The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels

The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels

What if we are headed into a cooling period?   Ever thought about that?  What if they are lying about everything? (Hint:  they are).

Most people are completely unaware how many products are oil based. It is not just plastics, paints,chemicals,clothes,medicines,fertilizers,fuel etc etc. People have become very, very , stupid. Do we need to do things differently?   Of course we do, but their “solutions” are more like the “final solution”.  The same people who are behind  BIG OIL  are behind BIG GREEN and they want less for you and more for themselves.  They want it all and the don’t care about you at all,  at all.  Zero Carbon=Dead people.  They want a Great Leap Backwards.


The documentary explores the Little Ice Age, a period of climate cooling between the 14th and 19th centuries, and its impact on history.

Climate fear

Climate fear

Proton storm due

CLIMATE FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – Propaganda Machine – Adulterated Data – Fake News


The Solar Micronova is Going to Happen (19 min)

Massive Solar Eruption, Proton Storm, They Don’t Know Novae | S0 News (3 min)

Flee to Nairobi

Flee to Nairobi

My advice to Brits is to flee to Nairobi.  Maybe we should all flee. At least they will have a decent railroad.

Rishi Sunak’s HUGE cost climate betrayal (3 min)

While it is true that the British (Anglo-Zionist) empire brought much blood shed it also brought benefits.  Was it a force for good and stability? Will the good outweigh the bad in the scales of history?  It was a human empire and like all empires they bring both good and bad and are built for man’s glory not for the glory of God who regards them as beasts.

King Nebuchadnezzar who boasted of the extent of his empire and the shelter it provided like some sort of world tree was struck with madness and literally turned into a beast. The Anglo-Zionists (and I include the USA in this) have wreaked havoc in the world and now like any cornered beast they are dangerous.  However, it is not right that ordinary people should suffer and make “reparations” for the excesses of a powerful elite.  Moreover, the Anglo-Zionists are being undermined by globo homo. A pox on both their houses.

Why should we pay for developing the world (3 min)

They DON’T want you to know this but he KEEPS saying the truth outloud | Redacted News (27 min)

See what they say about Australia at 18 mins.  The whole Western world is marching in “lockstep” to their doom.

Climate Train

Climate Train

Looks like they are all getting aboard the climate train.  Rupert Murdoch has seen the light. The writing is on the wall. Anyone who does not go with the collective narrative whether that is climate or covid will be seen as anti-society and anti-earth.  I had a look at the comments under the article and wish that I didn’t. So many stupid people crowing about the sudden change in the News Corp position.

What do you think happened?  Murdoch has had his marching orders from the bankers. He was always controlled opposition and his Chinese former wife probably a spy.    It has become time to flip the narrative.

Henceforth climate-deniers and anti-vaxxers will be demonized as far-right terrorists.  The thought police will be at your doorstep.  You must get onboard the climate train.

This is what Brandon O’Connell says:

Newscorp, Rupert Murdochs baby, has finally seen the light! Polar bears will be safe!

No one wants to breathe in car fumes, or sulfur dioxide and I'm all for an end to fossil fuels. But the issue is about control, distraction and did I mention control?

Just like Q Tards woke up - somewhat - maybe the conservative generalized retards who think Tucker Carlson grieves for them in his mansion will wake up too?

For most of you this is no surprise, but I expect a great "leveling" to occur over the years now that they have us all firmly in our mothers basements.

Consensus will be the order of the day. Everyone has been kept on their ass and off their trigger fingers. I guess this November will be a month of months.

They say Steve Bannon has seen the light and has ceased demanding Christians move south.

The data analytics are the key and they have it down to a science now.

Its certainly an interesting time.

The Prime Minister of the planet has spoken...everyone get in line...

Of course climate change is about to happen very rapidly.  The only trouble is that the climate train may well be the Snowpiercer (lolz).

What if the climate train is Snowpiercer?


We are at the point when we are about to experience rapid natural climate change.  At the very point when we will be in most need of fossil fuels, coal powered electric stations and natural gas they are going to raise prices astronomically. Of course, much of the infrastructure will be destroyed by the coming earth changes but they are using the coming catastrophe to further their agenda.   Never let a crisis go to waste….order out of chaos is their motto.    So what if millions upon millions die?

They could have told the truth and prepared people.  They could have made society more resilient. They could have decentralized with mini-power stations and green houses and got people growing etc. Hundreds of ways to make the system more robust. Instead they did the opposite because complete failure allows them to concentrate even more power and have the masses begging for their slavery.  Above all they there could have been genuine religious revival where mankind repented and turned to God.  Instead they chose a path that is godless, cruel and psychopathic.   They will not prevail.  God is stronger than man and they will lose control of their attempt to use the Apocalypse as a template.  God will not be mocked.

