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Print Moar

This tweet video explains the economic situation:

BE READY! A Series Of “New Crises” Is Coming Straight At You.. AND YOU WILL FUND IT ALL. Mannarino (11 min)


Blame Russia

Of course it is all Russia’s fault.  The Putin price hikes (lolz).   If you believe that I have a virtual bridge in the Meta verse to sell to you (I only accept payment in gold bouillon).

RUSSIA – USA & UK now on Brink of RECESSION. FED & OECD Latest Figures Reveal Extent of Decline.(8 min)

Destroying the world

These people are destroying the old system so that they can Build Back Better (for them). They intend to wipe out the middle class and small businesses.  Go get your jab. Nothing you see is an accident.

Economic War

Economic War

Some video bloggers and news papers are still insisting that Russia is being destroyed by sanctions.  That is not what I am seeing.  For some reasons this video reminds me of the EU imposing sanctions on Russia:

Here we have Joe Blogs telling us how much Russia is going to suffer.  Seems to me that if you have oil, gas, wheat and fertilizer you won’t suffer that much.  The sanctions are counterproductive.  They are strengthening Russia and pushing Asia closer together.


JPM CEO Jamie Dimon WARNS: “An Economic Hurricane Is Coming.” Very Important Updates. Mannarino (13 min)

Does this look like winning to you? 

More winning

This is What Happens Next Through September 2022 (17 min)

ONLY 70 days left

ONLY 70 days left

Do you think we are joking? This is enemy action not an accident. You better be growing your own food.

There are ONLY 70 days left until catastrophe | Redacted with Clayton Morris (11 min)

Will There Be Enough Food For The World This Year ? (22 min)

Are you starting to detect a theme?   They want you hungry, cold and afraid.  They want you confused and helpless.

Fear Porn

You ain’t seen nothing yet.  They want you to be a blubbering wreck so that you will do as you are told.

British Media ‘FEAR PORN’: Nuclear APOCALYPSE! & “Power cuts…affecting 6 million” (22 min)

Wheat for Rubles Panic

Wheat for Rubles Panic

This is must watch and it is a CLASSIC.  The West is panicking because of looming food shortages. Especially Europe.  We told you so.  The arrogance and stupidity of the West. Now they want to lift sanctions. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is quoted as saying:

“And what interferes the most is [the West’s] own cosmic cretinism”

Told you so. All the lies will be exposed. Ukraine is losing the war. The West will be short of food (not China and Russia). And the virus was man-made and the vaccine is toxic. TOLD YOU SO and I will keep telling you.

Ukraine update & Wheat for Rubles has collective west in panic mode (28 min)

US ADMITS Sanctions have FAILED as Dollar falls BELOW 58 rubles – Inside Russia Report (9 min)

Uh-oh you made a mistake (lolz)


Nuclear War

Nuclear War

I thought this video was extremely interesting even though I do not agree with some of Jeff Nyquist’s conclusions.  I do not believe that Russia and China were preparing  to launch a nuclear war (preemptive strike). It is quite apparent that the West has been deliberately provoking Russia and that since the Maidan coup in 2014 Russia has been making its economy more robust and independent. Think tanks in the USA were proposing measures to destabilize Russia long before the Ukrainian war began (see the video below this one).  China’s storage of grain and food and the massive ring of merchant shipping may just be protective and/or defensive measures.  They know that rapid natural changes are incoming. Moreover, the intense lockdowns could be exercises for an anticipated bio-warfare attack.  Or they could be propaganda. It is a fact that China was doing GOF work on Covid funded by the USA.  Was Covid purposefully released (rather than escaped?) in China.  Was it released by a “third party” either a state entity (intelligence service) or by a Non Governmental Organization?  We will never know but I suspect that China is being used. Never forget that Bolshevism was the creation of the bankers.  All wars are banker wars.

Why Major Powers Are Stockpiling Food and Stopping Exports ? (Jeff Nyquist 1/3) [27 min]

Now watch the video below and then tell me that the West has not been trying to destabilize Russia for years.  The West has been preparing for this which is why they withdrew troops out of Afghanistan.

Sweden & Finland Joining NATO: A Few Quick Points (8 min)

There will be global food shortages and hyperinflation.  I believe they are front-running the problem.  They know that catastrophic change is coming and they are setting up control systems. I expect rationing and  more lockdowns.

INDIA Bans Export of WHEAT. Huge Prices Rises & Shortages as GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS Worsens.(20 min)

When the change comes they will not be able to control it.

Where Solar Storms Hit Harder, Cold Climate Coming, Electroquakes | S0 News May.16.2022 (3 min)

Food Supply Shutdown

Food Supply Shutdown

This is very serious and deliberate. The Rockefeller Institute wrote a document about the pandemic years ago called Lockstep (exposed by Harry Vox in 2014) but they also wrote one  called Reset the Table and Podesta was involved with the Food Chain Reaction Game. Please start growing and storing food and withdrawing from the system as much as you can.

Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, fish, pigs euthanized; crops not planted (22 min)


Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (Victoria). Of course there is a need for such legislation but it is open to abuse and the amendments are authoritarian.  This is not about agriculture but legislation to bring societal and political change using health and carbon emissions as excuses.



Food Disappears Globally How Your Families Can Survive (1:16)