The Business Of Science

The Business Of Science

Have not watched the Highwire for some time.  Good info.

Anthony Fauci is Tackling Misinformation?!; Jefferey Jaxen Reports ON CDC Now Saying Treat COVID Like The Flu, Nine COVID Shots to Bring you Up-To-Date, the Failing Electric Vehicle Market, new Draconian Laws Carry Severe Penalties For ‘Hate’; Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Exposes the COVID Deception and the Business of Science in Stellar Interview with Del; ICAN Legal Update Exposes FDA Circus; Make Sure to Attend the Spring MAPS Conference.

My comment:

The HighWire was correct about the Covid Fatality Rate being very low but it is not a Flu. It is a lab made bioweapon that has LONG TERM amyloidogenic and  prionogenic consequences especially if you are constantly topped up with the SAME SPIKE PROTEIN (that your own body is instructed to produce). This was a two-pronged bioweapons attack. Both Covid and the so called "vaccine" (misnomer it is an mRNA transfection). Calling Covid a flu is an oversimplification. The constant "vaccinating" and shedding forces viral evolution and makes new strains which become endemic. So Covid was dangerous even if it was not immediately fatal. They are not going to make something that kills everyone immediately. They are incapacitating agents that are designed to find your weak points (any inflammation or aberrant bio-pathways) and take you out gradually.


Episode 362~ The Business Of Science ~ The Highwire 3.7.2024.(1:33min)


Defuse the Bomb

Defuse the Bomb

This is an actual game and I think this is a great metaphor for what is happening. This one minute clip stresses Keep Talking and nobody Explodes and that is exactly what everyone should do.

The Freedom Movement is fracturing and that is exactly what (((they))) want but we must refuse to allow paranoia to dictate strategy.  Are we being gamed and psychologically targeted?  Yes, there can be no doubt that the “pandemic” has certain strategic and ideological goals and they are nudging us to accept. They want us to reach certain conclusions naturally even though they are steering us in the background. Initially I thought that Jonathan Couey’s proposal on synthetic clones explained many of the anomalies but the argument put forward as “gain of purity” has morphed into one of no excess deaths from Covid19 and sequencing does not work.  All the deaths are more or less iatrogenic or fabricated.  This argument is starting to look like a first cousin marriage of the retarded no virus and gain of purity cousins giving birth to retards (lolz). The argument turns on dismissing the Defuse document as unverifiable or a psychological operation. Discounting its validity as evidence of malfeasance and seeing it as a red herring. Here follows a very good (and long) discussion between Dr Kevin McCairn the systems neuroscientist and Charles Rixey who is a trained Weapons of Mass Destruction expert and a former Marine.  Recommended viewing. 

Charles has analyzed the excess deaths for different age cohorts and a definite signal can be seen prior to the vaccine rollout. Moreover,  asymptomatic infection could well negatively influence the effect of the “vaccine” which is exactly what you would want with a binary weapon.  Perhaps Covid19 was simply a matter of preparing the ground and making it receptive to the real seeding. Why did they insist on people who had already recovered from Covid to get a vaccine anyway?    That is in my view highly suspicious.   Also at at 1:15:40 regarding defuse, Rixey says “Congress already knows that [the documents] they’re not fake”.  Would congress not demand proof?

SARS Biowarfare With Charles Rixey (4:26)

Forensic Analysis

Mark Kulacz from Housatonic is somewhat of an expert  in data retrieval, tracking , storage and destruction (which is not as easy as it may seem…ask Hillary).  In this video he looks at the authenticity and verifiability of the Defuse Document which is a photocopy without metadata. However, it is unlikely that the photocopy distributed on the internet represents all the information available as any chain of custody will be obscured until it is required as evidence for legal proceedings. The grant was declined and that is very easy to establish as I imagine that as much of this material was conveyed by email the metadata is recoverable from the ISP and probably stored somewhere on a DHS database.  As Mark points out it was not classified information and the proposal was rejected by DARPA.   The fuss about the photocopy is in my view a distraction because as I was watching the video I commented that if I were spying I would take a picture with my phone and include the metadata on the file and also the time clock on the computer which would tie in with my own metadata.  Images can easily be converted using OCR.

