War Crime Propaganda

War Crime Propaganda

They are saying that Russia committed atrocities in Bucha before they withdrew.  They say Russia is losing the war.  They say that Putin is being lied to by his military about massive loses.

This is the girl in the video. And this is a mainstream newspaper report.

And here a report by the lying BBC telling the truth for once. Russian soldiers are being tortured.


The Ukrainians are staging false massacres.

Which is of course denied by Russia:

Propaganda BTFO – Gonzalo Lira

A “glowie” is someone who “glows” because they are radioactive – they are a paid CIA agent.

Bucha: More Lies GONZALO LIRA

Clown show

Clown show

Let me introduce you to the chief clown Jewish comedian and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I don’t know who this guy is but I enjoyed his video:

THIS ISN’T NORMAL! “What Is The Truth?!” Why is the Media Glorifying This Crisis? (20 min)

No-vax bears fruit

No-vax bears fruit

We told you No-vax was a psyop:

The No-Vax Psyop…

Here is where they turn the narrative around. We assume the report is true but it makes sense.  What does it do?   It breaks people psychologically because it offers them a “hero” then takes the hopium away.  So people see resistance as futile, you cannot fight it.  Even No-vax got the jab.   The Djoke is on you.


Crisis Actors

Crisis Actors

This is about the protest of the death of Sarah who was murmured by an off-duty policeman. Apparently a psychopath possibly a serial killer?   Is any of this true or is it all fake?   What is the agenda….that people demand that the police are defunded?  replaced by drones and Ai surveillance?   Who knows. Make up your own mind.



Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery


You are experiencing the biggest robbery in history.  Except we don’t call it robbery we call it wealth transfer.  However, the goyim are OK with it because the will all be sent a few shekels. Too bad about your business or you job. And stay indoors you hear. And wash your hands. We need to flatten  your wallet the curve.


Listen to this podcast:

3/28/2020 Update

– The coronavirus crisis;

Navigating through the

largest transfer of wealth

in human history




Website: https://knowyouradversary.com/2020/03/28/3-28-2020-update-the-coronavirus-crisis-navigating-through-the-largest-transfer-of-wealth-in-human-history/


Monumentally stupid



P.S. For all those thinking “What has the Federal Reserve got to do with Australia?”……all the Central Banks are connected. The Fed has arranged dollar swap lines with Australia, NZ and South Korea (probably other countries as well). The square mile in London is also in the hands of a particular family. The Fed cannot continue bailing everything out…..you wait for it….a digital global currency will be proposed to bring “stability” and by then people will be begging for their tyranny. Completely brainwashed. They want to be slaves.