Ice Age Trigger, Satellite Hit, Coronal Hole | S0 News Oct.19.2021 (4 min)

There is a train coming……

There is a train coming…..and it is not the establishment climate change train…nor is it Snowpiercer.  The beautiful Eva already got on board.  If you can listen to this without getting a tear in your eye you are better man then me…



The banks will save us

The banks will save us














The above is an image from the Foreign Policy website article; Why Central Banks Need to Step Up on Global Warming.   The image above  shows New York Central Bank, Wall Street and Goldman Sachs. The article liberally quotes Mark Carney who is still governor of the BOE but used to work for Goldman.  Minimal research on the website reveals the following (Wikipedia, yea I know….but…); “Foreign Policy is an American news publication, founded in 1970 and focused on global affairs, current events, and domestic and international policy…… It produces content daily on its website….. the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace acquired full ownership of Foreign Policy…… Foreign Policy endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election.”   So, you know where they are coming from. Also note that they are supported by a “Foundation”…..remember what we said about foundations?

Meet the Messiah, he is not a very naughty boy, he is a banker 

Apparently the banks are going to save the planet. That is what they want you to believe. It begs the question of how stupid are people? Biblaridion website is politically neutral.  Trump and the Anglo-Zionists are not supported and neither are the globo-bolsheviks supported. We have no axe to grind for either the left or the right.  A pox on both their houses. We aim to tell the truth and damn the consequences. We are all being played. There are no good guys. It is called the Hegelian dialectic = action, reaction solution…..and I can tell you this…whoever wins  you will not like the solution.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

The climate is changing.   It will get worse and disasters will become more frequent and be bigger. They know this.  They also know why it is happening but they will not tell you the truth.   The truth is that it is natural and they cannot stop it but they can use it.   They can use it to reduce the population and take complete control.  When we are at our most vulnerable the Central Banks will step in and shut down fossil fuels.   Imagine facing dramatic climate change and natural disasters without recourse to fuel or power?

















They are ramping up the rhetoric in Australia.  The headline in the Australian Newspaper is that Climate Change could trigger the next financial crisis (LOL).   I ask myself if people are so crazy or stupid to believe this?   The world economy is already in crisis and it has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with neoclassical economics. The Ponzi scheme of factional reserve banking and huge, huge, huge debt and derivatives.  But they want you to believe it is going to fail…..because…..because….the sun is shinning…or worse still….it is YOUR FAULT because you breathe out CO2 and fart methane pollutants (phew). They already have the fall guy lined up.  The supposed reason why the global economy has all failed is because the dirty Anglo-Zionists will not back down from using fossil fuels (sic).  Wake up.  This is not about climate but about politics and bringing in the New World Order.

Shut it down….divest

This is what the Geelong Advertiser has to say “In an expansive new report, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) told its members they had to start including climate change in their thinking about the stability of the economy. The BIS, the Switzerland-based international body comprised of more than 50 of the world’s most influential central banks, including Australia’s Reserve Bank (RBA), warned the RBA could be forced into rescuing the economy andthe environment. The RBA may have to buy up coal mines and fossil fuel power stations to reduce the economic impact”.

Whoopie!   The useless RBA, who have failed the Australian economy at every turn and allowed the biggest property bubble in history to inflate, will save us all by shutting everything down. The private banks who launder drug and child porn money will also help save us.  What could possibly go wrong?

Not only that, but they want to ban cash in Australia and they want to put the unemployed (soon all of us will be “dole bludgers”) on “cashless welfare cards” which is the first step towards “Universal Basic Income”.  They want to control your money so that they can control you.  I was told that that “conservatives”  or “liberals”  loved freedom and independence and entrepreneurship.   Can someone please explain to me how giving everyone the same income and making them dependent on the state is not communism?   I don’t understand?  Who is pulling your strings? I wonder.  Don’t you suffer from cognitive dissonance simultaneously holding two diametrically opposed ideologies in your head?


