Censorship Central

Censorship Central

They are loosing the narrative on all sides so the only thing that they can do is censor and restrict information.  They are all liars an psychopaths.  A curse on them all.

“This is WAY WORSE than Elon Musk’s Twitter Files, GET READY” Fmr FBI Whistleblower | Redacted News (18 min)

The Sultan Double Cross

The Sultan Double Cross

Erdogan, YES to Sweden-NATO. Sullivan, EU-NATO not interconnected. Putin 3 hour Wagner meeting. U/1 (43 min)

Biden Approves War Crimes Via Cluster Bombs In Ukraine (22 min)

Biden to CNN, USA is running out of ammo (32 min)

Summer operations | The Russian Offensive Is Gaining Momentum. Military Summary For 2023.07.11 (27 min)

Max Blumenthal DESTROYS Ukraine War Narrative At United Nations!(21 min)

You’ll never believe what the FBI is doing in Ukraine! (24 min)



US Energy department and FBI agree on Lab leak (13 min) https://youtu.be/NcFiDpErJHQ

Here’s how the FBI and CDC are Tracking the UNVACCINATED (12 min)


Town square theater

Town square theater


There are no heroes. This is pure theater because the “Republicans” want the same thing as the “Democrats” because in the end they have the same masters. This is faux outrage and pure Hegelian Dialectic. Problem (Government using Platforms to censor) Reaction (Outrage…do something!), Solution (Repeal  Section 230).

They want to remove section 230 because then they can  make the platforms liable for what you say.  Twitter and Facebook etc become “publishers”  It would make Twitter liable for what you say.  What do you think will happen?  Twitter would require verification of every user and they would vet every tweet before it got published.  They will probably use AI to do this and it will be connected to your social credit score and CBDC.

Town square speech

Let me give you an example.  The town square in ancient Greece was the agora. The word “agora” derives from the ancient Greek term ageirein, meaning “to gather together” and is attested as early as the eighth century BCE. It is commonly translated as “assembly,” “assembly place,” and “market place.” The agora was a crucial component of all Greek villages and towns across the Mediterranean. The apostle Paul gave his famous speech on Mars Hill at the agora in Athens.

Let us pretend that I own the town square and you want to put up your soap box and speak there.  I know that if you say something deemed to be “wrong” that I am liable to be punished. So, the first thing I am going to do is make sure that you are of good character. If I deem that you are not of good character you will not be allowed to speak. The second thing I will do is ask to read your speech to see if it is suitable.  If I deem it not suitable you will not be allowed to speak.  Do you see how that works?   That is censorship.

Unlimited Free Speech

Now we have the “old” town square which has unlimited free speech.  A  rabble-rouser enters the square and starts urging people to kill a particular minority.  The police are informed and the miscreant is arrested and goes to jail for fermenting hate and violence.

Another slime-ball gets on a soap box and starts telling all sorts of lies about someone to the public.   The victim records what is being said, gathers witnesses and takes the slime-ball to court for slander. The slime-ball is forced to publicly apologize and is fined.

A deceiver stands up and spreads disinformation.  Most people ignore him and walk past but some stop and listen.  Some of the public call him out as a liar and provide evidence to demonstrate that he is lying.  He is jeered by the crowd and leaves.

This is how “free speech” is supposed to work.  Why should the owner of the town square be punished?

What should happen

Americans have the right to free speech which is a bulwark against tyranny.  People should always be able to speak freely and as with everything else if you abuse your rights there are already laws to deal with it.

What should happen is not the repeal of section 230.  What should happen is those twitter executives and FBI agents should go to jail.   That is what will prevent it happening again and that is what would protect first amendment free speech rights.

You are being played

Once again let me emphasize that this is a back-door way to censor.  It is exactly like the Government using corporations and businesses to mandate vaccines under “health and safety” laws if you want to keep your job.  It allowed the Government plausible deniability  -well we dropped the mandate but if you private business demands vaccines we can’t do anything about it.

Well our Government stands 100% behind Free Speech but if a private company wants to verify you and vet everything you say they should be allowed to because they could be liable for your speech.  Do you see it now?  These people are snakes.  All of them.

