Changing politics

Changing politics

Big shifts in France and Colombia. The Eurocenter globalist support collapsing in France.

Macron suffers big defeat in France. Colombia shifts left, as Biden faces trouble in South America (16 min)

Greta “how dare they” Germany drops green rubbish (3 min)

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys

No disrespect to the French intended …we need some of their stroppy chauvinism and awkward non-compliance.  The spirit of the  gilets jaunes  and vive la revolution “Vive la France”, “Vive la liberté” .  Kick out the fake left and that destructive little twerp Rothschild “rule like a god” banker Macaroni. New Geopolitics tag added.

France’s Fake Left Throws Support Behind Neoliberal Macron (French Subtitles)-25min

France Repatriates Gold as Elections Heat Up


Rule like a god

Rule like a god

That little twerp Macraroni who wants to “rule like a god” has gone full retard.   Then you have that commie twerp Turd-eau in Canada. One cannot help but think that these one dimensional caricatures have been groomed to fail.  I think we are being played on a gigantic scale. When this fails (and it will) the sense of relief and release of endorphins will make people accept anything.   People have to want their slavery….they have to ask for it…beg for it (and they will).  We are being played.


Bill Maher could be consider “left” but this is not a left-right problem

Australia the New Zion

Australia the New Zion

Of course I say that tongue in cheek but something is going on here.  They are obviously preparing.

French fury as Australia scraps submarine deal

And this from Brendon (I hope he does not mind please support him):

Tucker Explains Australia under Covid Brendon explains Western Australia


Why is Victoria so bad? Why is Western Australia so good? Not even T.C knows, really.

I have a few theories.

W.A, my home state gets a mention. It has no masks and no lockdown. Though it did early on. As it is the economic powerhouse of the state – mining oil and gas – some might say that’s the reason and they’re probably right.

Perth set to return to pre-lockdown life, small businesses offered $3,000 support grants

Also W.A made it official policy to hammer any troublemakers, groups or individuals. They chased them all back to Sydney and Melbourne. “Troublemakers?” That usually means “Muslims”, particularly Sydney’s Lebanese community. But it also means criminal elements.

In the mining boom of 2006-8, prices of resources were sky high. Nickel went from $13,000 a ton to $52,000 a ton

Every half wit across the nation was told you could go to Western Australia and pick up a job driving a truck on a mine and make $5000 AUD a week. It was ridiculous. And the State was flooded. Criminal sentences were tripled. Police set people up non stop. They eventually drove the hoards back across the border.

On buses, low life street level dealers bragged openly to their friends back east the price of drugs was sky high and the city beautiful. Come on over! The generous Australian un employment benefits make sure such lavish street lifestyles are plentiful. Free food. 5 star homeless shelters.

In 2010, 4 members of a neo nazi group shot up the local Perth Turkish Mosque with a high powered rifle. They actually tried to make contact with me. Brendon wasn’t that stupid.

I was in the midst of my court case and multiple hearings. You can bet 4 members of a neo nazi Combat 18 Group…committing an act of out right “terrorism” would get a hefty sentence. Right? They were charged with criminal damage and discharging a firearm in public. They all got a suspended sentence.

They say three people. It was 4. The shooter was Daniel JEWEL. Ex Australian Defense Force. He was never mentioned in the media dispatches.

Seeing as Australia’s special forces base is in Western Australia – Campbell Barracks, SAS – maybe a few of the members there were giving Danial JEWEL advice? It was the height of the war crimes being committed in Afghanistan.

Killing Field: Explosive new allegations of Australian special forces war crimes | Four Corners

Meanwhile, less than a year later, I was sentenced to three years jail for offensive words and incitement. Calling a hard core Zionist activist and Israeli future Intel asset a “racist Jew, with a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing.”

I kid you not.

Diane, a Orthodox Jewish convert to Christianity told me, W.A was “new zion”. Jews “in the know” were moving in. W.A was slated as the go to place for Jews with money world wide. This is not the first time this was planned…

Australia’s “Kimberley Plan” for the Jews

In 1939, Isaac Nachman Steinberg—lawyer, ex-Bolshevik, former comrade of Vladimir Lenin—arrived in Perth, Western Australia. His objective: to establish a homeland and safe haven for thousands of Jewish refugees in The Kimberley, in Australia’s far north-west.
Steinberg was the founder of the Freeland League and a proponent of territorialism, a political movement that sought to establish semi-autonomous Jewish colonies outside of Israel. An Orthodox, bearded,  teetotaling Yiddishist with a fiery temper and passion for Jewish  education, Steinberg charmed the Australian political establishment and  undertook a long, grueling journey through The Kimberley, surveying the  land for its economic and cultural potential.
The scheme gained serious momentum, but was ultimately nixed by Prime  Minister John Curtin, who could not “entertain the proposal for a group  settlement of the exclusive type contemplated by the Freeland League.”  Curtin was not the only one who regarded Steinberg as a dreamer. The  Jewish community saw him similarly, but after his death in 1957,  German-Jewish philosopher Erich Fromm lauded  Steinberg as a realist who “could visualize a flower when he saw a  seed… To have faith of [his] kind means to have courage.”

Everything is new in the state. From the curbs to the park benches. Masonic symbolism is everywhere in new structures.

Even the court I was tried in was covered with Masonic symbolism.

One of the top coppers in the state is a proud Mason.

Kerry Stokes, Australia’s media magnate, of The Seven Network is a big fan of Lord Jacob Rothschild and bought his families Bible for a cool $14 million. In August 2014, just after I got out of jail.

Mr Stokes is also a very good friend of none other than James Packer, on bribery charges with Benjamin Netanyau. This gets better…stick with me…

Mr Stokes is also very close to Mr Netanyahu himself. And Arnold Milchan – nuke part smuggler and Hollywood producer…maker of the movie JFK. Who is besties with Keanu Reeves who is friends with…Alex Jones. Shit gets deeper…wait for the video.

Mr James Packers father was the notorious Kerry Packer’s son. Kerry packer was blackmailed by Australia’s Jeff Epstien, Abe Saffron. Saffron was pure Mossad black mail operations to the highest levels of the Australian business and government levels.


Mr Stokes is also the employer and close confidant of one of the super stars of the current ongoing inquiry into Australian Special Forces and war crimes in Afghanistan. 

Kerry Stokes promises to stand by SAS 

But it gets better…

Once I left western Australia I was dealing with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop. Despite repeated assurances I would have my matter dealt with – lawyers talking to her office – they refused to get back to me with her Chief of Staff. I have repeated calls and emails – all recorded for posterity.

Well now, who is Julie Bishop chummy with?

My little Masonic enclave of Western Australia produces the finest people [networks]. A little birdy, we’ll call him Gerald, told me Ms Bishop was summarily told by Australia’s intel community to “F off” and forget about politics when she was ousted. And she did. She’s hob knobbing around the U.N looking for a piece of the Rothschild Rockerfella pie. And lets not forget Kissinger…Julie Bishop…The Kissinger Fellow at the McCain Institute. Oh my.

And let us round off this little collection of dot connecting with a final pic of Kerry Stokes with our fave death squad organizer of all time…drum roll please…

I wish I could tell you Kerry Stokes was a babies blood drinking monster, but every one tells me he’s a really nice guy which I find supremely frustrating. I like my enemies Netanyahu and Kissinger style – pure asshole. 

Western Australia? No masks? No lock downs? Can anyone suggest to Tucker why this may be? Neo Nazi terrorist groups given slaps on the wrist shooting up Mosques, SAS terror squads on Perth streets back from Afghanistan, Masonic Rothschild loving media magnates in love with Bi Bi and the Packer clan…Surely a “special case”.




Trucking and protests

Trucking and protests

The Trucking protests are not being mentioned on Australian news but it seems that they are happening. The police are deliberately blocking communication and intelligence services are removing Social media reports.  However, the road blockages have been showing up on Google maps.


The police have said that it was caused by a motorbike accident.  Why no cars?  Apparently diverted.

Do you think the sudden outbreak of cases among truckers might be connected? (lolz)

Note how the truckers are targeted in the Press Conference.


Protests in France

OOh la, la….those Frenchies are stirring it again.

Outside the MHRA in London



Protests Galore

Protests Galore

More and more people are protesting as they realize what the future holds. They do not report on any protests on the MSM a total blackout. Protests are ongoing as we speak.  Soon they will censor everything or shut down the internet. They even want to read your text messages.  They are after full spectrum dominance. The only truth is their truth. I have been selective because there are protests in many countries.




Middle East Digest (Mess)

Iran, China and Russia conduct war exercises

“We Cannot Be Isolated”: Iran Warns At Start Of Joint Naval Drills With Russia & China

Not the three stooges









Russia, China and Iran launched their first joint naval exercises in the Gulf of Oman on Friday (27 Dec) in a direct challenge to US influence in the Middle East. The move reflects growing co-operation between the US’s two main rivals and the Islamic republic, which is under sanctions imposed by Washington.


Is a new day dawning?

“US Dominance In Mideast Is Over”: Iran Declares After Joint Drills With Russia & China

And also, 

China-Iran -Russia alliance ending US unilateral global hegemony

However, let us be Realistic

China just cancelled development of two new aircraft carriers that have been in the works for ten years because they have become too expensive for China’s declining economy. Russia’s only carrier was in a dry dock that sank, and a crane collapsed onto its flight deck causing $1.5bn in damage, and a fire burned through its controls. But since the only dry dock that can handle the carrier is sunk, there is no proper facility to repair the ship. And Iran???  Their navy relies on inflatables…..

