Everyone is lying

Everyone is lying

Charlie Munger: EVERYONE’S Lying!! A BIGGER Crash Is Coming (25 min)


America’s Economic Empire Is Done (7 min)

This is the DEATH of the U.S. dollar, but not in the way you think | Redacted News (19 min)

Q & A: The Fed and The ECB (15 min)

EU DEBT CRISIS – IMF PANIC. Prigozhin DENIES Ukrainian Withdrawal. Rouble (18 min)


The CBDC glass ceiling (4 min)


$Dollar Death$

$Dollar Death$

This guy argues the opposite but conveniently forgets that the dollar has already lost 99% of its value and if China no longer accepts the dollar as payment from the US then where is America going to buy its cheap manufactured goods? His arguments about the Eurodollar and offshore dollar are meaningless if holders default on their debts and/or payments and turn to China instead. The currency is backed by Saudi oil, with them investing their profits in US treasuries.  What happens when they no longer do that?  Then the dollar is only backed by force.


ANZ Bank Goes FULL STEAM AHEAD w/ ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’ Program, Prepare For Social Credit (1 min)

Are we approaching the END of US DOLLAR hegemony (24 min)

It Begins! End of US Dollar’s Reserve Status Starts As China Strikes Deals with Brazil, Saudi Arabia (4 min)

The Collapse

The Collapse

When the Music is over…

Turn off the lights…

The Music is your special friend…

…until the end

…..cancel my subscription to the resurrection (definitely not, lolz)

The Doors – When The Music’s Over (Live At The Bowl ’68)-13 min

Told you that a planned collapse was coming.  I told you and warned you. Are you listening now?  Financial collapse, hunger games and cyber attack all coming on top of bio warfare.  They want you broken and begging to be a slave. And then their Messiah will appear.  Get ready to worship (lolz).   You have been warned. Brace yourself. Prepare. Pray.

6 USA Banks at Risk of BANK RUNS as $1 Trillion Uninsured Deposits Raises Risk of Bank Failures (25 min)


This Shocking New Development Has Peter Schiff Mad As Hell… (15 min)

The drop in the two year treasury is unprecedented worse than 911 worse than any drop. It is over. Listen to Schiff (the “good” Jew, lolz):


“As announced on March 15, 2020, the Board reduced reserve requirement ratios to zero percent effective March 26, 2020. This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions"

Too bad goy. Get ready for your CBDC fun tokens and your bugs. You will own nothing but will be so miserable you won’t care. Thank you for your participation and for saving the planet (lolz). You might want to move to the country and grow your own food. I hear that there is land available in East Palestine (lolz). Have you had enough black pills yet?

We Went to East Palestine: What We Saw May Shock You (14 min)