GOP Rep SHREDS Twitter Exec. For Colluding w/ FBI To Censor Speech (15 min)

‘Who The Hell Do You Think You Are!’: Boebert Explodes At Ex-Twitter Exec For Shadow-Banning Her (6 min)

Trump Gets ‘Fact Checked’

Trump Gets ‘Fact Checked’

Trump Gets ‘Fact Checked’ After FBI Raid. Steve Seagal Filming Donbass Documentary.(10 min)

UK Admits Russian Advance on Bakhmut; Prospects for Ukraine’s Kherson Offensive Fade (53 min)

They can’t hide this anymore in Ukraine as nuclear inspectors want in | Redacted with Clayton Morris (19 min)

Trump raid

Trump raid

More Trump theater. Normally I do not report on US politics but we are at a changing point and epic malfeasance is happening. Not watched either of these videos yet.

Trump raid, Biden DOJ crosses the Rubicon w/Robert Barnes (2:26)

Quickie: Bannon…”End The Fed!” (47 min)

Learning to navigate propaganda

Learning to navigate propaganda

I have mentioned this website in the past but it comes with a warning label.  It is completely pro-Trump and often spins partisan narratives and unrelated threads. It does this to show Trump in a positive light – a religious man fighting the globalist (commie) forces of darkness.  Despite its obvious bias it is still useful as it gives insight into the thinking and offers (some) good links.  The website is Sorcha Faal…..this article was very interesting:

Trump Takes Command Of Worlds Most Feared Spies More Powerful Than CIA-FBI Combined

Read it at your leisure but be critical.















Much of this article is true.  Trump was undermined by the FBI-CIA, the globalists used the Deep State. The former heads of these agencies (Comey, Clapper and Brennan) all sabotaged Trump.  The fact is that it is true that an alternative Israeli Cyber Security Unit is being established in the USA.  Which country does that?   Which country allows a foreign country (no matter how friendly????) to establish something like that?  This is where a link from the Sorcha Faal article took me;

"Team8, particularly its presence in New York, has long been associated 
with the push by pro-Israel political donor and American hedge fund
manager Paul Singer and Israel’s government to make Israel the global
cybersecurity leader as a means of preventing countries from boycotting
Israel over human rights violations and war crimes. Team8’s role in 
CyberNYC will see them not only finance part of the initiative but also 
training cybersecurity workers who will be hired as part of the 

NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions on Cyber Center with Controversial Ties to Israeli Intelligence

Stupid Christians

Trump is being portrayed as some sort of messiah who will rescue the world from the globalist (communist) forces of evil.  In this he is supported by many “Christian-Zionists” and Evangelicals because he is fighting against the “godless” internationalists.  Pompeo (and Bolton) are Christian-Zionists and neocons.  Trump is supported by many rich Jews. Paul Singer who funds this Cyber Unit is a Jewish billionaire venture capitalist.

So, if this is correct (and I believe it is) then Trump and the Anglo-Zionists are consolidating power.  He is building his own intelligence agency answerable to Israel.   The “globalists” are losing their grip on power.  China was meant to undermine the West economically and (eventually) militarily but is now collapsing.  It is almost as if someone released a virus on purpose (lol).  Moreover, the “globalists” are losing the climate argument and their extreme behavior is being increasingly ignored.


The “globalists”or “globo-Bolsheviks” (as I call them) are not really “commies” just as the Anglo-Zionists are not really “capitalists”. Those are just convenient ideologies (labels) on which to hang their crimes and fool the stupid public.  They want you distracted.  It is all about power.  For example, the Democrats in the USA are horrified that the “socialist” Sanders might win.  The Democrats also support the policy of forever wars.  They are communists in the same way that the CCP are “communists”.  They want to yield unlimited power and enrich themselves so in that sense there is no difference between these two corrupt murderous gangs of “communists” and “capitalists”. They are using the Hegelian Dialect to synthesize a new reality. They have fooled people in a very basic way with a binary choice between “good”  and “bad”.   The problem is that they are both evil.

There are no good guys

In reality both groups are corrupt.  They are fighting for control and at the top of both groups is a strong Jewish elite.  They want you to chose.  I refuse to chose between two corrupt murderous gangs.  However, I am still betting on a Jew (Jesus Christ) to win this battle.  Once again I leave you with this Biblical quote:


Who can make war against the Beast?


And this is what I just found (enjoy):



NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions on Cyber Center with Controversial Ties to Israeli Intelligence