WW3 False Flag-War imminent

WW3 False Flag-War imminent

I just noticed this:

The attack against the US happened at "Tower 22"
Tower gematria =81 (ordinal) reduction is 9
22 = 2x11
This is the second 911 (twin towers) tower 22 is a false flag for a big war. Enjoy.

They say the attack occurred on 28/01/2024 but it depends when and what time zone. Some articles quote Baghdad time. You can bet it is probably 29/01/2024 Central American because that equates to 911 in reverse. 11 (=2+9) and 9 (=1+2+2+4). I am sure that it is a false flag and the occultists in the know are having a laugh about the 911 "tower" and the death of their own soldiers.

White House on Attack on U.S. Base in Jordan: “We will respond.”(2min)

Ray McGovern: Israeli False Flag Killing US Troops? (26 min)

Biden White House moves closer to Iran conflict (39 min)


Pelosi, Putin controls protestors. Graham, hit Iran. EU, destroy Hu… (42 min)

US Base Hit, Americans Dead; US Prepares Iran Attack; Ukr Kupiansk Collapse; EU Goes After Orban (1:23 min)



Losing the Propaganda War

Losing the Propaganda War

It seems that Israel is losing the propaganda war.  Both sides lie that is a certainty.  It is best to wait a few days. The truth eventually leaks out.  It always does.

It is looking more and more like Oct 7 was a false flag just like 911. It looks like the neocons are getting their butt kicked….first in Ukraine now in Israel.  What next?  Will they back down?  Not on your Nelly (loz sorry sis).  They will escalate to war with Iran.  They have bio-warfare crimes to cover up and a financial crash to organize.  They need to keep the public distracted.

It is the bankers.  It is always the power elite.  I feel sorry for the useful idiots on both sides…both Jews and Palestinians dying for the bankers paradise.


Clean up?



Israeli Army Struggles To Advance | Major Losses Claimed (10 min)

Supernova Concert Site Location Moved 2 Days Before Attack In Israel (1 min)


Israel Supernova Concert Organizers Killed (1 min)


Glow Op-Goy Slop?

Glow Op-Goy Slop?

“Deceits favorite role is playing the victim”.

Paul Galindo

Is this a psychological operation? A False Flag that Israel allowed to happen so that they can shape public opinion and pursue their political agenda. There is no way that this was a “surprise” and they are probably setting the stage for war with Iran. Mossad has the Motto Make War by Deception. Which Israeli minster said “this is our 911” (the irony is exquisite). You must make your own mind up on this. The fact that it happens 50 years after the Yom Kippur War is interesting. In my apocalypse commentary (PRITA) I suggested that the first century trumpets started to repeat in 1973 which was the Yom Kippur War. The Day of Atonement War, when the nation is in the synagogue asking for forgiveness. The Day of Atonement forms the background to the trumpets which commence in Rev 8. This is the pattern that I suggest in my commentary: The trumpets are seven year periods which are interrupted by witnessing (Rev 11) and at the end include the seven vials (last plagues)

  • 1973+7=1980 1st Yom Kippur war
  • 1980+7=1987 2nd
  • 1987+7=1994=3rd
  • 1994+7=2001 4th
  • 2001+7=2008 5th 1st Woe Twin towers
  • 2008+7=2015 6th 2nd Woe
  • 2015+7=2022 7th 3rd woe
  • 2023 – 50 years after Yom Kippur

The Hamas incursion on Simchat Torah, a normally joyous day when Jews complete the annual cycle of reading the Torah scroll, revived painful memories of the 1973 Mideast war practically 50 years to the day, in which Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. So what do we make of it? Is it Glow Op-Goy Slop (lolz). Whatever it is I know that ultimately God is in control not the Jews and whatever is going on will be bent to his will not theirs. Perhaps it is a Glow Op-Goy Slop and perhaps their staged war will spin completely out of control. They are not all powerful. Jacob the deciever will be wrestled to a halt.

The conspiracy theory behind the Israel/Hamas clashes (11 min)


Stinky Yom Kipper Glow-Op Goy-Slop For Armageddon Fetishists – How To Provoke Forever War (3:13min)

Many killed in Israeli city following Hamas attack (4 min)


Israel long war. Saudi-US deal in jeopardy. Breaking BRICS+. $100B to Ukraine, one-and-done. U/1 (42 min)




ZNPP False Flag incoming

ZNPP False Flag incoming

Ukraine is preparing a False Flag event involving ZNPP (Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant) which will be blamed on Russia.  They are doing this to drag NATO further into the conflict.  Russia has warned them already not to do it or they will respond with tactical nuclear weapons.



Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant a Clear Present Danger (45 min)




Tranny shooting

Tranny shooting


Love for Damar

Love for Damar


This video sent me down a rabbit hole and I almost did not come up for air.  The whole Damar Hamlin episode is a ritualistic false flag.  The video by Peggy is excellent because it asked all the right questions and sent me looking deeper.   Damar’s “miraculous” recovery is false. He never had a heart problem in the first place.

These people are evil and they have enormous power.  They pay the footballers wages and they own the media. They can assassinate Presidents, bring down the trade towers and then they can piss down your back and tell you that it is raining. (Sorry for being crude but I am so angry on how they manipulate our emotions).  This is what I found:



We really are in a matrix. By that I mean that they have been manipulating reality with their kabbalah black magic. They really believe that the symbology and numbers allows them to impose their reality over the existing one. Technology and A.I will allow them to take the next step but their world is dead (META) and will turn the earth into the land of the dead like ancient Egypt. Their “Great Work” has taken decades but God will destroy it all and it will be found no-more forever. Amen

What was the point of this false flag? To troll the anti-vaxxers? See, the vaccine is not so bad you can recover…he was even put on a ventilator (and you say people were murdered by ventilators). Anyone who plays along with these deceptions is mocking God and will face punishment. Let us hope that God does not treat him like the fool Nabal (that would be the ultimate irony):

"But in the morning, when Nabal was sober, and his wife told him these things, his heart died within him and he became [paralyzed and helpless] like a stone" (1 Sam 25:37).

More Gold

More Gold

Goldstein is certainly digging up some nuggets. I park this here to peruse later but I have already looked at the “gay shooting” and in my view he is correct. Another false flag.


Street Battles in Bakhmut

Street Battles in Bakhmut

Street Battles in Bakhmut Russia Siege Tightens, US/UK Claim Russia out of Ammo, Putin Prepares Plan (1:00)

BREAKING! Massive attack on Donbass biggest one yet, Putin’s next move | Redacted w Clayton Morris (13 min)


Get ready! A FALSE FLAG attack in Serbia? Is NATO to blame again? | Redacted with Clayton Morris