The Rainbow Empire

The Rainbow Empire

2023 04 05 The Rainbow Empire Is Alienating The Rest of The World (12 min)

Finland Joins NATO | WILL RUSSIA RESPOND? (28 min)

Finland Joins NATO. Zelensky Prepares to Negotiate. Trans Golfer Gets Death Threats. (15 min)

Russia Pushes Ukriane West Bakhmut; No German Troops Ukraine, Modi Meets Patrushev, Poles Protest (1:13)

Are We Witnessing America’s Destruction? (8 min)

Ukraine facing defeat

Ukraine facing defeat

Ukraine Facing Defeat; US Sends ‘Military Inspectors’ to Ukraine (24 min)

US Sending Moth-balled Gear to Ukraine as Russian Reinforcements Continue to Gather (19 min)

Scott Ritter: Crimea Bridge Attack Was a DUMB MOVE by Ukraine (4 min)


2022.11.05 The Oil Price Cap Idiocy (19 min)

U.S. Sending Nukes To Finland’s Border With Russia (6 min)



A House Divided

A House Divided

Biden White House divided on Ukraine (29 min)

Siemens GASLIGHTS Gazprom. More Mercs ‘Kalibr’d. Rouble DEFLATION Continues (30 min)

Russia Traps Ukraine Troops in Lysychansk, Turkey Drops Veto on Sweden Finland-NATO, Russia Unfazed (1:00)

Civilian Found Executed In “Lysychansk Cauldron” (UKRAINE WAR CRIME)-18 min

TURKEY Drops VETO Against FINLAND & SWEDEN JOINING NATO. What Will Putin & Russia Do Now? (11 min)



Switch the lights off

Switch the lights off

Will the last one to leave Europe switch the lights off?

Just watched a tweet where two Gypsy women immigrants in Sweden arguing on the street reached under their flowing skirts crapped in their hand and threw it at each other.  How is that diversity working out for you?  All cultures are not equal and society has norms for a reason.   Everything is being deliberately subverted.

German industry warns economic disaster if deindustrialisation continues (22 min)

Azovstal Bombed, Ukraine Hits Russian Troops 100 Times | Putin to Cut Finland Power Supply over NATO (10 min)

Turkey will block Sweden and Finland’s entry to NATO (4 min)

Do they want nuclear war?

Do they want nuclear war?

Seems to me that they are doing everything they can to provoke Russia. Keep poking that bear and see what happens.

Putin Accuses West Of Russophobia l Medvedev’s Nuclear Warning l Russia Bombs Sumy, Luhansk (7 min)

Russia Advances on Ukraine Troops Trapped in Severodonetsk, Finland Rushes to Join NATO (35 min)

  EU’s Josep Borrell calls for seizing Russian assets to “rebuild” Ukraine (2 min)

This is very interesting:

Hamas Delegation Arrives for Talks in Moscow (13 min)


World War Z

World War Z

A short report but a good one.  The letter Z is now banned in Germany. Clown world.

THE DURAN – S300 blown up. EU-Ukraine fast track. Finland NATO summer. No more “Z” license plates.

The letter Z is used on Russian Tanks because it supposedly stands “for victory”

Is This Why The Letter Z Is Being Used On Russian Tanks? (4 min)

I actually think its  an oblique reference to World War Z the movie about a virus plague that turns everyone into Zombies.  Very fitting seeing as the Russians want to shut down bio-warfare labs. Sometimes they use a V which in my view is probably  from the movie V for Vendetta which has been seen by many political groups as an allegory of oppression by government.  I think the Russians are poking fun at the CIA-Hollywood-mockingbird media programing.  Well, that is my theory (lolz).

World war Z (2 min trailer)