It’s the sun stupid

It’s the sun stupid

You can fiddle the data all that you want but in the end the sun will do what it does and then all your lies will be exposed.

Hiding And Rewriting History (11 min)

Rain, Floods and the Sun (3 min)

Sun Keeps Erupting, Flood Forcing, Pre-Quake Signals | S0 News Mar.31.2024 (4 min)


M9.4 Long Duration Solar Flare – Solar Eclipse Path Of Totality Updated – Meditation Is Bad For You (12 min)

Sun Controls Climate | Part 3

Sun Controls Climate | Part 3

Part three in the series

Sun Controls Climate | Part 3 – Lower Atmosphere (8 min)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: This Video Textbook Info:…

New Volcanoes Could Emerge Anywhere In US Southwest Without Warning, According To A New Study! (14 min)

Broad Survey of 1,800+ Monogenetic Volcanoes in the US Southwest Quaternary basaltic volcanic fields of the American Southwest Volcanic Hazards Map US Quaternary basaltic volcanic fields of the American Southwest (Full Paper)

Electric avenue

Electric avenue

Well, the whole universe is electric -magnetic -plasma.  Dutchsinse believes the core of the earth is plasma (not iron but surrounded by iron), which when you think about it is actually quite sensible.   This would explain why everything in the universe is magnetically and electrically connected. It would also explain why the magma remains molten.  Hey, but what do I know?  All I know is that even my heart is electric-magnetic and thankfully it is still beating.   Everything is electric hence the song electric avenue.  We are on one big electroverse superhighway.

Magnetic Health Effect, Disaster Deposit, Sunspot Forcing | S0 News Mar.9.2021

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