunit causes disabilities. If he can demonstrate harm then the Spike Protein is ipso facto causing a known harm and the vaccinations can be stopped.  Doc Kek is hoping to appeal the decision and looking for a heavyweight lawyer to jump onboard.  In any case he has shown the way forward.

The law is not your friend and this has been planned and legislated for well in advance.  As George Carlin said “they have the judges in their pocket”.  I detect the hand of Jewery in this because they love lawfulness and Pilpul.   Here is Doc Kek’s sub stack:


FDA EUA session and ACIP Advisory Committee

FDA EUA session and ACIP Advisory Committee

This is a five hour video on Jonathan’s Twitch channel for you to dip into if you don’t ant to watch the whole thing.  The video under this one is Mark from Housatonic

ACIP Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices : Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (5:18)

Ep 149.1: Things others missed in June 15 FDA Eua session (William Gruber Barney Graham mrna) [1:25]

Tweet Digest

Tweet Digest

A rather eclectic ensemble but you get the idea:

Build Back Bieber

All or nothing

They knew

Eat yer bugs…no ice cream until you finish your plate

Netherlands and China (they were all at it)

Bilderberg Smilderberg

They knew part 2 (infinity)


Vagabond -Daily Wrap

Vagabond -Daily Wrap

A short four hour show (lol).

Child Suicide Doubled, Fauci Exposed By Comedian & ‘Biggest Public Health Mistake We’ve Ever Made’

YouTube or should I say Jew-Tube the truth haters have just deleted the complete TLAV channel.  It can be found here:

And it can also be found on BitChute:




Website link:

0.00 Child suicide doubles
3.00 water crisis
27.00 Fauci lying about EUA
-herd immunity
-undocumented vaccinated
-healthy not at risk but can still spread it
1.00 UNESCO – The individual takes precedent over society and science
1.04 – lessening symptoms? You can still spread it.
1.06 still wear mask
1.09 still get it, still spread it
1.10 vaccinated people can have mask-less contact at home
1.12 how does the vaccine work if it does not stop spread (herd immunity)?
1.14 Asymptomatic hardly any
1.15 Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA never used before -Experimental
1.16 NIH Jan 12 Experimental vaccine Highly Effective
1.17 The speed is an example of scientific excellence
1.18 The mRNA platform already set up based on genetic computer code
1.19 effects rare and seen between 15-45 days no long term effects
1.23 residual DNA from human fetus
1.24 Bill Gates DNA mining using Covid
1.25 lasting natural immunity but vaccination immunity?
1.27 Bourla CEO calls Israel worlds biggest lab
Whitney Webb cancelled on Patreon
1.39 Ryan from Vagabond cancelled
1.40 website unlimited hangout hacked attacked
1.44 BitChute being blocked from twitter
1.45 Corbett cancelled on Patreon
1.46 Gates et al planned the censorship at Event 201
1.48 Biden address dark and dystopian
1.50 Biden speech
1.55 masks tests – they don’t make any difference
2.08 mask fascism -violent arrest
2.25 making children earn air-mask breaks
2.47 plastic shields
2.49 comparison states with and without mask mandates the same
2.50 mask compliance
2.53 PTSD
2.56 testing positive after Moderna vaccine
2.58 vaccine deaths
3.04 Pfizer says covid 19 vaccine likely to prevent asymptomatic infection
Israel world’s lab
3.06 no asymptomatic spread
3.07 blood clots
3.10 countries suspending Astra Zeneca
3.14 Catholic priest on experts
3.18 Excelsior pass NYC
3.20 virus mutates therefore never over
3.21 ACCESS CONSORTIUM – No safety data on vaxx for new variants
3.24 mutants in Italy
3.26 100% increase in child suicide no one cares
3.29 333.93% increase in self harm
3.36 plot curve shows no spikes
3.37 Croatia OK but no lockdown
3.40 Biden gov lets commemorate 1 year
3.41 Chris Whitty UK next winter
3.42 Stanford Doctor lockdown biggest Public Health mistake ever made
3.44 why millions of Americans will defy vaccines etc
3.55 Bolivia arrests former president for (UK/US) supported coup (to steal lithium) against ousted Morales
3.58 Israel/UK/USA behind ISIS and together with SA destroying Yemen

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MSM Fear-mongering


Vaccine Passports



US Foreign Policy


5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

SOME of the mask studies on efficacy: