Demonizing men and abolishing Women

Demonizing men and abolishing women

After the recent stabbing (a false flag operation)  by a mentally ill man  we have our PM attending a rally against violent men and male abuse.  We also have a new Federal Register set up for firearms. Will we be getting a register for kitchen knives?



What sort of society demonizes men and wants to abolish women? A very sick society captured by a very sick Gnostic-Kabbalistic ideology. What sort of society pushes vaccines, abortions and pornography.  One that hates men and women.  What sort of society uses feminism to tempt women into low paid jobs so that they become tax-cows who have to farm out their children to strangers. What sort of society encourages narcissism and pornography as a life-style choice for young women? What sort of society exports all the jobs to China and leaving many young men in despair?

Men are much more likely to die from suicide and unlike women they are often sent to die in banker wars.  Feminism has portrayed men as useless , violent and unnecessary for raising a family robbing many young men of their identity.

The animosity between the sexes has been manufactured just as feckless behavior has been encouraged in some communities, thus provoking a response which is labeled as racism.  Incompatible cultures have been allowed to establish themselves, many are refugees from countries that have been destroyed by  Jewish neocon wars and they (understandably) hold a grudge against the West.

Who is behind these destructive policies causing racial hate and gender hate?  Who wants every-man (and woman) to raise their hand against their brother or sister?  Who benefits from the post-modern deconstruction of race, family, gender etc. We have the Jews to thank for all these “blessings” that started in Wiemar Republic Germany and spread the infection to the USA when the Frankfurt school intellectuals fled to America and ended up as university professors or scientists (sexologists Kinsey who inserted pipe cleaners in his penis and did “scientific research” inducing and timing the duration of orgasms in prepubescent children).


What is the ultimate goal?

The reason that they are demonizing men and abolishing women is because they want the state to be the parent.  They know that Artificial Intelligence will see 60% of jobs disappear.  They simply do not need us anymore.  Especially not toxic men.  And they want to regulate who will have children and how many they will have.

In case you had not noticed we are facing a fertility crisis across the globe but especially in the West.  That is not an accident and coincides with the “vaccines” (mRNA transfections). The Pharmaceutical industry is Jewish supported by big Jewish hedge funds like BlackRock. The “life -saving” polio vaccine was rolled out by the Jewish supremacist and eugenicist Jonas Salk. The nutty Jewish futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard left her family for Salk and wrote in 1982:

We can imagine ourselves as the over extended macro-molecule passively floating in the early seas, not expecting anything new— but feeling vaguely uncomfortable, sensing something “wrong” — something about to happen. We begin to sense our unused potential — when suddenly we are drawn by the RNA, the messenger of the DNA, into a new pattern, a larger whole — the cell. We are becoming protein — a different matter! “What's happening? I feel strange! I can see! Future shock! A New Age! I'm more than I was! I like it! I hate it! Something artificial is happening! Who am I now?...” (page 34)

The evolutionary journey : a personal guide to a positive future (1982)

Suffice to say that the transhumanist agenda is one of full spectrum dominance and compliance with the AI controlled hive mind. They don’t need or want men or women. All races and sexes will become one amorphous blob without distinction reliant on Government UBI for income and on VR and soma (drugs) for entertainment. Population growth will be controlled and may no longer be possible without fertility treatment. It is not just men who are under attack but they want to abolish womanhood as well and they want to indoctrinate your children.  Women (and men) who help this agenda are just useful idiots.

The Catholic Professor Michael E. Jones and author of the magazine Culture Wars said something very pertinent (I paraphrase);.   The crucifixion of Jesus Christ the Logos was an act of rebellion and revolution against God and the Jews have kept this rebellious, revolutionary spirit ever since.

We see this in Marxism, the Bolshevik revolution and in everything they do.  They are deconstructing God’s creation (men/women/race etc) under our very noses. However, their approach has morphed from Communism to corporatism and communitarianism.  Your slavery will come with a smile, because it is “convenient” and to “save grandma” and because “the climate” blah, blah. The hammer and sickle flag as been replaced with the rainbow gay flag and a pink butt plug. It is the Decepticons and Transformers at work trying to gather the sefirot of the “All-Spark” and using private-public partnerships to impose an authoritarian nightmare on a public that makes Idiocracy look like a documentary.

The great replacement is real. It is not a myth or a conspiracy theory. They want the white middle class to disappear. They don’t want a property owning democracy. They think that the white man has usurped their rightful place as the chosen nation.


Ireland on the BRINK of REVOLUTION ???  (7 min)


And this is the latest (funny):


World War Womb

World War Womb

Highly Recommended

I thought this was an excellent stream by Dr Kevin McCairn.  Not too long and very informative with Nick as a guest speaker. I have called this World War Womb because a war is being waged against fertility and women in particular are being targeted. In many countries global populations are in free-fall and we are seeing population collapse which will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  This is not by accident but by design and not just due to Covid or the vaccines (they are just the icing on the cake). Glyphosate, endocrine mimickers, GMOs, sugars and carbs, herbicides and pesticides etc., all impact fertility. Male fertility is also dropping precipitously. The simple fact is that they no longer need us as they have robots and AI to do the work.  You are obsolete and therefore you will be phased out.  Useless mouth breather (lolz).  Hence the big transgender push. They want sterile, barren, infertile humans.

The show starts at about 12 min and some of the main topics are @22min Perth gold mint @29 min Israel, Jews , (Tishbite mentioned) @33 min St Nick @35 min Births and deaths @47 min the Security Memorandum 1974. @1:12 The Harvard Department of Population Studies

Johnathan Jay Couey

You can safely skip this as a distraction if you are not interested but I record it here for the sake of keeping a  historical record.

The show starts by discussing the situation with Johnathan Jay Couey who  is now employed by Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. of Children’s Health Defense and has significantly shifted his position on the existence of GOF techniques and their pathogenicity. He occupies a half -way position between “virus don’t exist”  and “they do exist but can’t cause pandemics”.  In other words semantics and sophistry as a cover for data and science. In order to do this he replaces GOF with something he calls “Gain of Purity” and cloning. He believes that we have all been “Scooby-Doo’d” into following breadcrumbs and that we have been given clues to solve the mystery of who is behind the the lab leak and GOF.

Now cloning is an amplification technique that has been used for many years in order to multiply a component.Often viruses are cloned using bacteria like E. Coli (because they multiply so rapidly) and then the cDNA is purified. Viral genomes can be cloned from chemically synthesized DNA if the availability of virus isolates is limited, but established approaches using Escherichia coli are often inadequate to accommodate the large genomes of RNA viruses such as coronaviruses (family Coronaviridae).  In any case what Johnathan says is a distraction because the Defuse proposal by Peter Daszak mentions cloning as well as GOF.  Logic says that if you make a synthetic organism using GOF then you need a method to rapidly multiply the pathogen.

The main point is that Johnathan minimizes the threat of Covid and finds it impossible that a so called “Gain of Function” virus could be dangerous.  It is not the changes to the virus that make it dangerous but the fact that it was purified and (presumably) released in large quantities.  In his theory the pathogen cloud (quasispecies) reverts quickly back to the wild type and many of the viruses are replication incompetent.  A quasispecies is a large group or “cloud” of related genotypes that exist in an environment of high mutation rate.

So, the pandemic was mostly the result of a psy-op.  The death figures (COD) and PCR testing were manipulated (this is true but to what extent?) and many deaths were iatrogenic (also true for treatments like Remdisivir or the withholding of medications like IVM and HCQ).

JC believes that the subsequent Covid variants are all part of the psy-op. We have all been “Scooby Doo’d” with talk about “lab leak” and “GOF” .  Now there is no denying that a psy-op was run and used to frighten people into compliance but there is also no  denying that some people got very sick and died with a disease that cannot be written off as a rebranded flu.  They had unusual vascular-thrombotic symptoms and visceral reactions such as cytokine storms. This was no ordinary influenza.

There is some truth in what Johnathan is saying but the one thing I have a problem with is that he dismisses bio-warfare  (GOF) and is trying to  neutralize Charles Rixey who is a WMD trainer and ex-marine. According to JC we have been all “Scooby-Doo’d”  and JC was instrumental in having Rixey removed as advisor to JFK, apparently because of Rixey’s links to McCairn. Here we see JC trolling everyone while wearing a Mossad T-shirt (which might not be far from the truth).


I am glad that Rixey was removed as an advisor to JFK because I believe that JFK is controlled opposition. JFK was involved with Epstein (on this see John Brisson) and has thrown his hat in the ring as Democrat Presidential candidate for the upcoming election. I think JFK is damage control to keep people focused on vaccines rather than biowarfare.  They will probably throw the Children’s Health Defense organization a bone to make it look like we are “winning”. Meanwhile GOF work will continue unabated. Moreover JC was at Erasmus University in 2012-2016 where Ron Fouchier  the deputy head of the Erasmus Medical Center Department of Viroscience was writing articles about GOF in Nature (lolz). A false story got spread about work being done on the non-existent (not yet built?) 26 floor. That was in my view a planted story to deflect investigation. All very suspicious especially for someone shouting that GOF is not a problem. Someone who is unwilling to debate (See here for a deconstruction of some of the critiques and a time-line taken from discord comments).

Moreover, JC  discredited the warning (subsequently proven correct) by Dr Kevin McCairn the systems neuroscientist about the increase in neuro-degenerative diseases just as he poo-pooed the warnings and data presented by Nobel  Prize winning virologist Luc Montagnier.  To characterize the symptoms as biting, spitting zombies is a misrepresentation (even though we are seeing impulse control disorders) when the data clearly shows increases in dementia, Parkinsons  and other priongenic/amyloidogenic diseases.  Enough said, but the fact that he feels the need to dredge through older videos trying to justify himself and slander everyone speaks of a psy-op.

Moreover, I am off the opinion that the weapon is binary. It is both Covid and the vaccine. I believe that Covid19 was meant to “prime” the subject and lay the ground work for the “vaccines”.  Even if you were asymptomatic they were preparing you for the gift that keeps on giving (lolz). Otherwise, why did they still use the original Wuhan strain (mRNA code) in bivalent booster shots two years after it had disappeared?   How does that make sense?  It seems to me that they have a program that they want to work through and each strain and each vaccine builds on the previous “work”.  But what the hell would I know?

J.C. is doing the work of a spoiler. Distracting and blowing smoke.  He is not striving to hold anyone to account.  He has sold out.

Population Collapse

Some very important points got mentioned in this stream.  They have our genetic data – from ancestry websites and by swabbing for covid, from blood samples, bowel samples (cancer monitoring) etc.  By now they have built one of the most comprehensive global genetic data bases in history including the reactions to their experiments.  I guarantee you that not everyone got the same vaccines (leaving aside contamination and degradation issues) they will have tried out different formulations and probed human physiology in a way not possible with animal experiments.  I guarantee that different formulations ( “vaccines”) were pushed out “on the fly” (in small exclusive numbers) to test certain theories.  I guarantee that was done.  These people have no scruples and will justify their actions as for the greater good. Sacrifices need to be made.  The end justifies the means.

The discussion around the memorandum is very good.  They have been poisoning us for years.  This is monstrous.


The Neo-Malthusian Eugenicist Inflection Point & Couey Crumbles (1:52)



Fertility is dropping precipitously especially after the mRNA vaxx. On top of that they are pushing transgenderism and gayness which are evolutionary dead ends. I feel sorry for these people. They are victims of an ideological war and they are propagandized and mentally damaged. Click to see the full image.

Population Control

Population Control

Raccoon Trilogy

Raccoon Trilogy

Dr Kevin McCairn has been very busy over the last three days and it is difficult to keep up. Three streams representing at least 11 hours of viewing.  As well as that the Discord server is being cleaned up because they have changed the terms of service and the community is trying to remove anything that will give reason for censorship. They have also launched a video platform:  as well as running the Dojo website and building a workspace (lab) in his garden.

The most recent stream (watching as I type this) is with Dr. Johanna Johanna Deinert which is a 3.5 hour stream. Here are two of her recent tweets:

SARS Neuroscience – Latest Virus & Jabberwocky Neurological Impacts Pt 2 Mar 5, 2022 1:33 AM – 9:30 AM

This stream is 3:53 min and I have not watched it yet. No one has put time-stamps on it so I have no content. The Dojo link to the video:


SARS Neuroscience – Latest Virus & Jabberwocky Neurological Impacts Mar 4, 2022 1:19 AM – 5:35 AM

I have watched this stream 3.5 hour stream and the scientific report on the effect on fertility and shrinking testicles is interesting (and shocking). If SARS-CoV-2  is having this effect what do you think the spike protein is doing. The links below are to the Dojo time stamps.