All this is a moot point because I am sure that Rixey knows who leaked it and has verifiable evidence of authenticity.  It is possible that DARPA themselves deliberately leaked the document to distance themselves as it was becoming impossible  to deny GOF  biowarfare.  They needed plausible deniability.  Perhaps that is also the job of someone like Robert Malone.  We can only guess at motivation and it is a certainty that we are all being gamed.  What should we do?  Perhaps we are unconsciously still doing their bidding by exposing the GOF malfeasance.    We must be aware of what they want and that is relatively easy to answer. They want full spectrum dominance which is the surveillance state panopticon that will eventually reside under your skin  and they want mRNA to form the basis of their bio-revolution economy in order to fulfill their transhumanist agenda.  As long as we make sure that we are not duped into the new paradigm we should be OK.

Ep 182.1: EcoHealth Alliance DEFUSE proposal to DARPA PREEMPT grant, leaked to DRASTIC  (1:19)

 Sequencing Fidelity

Jonathan raised the question of sequencing fidelity and Quasi-species diversity and drift swarms this article provides some excellent answers and a rebuttal:

The Time Line

Last but not least the Defuse proposal fits within the larger context of Fauci’s pronouncements, Daszak’s own comments (both on video) and the wider DARPA PREEMPT PROGRAM who lavishly funded areas of pandemic preparedness, with EcoHealth, the Global Virome Project, USAID’s PREDICT, and more all giving and receiving tons of cash to go out and find new viruses.  This did not happen in a vacuum.     Moreover, it was run on the back of the very successful  Special Virus Cancer Program (sic) which resulted in HIV/AIDS.  Now I know that Kerry Mullis could not find anyone to point him to a source that connected AIDS with the virus (sounds familiar??).  Is there something weird going on?  I have no doubt and whatever it is it looks like they perfected it with the AIDS pandemic.  No wonder Mullis despised Fauci.  There is still much that is unknown and I still have many, many questions. Perhaps we should start with refusing all vaccines.  It seems that the Spanish Flu (American military flu) and HIV (and Covid) possibly all started with vaccination programs.  Are we not seeing the forest for the trees?   Is it that simple?   Have they figured out how to use vaccinations to trigger pandemics?  What a great way to reduce the population and make money.


Are we being played?

Probably, but the trick is to use their gaming tactics and their evidence and turn it against them until we get our outcome.  You work with what you have got and what you have been given.   The most important question in all this is what is the desired outcome?   What do you all want?

Rigs (not Rixey) Defuses the bomb.

Aren’t you going to miss all this good stuff when you retire? (lolz)



More Theater

More Theater

Are ye not entertained. All of a sudden we have more “free speech” on twitter. Fauci is being grilled and exposed.  Apparently even the NYT produced an article about Jullian Assange and dropping the charges against him  but now the page is gone? (lolz).

We are being played big time. Do you see it yet?


Unredacted Emails Finally Reveal the Shocking Truth (1:14)

Fauci just admitted the UNTHINKABLE about Covid lockdowns | Redacted with Clayton Morris (18 min)


Medical Mayhem and More

Medical Mayhem and More

Fauci Forced To Answer COVID Questions By Judge (31 min)

CDC on bivalent vaccines (12 min)

Immune escape 2: immunocompromised patients – COVID-19 vaccines update 69 (18 min)


Planned Parenthoods misinformation/disinformation and lies (3 min)

Medical Anthropology Presentation

Medical Anthropology Presentation

This is Nick’s presentation on the origins of HIV (part 1and 2). This represents decades of investigative work and is related to the current pandemic. Recommended viewing.

Medical Anthropology Presentation – 001

Medical Anthropology Presentation – 002

Still peddling poison

Still peddling poison

They are still pushing the poison and they are doing it from the white house.

Come on, Did Fauci REALLY just say this on his last day on the job? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (12 min)

Even Dr John Campbell has decisively turned and produced memes:


Babies and Horses

Everything is effected by their damn vaccines.  It is not up to us to prove anything.  They have to prove that they do no harm.


Notification: WTYL and Fauci the Movie

Notification: WTYL and Fauci the Movie

The WTYL twitter account has been nuked again as part of the ongoing campaign against Dr Kevin McCairn but a new one is coming soon (stay tuned).  Fauci the Movie has been  released and it is “free” for those who register.  Fauci is just a puppet and this is all part of the theater.  Somewhere for people to direct their rage.

Kary Mullis’ big Fauci mistake

Kary Mullis’ big Fauci mistake

Ep 158.3: Kary Mullis’ big Fauci mistake – And how his heroism is in your hands (15 min)


The PCR article can be found on the Housatonic website (scroll to the bottom):

30-50 million fabricated 1918 flu deaths are being used to justify total control over your health (one minute short)