Environmental Terrorism

Environmental Terrorism

More “accidents” (lolz)?  It is either one hell of a psy-op or deliberate sabotage.  Either way, this cannot be done without multi-agency cooperation.   Does this mean that everyone in those services is corrupt?  No.  You only need a few who have their hands on the levers of power. And lest I forget there was a shooting at a church apparently instigated by a “trans woman” (whatever that is).  Probably another false flag event.    They want you either angry or frightened.  They want you helpless and confused.

Hazardous Materials Spilled After Another Derailment! 70-car Train Derails in North Dakota (2 min)

Not watched this one yet:

Major Leak BioLab Company

Major Leak BioLab Company

Do you see it yet?    Do you see the pattern?  So many stupid people still asleep.  You are at war.  The war is aimed at you.  They are collapsing the economy, de-industrializing and they will take everything away from you including your life if you are not careful.  

Tribulation and doom

Tribulation and doom

It is time to take your black pills to distract you from taking the red pills (lolz). 

La Palma Volcano Update: Eruption Resumes with Vigorous Lava Fountaining and Fast-Flowing Lava Flow (7 mins)

La Palma volcano eruption update: eruption resumes with vigorous lava fountaining and fast-flowing lava flow https://bit.ly/2ZEfDWu La Palma Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION AT 20210919/1410Z ONGOING ERUPTION OBS VA DTG: 28/1500Z to 20000 ft (6100 m) https://bit.ly/2ZECUYl La Palma volcano update: Latest lava flow map update https://bit.ly/3m5Qk7a DIRECTO | Erupción del volcán en La Palma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfFj1… Live Seismic Tremor Chart https://bit.ly/2ZyYvRY La Palma Quakes vs Depth https://bit.ly/2XseTTk Spain Live Earthquake Map https://bit.ly/2XhGy97

Cosmic Explosion over Shenandoah Valley Creates Booming Shockwave and Seismic Shaking (11 min)

Strong CME Erupts, Jupiter Changes, Storms | S0 News Sep.28.2021 (5 min)

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Great Red Spot: https://hubblesite.org/contents/news-… Carrington Preconditioning: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2109.13020.pdf Unique Star Nearby: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2109.12707.pdf Terra Orbit: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/det…

Dutch Warning

Dutch Warning

Warning issued for large earthquakes in the West Pacific (over 6+M) above Australia (PNG & Indonesia).  Dutch comments on the explosion and quake that brought down the condo in Miami at 56.45:

A progression [of quakes of]13 miles broke on the West Coast (2 x 5.9 M quakes) Southern Cal gets hit by a 5 then a spread of 3s goes across the plate up to Indiana then a 3.9 (experimental blast) out in the ocean then a building in Miami collapses. The blast was on the edge of the plate (Bermuda Triangle)....maybe it was an experimental blast to expend energy out of the plate?

Two quakes of the coast in Western Australia under Indonesia a 3.1M and then 5 days later (same spot) a 5.1 M. South Australia hit with minor quakes (about 11 mins).

If you go to the Volcano discovery site you can chose SA and zoom in.  Broken Hill is on its own mini craton and the the other small quake happened in the Flinders seismic zone. See this older article for craton maps:

Australia quake hit

6/24/2021 — Back Streaming on youtube 24/7 Earthquake info live! Earthquake update and forecast !

Meteor, Tornado and Eruption

Meteor, Tornado and Eruption

Sometimes it feels like the daily fix of fear….but that is not the intention. It is a big earth and there will always be something happening somewhere. What we are looking for are emerging patterns and frequency increases and we are starting to see them.  There have been more meteorite showers this year.  Freak weather is increasing and although this is partly due to Geo-engineering you can be sure that in the end natural processes will overwhelm any human interventions. Are we seeing more eruptions and seismic activity?   It certainly seems that way….or is it observational bias?  All I can say is that it will soon all become apparent.

ICELAND UPDATE – Inflation Continues, Fagradalsfjall Mountain – Eruption Expected In Nátthagi Valley

Fifty thousand earthquakes in Reykjanes in twenty days http://bit.ly/3cGSm8Z Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes https://bit.ly/3rprWPn Volcanic Eruption in Iceland – Rare Footage (HD 720p) https://bit.ly/3qSd5Mo Inflation in Fagradalsfjall mountain, eruption expected in Nátthagi valley https://bit.ly/313mSWn

Tornado Watch Warnings South of ‘Particularly Dangerous’ Storms – Spring Has Sprung! – Fractal Frog

Tornado Watch Warns South of ‘Particularly Dangerous’ Storms http://nyti.ms/3eSEj38 2 of the top 5 biggest snow totals from Colorado’s weekend storm came from Aspen Springs https://bit.ly/3eSiReG SNOWFALL ANALYSIS FROM THE LAST 72 HOURS https://www.weather.gov/crh/snowfall GFS Model Total Snow Us http://bit.ly/3qYuGSA Severe Weather Outbreak Shifts into the Southeast Thursday https://www.weather.gov/ GFS Model Total Snow Europe http://bit.ly/3tu99TG Strong mag. 5.8 earthquake – Northern Algeria on Thursday, 18 March 2021 http://bit.ly/30S9H9s Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes https://bit.ly/3rprWPn Update on the activity between Keilir and Fagradalsfjall mountains https://icelandgeology.net/ Data Shows $1,000,000,000 Bitcoin Movement Triggered Crypto Sell-Off, http://bit.ly/38UQEjw Biden wrong on three statistics he cited in ABC interview http://cnn.it/3bX0GSX NFTs, explained “Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and cannot be replicated http://bit.ly/38RiTzE 0x (zero followed by X) Price Now http://bit.ly/3bUSq5R Mana (Decentralland) Buy Below 60 cents and BOOM! https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/…

Extreme meteor explosion over New England causes earth tremors

March 14, 2021: A meteor fireball skyrocketing over Vermont at 42,000 mph, exploded with the energy equivalent of 442 lbs of TNT on March 7 at 5:38 pm EST. The explosion was so powerful that it produced a shock wave that caused buildings to shake.





Do you think maybe God is trying to tell us something? 

Huge Fireball Burns over the London Sky, Creates Shock Wave


March 5, 2021: A massive slow moving meteor fireball burst through the atmosphere over Southwest England during the late evening hours of Feb 28. Fragments of the Fireball may have impacted the ground after entering the earth’s atmosphere at 30,000 mph. #UKFireball #Apophis #Meteors Support our SOCIAL MEDIA Sites; ➨Twitter: https://twitter.com/skymednews​​ ➨Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skymednews​​ ➨Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skymednews​​ OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.earthfrenzyradio.com​​

Yemen’s New Parliament Killed

Yemen’s New Parliament Killed

A short video on the Yemen situation.  Don’t agree with his “fallen angel” stuff but I have no doubt that the whole “peace process” is the prelude to a false messiah. The war drums are definitely beating.  He is spot on in his remarks about Christian-Zionism.


Retaliation Begins: Multiple Mortar Attacks On US Presence In Iraq, Hezbollah Warns Security Forces “Stay Away”



  • Multiple ‘Katyusha’ unguided missiles/mortars fired into two regions near Baghdad.
  • Green Zone neighborhood in Baghdad, comes under mortar shell attack: 5 ppl wounded.
  • Balad airbase (hosts US troops) near Baghdad hit by missiles: 3 Iraqi soldiers wounded.
  • Explosion heard at Al-Kindi base in Mosul (which houses US troops): no details on injuries yet
  • Hezbollah warns Iraqi Security Forces to stay away from US bases.