Cyclical Disaster

Cyclical Disaster

Ben says, “Micro-nova and magnetic excursion and turning over of the earth that is still slated for the late 2030s to 2040s is our best guess”.  Well, that is all it is…a best guess.  My guess is that it all kicks of next year and happens in the next seven years. Suspicious Observers and Ben Davis are an excellent resource and do a great job in explaining the electro-verse and the micro-nova but are wrong about the earth turning over.  I believe (along with Diamond from Magnetic excursion and David DuByne) that it will kick off next year with the double torus fields created by the planetary conjunction and we will start to feel the full force  from that point on, ultimately resulting in a micro-nova and huge global quake.  I believe that the next seven years will equate with the vial period in the Apocalypse.  Prepare.

Cyclical Disaster | What’s Coming Next (6 min)

12,000 Year Disaster Cycle

12,000 Year Disaster Cycle

The situation in Pakistan is a harbinger of what is to come and they are all jumping on the bandwagon blaming “man made” climate change which we know is a big fat lie.

Pakistan’s devastating floods:

– 1350 people killed
– 50M people displaced
– 900K livestock deaths
– 1M houses washed away
– 40+ reservoirs breached
– 220+ bridges collapsed
– 90% cropped damaged
– $10B loss to economy
– 1/3 country underwater

Source – PDMA / NDMA

The idiot leader of the Australia Green Party (Adam Bandt) tweeted about it as did many others in an ongoing Green campaign and he even said….imagine what will happen when the Greenland ice-sheet melts (it has actually put ice on and is thicker).  People are so stupid they do not bother to find out.  We are in a crisis but it is not man made (only partially man made with geoengineering).  The weather will get weird with the changing jet streams.  Cold in some places. Drought in other places. Flooding elsewhere.   Nothing can be done to stop it. The “climate change” campaign is coordinated across the different political parties and is driven by the globalists and WEF. There is a crisis but they are lying to you about the cause of the climate crisis just like they lied about the origin of the Covid pandemic. They are liars, murderers and psychopaths.



EARTH JUST DODGED A LOT OF CMES: It Seemed Like Sunspot AR3088 Would Never Stop Exploding! (6 min)

12,000 Year Disaster Cycle Questions (6:04)

Not watched this yet but I do not believe the outer mantel will decouple nor do I think their will be a global tsunami. There will be a huge global earthquake, local tsunamis etc brought on by our sun doing a micro-nova.  We will see volcanic activity, giant hail and crop failures in the lead up.   They cannot stop what is coming. Have faith and pray.  Eyes wide open do not fear.




Solar Eruptions

Solar Eruptions

Solar/Seismic Watch, Auroral Forcing, Sahara | S0 News July.31.2022 (3:01)

Solar Eruptions Return, Particle Forcing of the Lower Atmosphere | S0 News Jul.30.2022 (3 min)

Lasers electromagnetic RAIN MAKING (1:00)

12,300 Year Old Fossil Footprint In Utah Reveals A Second Site Of Human Habitation Rewriting History (14 min)

Note the time frame.

Massive Earthquake Swarm Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland- Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja (5 min)




Galactic Magnetic Reversal

Galactic Magnetic Reversal

It appears that magnetic reversal happens on the galactic scale as well as at the solar scale. Once again this proves that we are on the right track.

Huge Galactic Magnetic Reversal News, Solar Filament Watch | S0 News May.6.2022 (3 min)

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