Gigaohm Biological-Cutting Edge (22 Oct)

Gigaohm Biological-Cutting Edge (22 Oct)

This is another very important video for a number of reasons.  Before I explain why let me explain that the Twitch platform only keeps the videos for about 4 weeks and then automatically deletes them.   I noticed that a video that I embedded on the 27th Sept and placed a full running order and links underneath (because it was very good) had disappeared.  I contacted J.C. and he said he would upload it to Vimeo.  I found the following which I think is from the 25th Sept : Trevor B at Fred Hutch: A Tenure talk analysis by Gigaohm Biological. The version from the 25th contains Trevor Bedford material but I am hoping that the broadcast from the 27th will be uploaded. The running order from the 27th contains all the links to scientific articles and can be found at this link here.

Why is this episode so important? (1 hr 24min)

Johnathan often repeats material to drum the message home -especially as new viewers are unfamiliar with immune-biology….but he also frequently adds the latest very important material.  The previous extremely important research was that by Trevor Bedford which showed that the spike had very little room for improvement. It was completely constrained almost as if it had gone through a serial passage in transgenic humanized  mice (lolz). Almost as if it had been made in a lab (lolz). Almost as if an evolutionary bottleneck had been created that forced the direction and selection of  variants.  Fortunately I am not a conspiracy theorist but a believer in impossible coincidences that never occur in nature (lolz). This video is also extremely important because it demonstrates a mechanism behind shedding.   


We have come across Exosomes before – in fact they have been promoted by the likes of the conman Kaufman to push his theory that viruses don’t exist.  He believes that exosomes are simply the way that the body detoxifies.   In his theory the body creates exosomes to get rid of toxins (through sneezing, coughing etc).  Kaufman and others believe in “terrain theory” that disease is caused by pollution and other stressors but not by viruses which in is view don’t exist.   At the time I placed the Kaufman video on my blog but under the caveat that I believed his explanations were too simple. I felt that although there was some truth to what he said his explanation was not nuanced and did not adequately explain the phenomenon of infectivity although I did suggest that perhaps exosomes could act like a trigger? Subsequently Kaufman proved to be promoting himself and grifting so he ruined what ever credibility he had. Viruses do exist but it seems there is cross-over with exosomes.  Life is complex and we are like clever chimps messing with things we don’t understand.

Here is a 3 min video that explains briefly what an exosome is

Exosome acts like a Pseudo virus

We now have a mechanism for the spread of these variants.  It was said that the vaccine was only the Spike protein therefore you could not transmit it.  It was not a complete virus only a section (sub-unit) so it could not spread or cause infection.  However, it now turns out that the spike protein can be incorporated into the exosome and this explains the phenomenon of shedding.  The exosome acts like a virus with spikes on it.


 Here is a link to the Pfizer Clinical Trial and safety issues concerning fertility here is a link to the likely endgame for COVID-19

Updated Review

The Updated Review made by Jonathan containing all the links can be found and downloaded here -everything in this review is backed up with references to the latest scientific research.  This is not someones “opinion”. These are facts.

Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles



The latest studies featured on this blog demonstrate that we were correct all along.  It was made in a lab and it is a bioweapon and that is confirmed by the Bedford study. It is also possible to spread it by shedding and this is why the infections and new cases started with the vaccination programs.  The S-protein is toxic and transmissible as a pseudo virus through the exosome route.  They knew this. We will see increasing up-regulation of cancers and increased infertility as well as ADE and neurodegenerative diseases.  They know this. Moreover, the experiment Dr Kevin McCairn recently performed shows that the vaccine bleaches out the heme in blood cells.  This is nothing short of an attack against humanity by a bunch of psychopaths.  Stop vaccinating now and do not give it to children.  Arrest these people before they start blaming the unvaccinated.

If you missed Dr Kevin McCairn’s Live-stream vaccine test skip to the middle video on this article:

Vaccine Test