The weather as political weapon =”divestment”

Who would have thought that “climate” would become a political weapon?   The climate has been weaponized.  This is what Wikipedia says (yeah…I know); “In 2013 a study by HSBC found that between 40% and 60% of the market value of BP, Royal Dutch Shell and other European fossil fuel companies could be wiped out because of stranded assets caused by carbon emission regulation. Bank of England governor Mark Carney, speaking at the 2015 World Bank seminar, has stated: “The vast majority of reserves are unburnable” if global temperature rises are to be limited to below 2 °C. In 2019, Carney suggested that banks should be forced to disclose their climate-linked risks within the next two years, and said that more information would prompt investors to penalise and reward firms accordingly. He warned that companies and industries that are not moving towards zero-carbon emissions could be punished by investors and go bankrupt.A report by the Carbon Tracker Initiative found that between 2010 and 2015 the US coal sector had lost 76% of its value including the closure of 200 mines”.

Do you think it will stop at coal?   Really?  How gullible are you?   Ask yourself this….if we go completely carbon neutral (or negative as some want) what are the political consequences?  Without the backing of fossil fuels the Petrodollar would collapse.   Without the Petrodollar there is no Anglo-Zionist empire. What you are seeing is a death struggle between “capitalism” (although it is not really capitalism) and “communism” (although it is not really communism).  The globalists (internationalists)  used greed as a weapon by encouraging the Anglo-Zionists to place all their manufacturing in China (result=  loss of good jobs) then they replaced lost productivity and GDP with debt (result=debt slaves) they suppressed and stagnated wages with open border immigration (result=societal tensions) and introduced division through cultural Marxism (result =fractured societies) now they want to take away your energy and your money.   Of course, you will get “renewable energy” and “carbon credits”  (at least some of us will) and a “basic income” .  They have been working towards this outcome for at least 150 years through their “foundations” and “NGO’s” and have infiltrated and undermined the education system completely.  In the UK they have virtually captured the civil service.  They have been very clever and patient and waited until the Anglo-Zionists have hoist themselves on their own petard (greed).  Trump is desperately trying to undo some of the damage (his scrabble to get jobs back from China and his tariffs) but is  making the situation worse.  So, you have a choice between warmongering thugs and crony-capitalist technocrats (Anglo-Zionists) or the internationalists (globalist) Malthusian eugenicists control freak nutters (Globo-Bolsheviks) technocrats.   You have Hobson’s choice.  Your free choice is to become a perpetual slave no matter who is in charge.  A plutocracy of thugs and gangsters rule.  

Anecdotal evidence (you must establish this through your own research) shows that a number of Rothschild organizations and family members are involved in divestment strategy. I have discovered a number of “Rothschild” members and I assume that they are related (it is an unusual name).  For example Matthew Rothschild edits a Progressive magazine, Herb Rothschild blogs contra fossil fuels,  Rachel Emma Rothschild wrote a book about acid rain etc.  And then there is the undeniable connection with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild who added at a conference that “When we talk with companies, we have to be very clear with them that we care about issues like their carbon footprint, ” according to P&I. And what of Edmond de Rothschild and his connection with the Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment Chair or the fact that investment banks Rothschild and Perella Weinberg were selected by Italy’s Edison for divesting of its oil and gas unit or that Rothschild & Co. walked away from Adani mine investment in Australia.  There is too much going on for it to be coincidence (sic)…it looks like the Rothschild family is squarely behind disinvestment.   Why would bankers want to “disinvest” from industries that made them billions (trillions).   Because the love us.  Because they love the environment. Because they want you to thrive and prosper.

Hegelian Dialectic and/or controlled opposition?

There are some who believe that Trump is controlled opposition.  Some of his actions are so stupid that they are counterproductive.  They are actually speeding up the demise of Empire.   I am not so sure. I think that we are seeing acts of desperation.  I have placed a tweet below to demonstrate the absolute hypocrisy of the debate. On this occasion Donald Trump junior is entirely Correct:



Hey, Jeff Bezos!  You are a globalist, monopolist, corporatist who works for the CIA and spouts propaganda and the Donalds are also plutocrats who push an Anglo-Zionist agenda.  Hmmm…..whose side am I on?  Such a difficult choice. (LOL) 


Conclusion: The Globo-Bolshevik strategy


1. Destroy the Anglo-Zionists by destroying the fossil fuel industry

2. Destroy agriculture (meat etc)

3. Drive people into Mega cities (urban populations are easier to control)

4. Blame climate change for the coming financial crisis

5. Use the financial crisis to depopulate

6. Issue a new centrally controlled digital currency


I have probably forgotten some points but you get the picture.  I urge you to take pity on the “left”.  Many of them are just useful idiots.  They are frightened and anxious and are being used. However, some know full well what they are doing.  Still think it is all a conspiracy?   Go back to sleep but don’t blame me when you wake up in a technocratic paradise.