The US is the only naval super-power.  But what does that mean in an asymmetrical war? Russian missiles can take out Air Craft Carriers from 1500KM away.  Hyper-sonic missiles travel at 27x the speed of sound. Why do you think Trump just founded the US Space Force?   However, there are others who suggest that the US is quietly winning the hypersonics race, but is that propaganda?   One conspiracy theory runs that the U.S. is giving Russia 2nd level tech in weaponry through the globalists: “The U.S. is far, far ahead of hypersonic weapons. They want America’s military to be taken out in a surprise attack after giving them this tech developed by the U.S. This incident will give them the excuse needed to emerge with black budget tech to implement the New World Order. The globalists that run the world are intentionally provoking Russia so that they will attack”.   Who knows?  Seems implausible to me but when you consider that Wall Street funded the Communist revolution nothing would surprise me.  Remember the Hegelian dialectical?   Action, Reaction, Solution.    Anyway, Iran et al do not need naval superiority.  All they need to do is block the straits of Hormuz and the global economy collapses.  Iran has more A2D2 missiles than America has aircraft and they would not hesitate to rain down thousands of them on Tel Aviv.  Iran’s geography probably means a land battle is out of the picture.  However, if Israel America wants war, there will be war.  Zionism was an American project , inherited from England.  They have been the  foundations of the Empire  from the beginning. 


U.S. military conducts air strikes in Iraq and Syria

The U.S. military conducted air strikes in Iraq and Syria against the five facilities controlled by the Kataib Hezbollah militia group supposedly in response to the killing of a U.S. civilian contractor in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base.   They are obviously sending a message to Iran (after the naval exercises with Russia and China).   The US has not been very concerned about “contractors” (mercenaries) in the past.

See here for a balanced report: After U.S. Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will (Again) Have To Leave

Will It Be War? US Airstrikes Hit Iran-Backed Militias As Pentagon Warns More Military Action Coming


 Centcom footage


The Department of Defense released footage of some of the recent strikes against Hezbollah targets – three in Iraq and and two in Syria – it carried out near the end of December. (Tech. Sgt. Joseph Park / U.S. Air Forces Central Command). This is all very exciting footage and shows US air superiority.  How bold and clever. It is all very clinical and sanitized in the air….almost like a video  game.  They do’t show you what happens on the ground. They don’t show you all the running and screaming. They don’t show you the body parts and the blood.  Nor do they show you that 19 people were killed for one US mercenary contractor.    By the way, this attack is not in Iran….it is in Iraq (I bet those Iraqis are loving their free-dumb).


Now for a look on the ground:


 Libya enjoying post Gaddafi free-dumb

Libya is enjoying the post Gaddafi era.  Except for the death and stuff.  Now let me see if I have got this right?  It is now Turkey (and Qatar) interfering by supplying ISIS mercenaries to fight the government  forces in Libya and France and Egypt are objecting?  Didn’t France help liberate Libya?  Maybe Macaroni can join the foreign legion and use his god-like Rothschild powers to defeat evil?   Somewhere in hell Gaddaffi is laughing his  ass-off (although the bayonet still hurts).


Is Erdogan Recycling Terrorists from Idlib, to a New Civil War in Libya?


Turkish Intervention in Libya – Has Ankara Split its Militants’ Ranks in Northern Syria?





On a positive note….

we will always have Afghanistan

Oh dear, all that fuss about the “Afghan papers”  that were leaked by Wiki leaks.  So, they knew that the war was “unwinnable” from the start and LIED.   The horror, the horror.  Of course they did. All these analysts wring their hands… was never about “winning” (doh).  As an annonomous comment puts it; “The crime of the century was the incident that precipitated the War in Afghanistan. The Taliban were supposedly ready to extradite bin Laden – IF the US provided proof of his involvement in 9/11. Was there a problem coming up with that proof?  It is clear that Bush and Cheney were chomping at the bit to go after Iraq. Not sure about that either. Iraq was making concessions according to numerous reports. They sure didn’t want another war as they knew they’d get their butts kicked. Eliminating a secular regime was pure idiocy – and though Saddam Hussein wasn’t the brightest bulb (though you can kind of forgive him for misunderstanding the US Ambassador over Kuwait), the US had used him for years in that proxy war with Iran.  9/11 was far too convenient for too many people. Billions in insurance payouts. Missing gold and silver, Hundreds of billions in questionable bonds cleared in the following week, plus all those investigations into financial crimes that died when evidence was destroyed – in NY and DC.

It was the excuse for never-ending wars, The Patriot Act and so much more. It wasn’t a new Pearl Harbor, it was our burning of the Reichstag. But after the original fire, the resulting government lasted only 12 years – 1933 to 1945. We’re still fighting in the Middle east after 18 years and are still operating under the Patriot Act with Homeland Security and all the other things brought to us by our Reichstag fire – with no end in sight. Last laugh is on the perpetrators. They may get their defacto dictatorship but they’ve inherited a bankrupt Empire”. 

But they have always got the DRUGS.   Guard the drugs well boys, we wouldn’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.




























Winning hearts and minds?

Some Links:

How to Halt the Afghan Drug Trade: Follow the Money


The drug economy (World Bank)

http://How Opium is Keeping US in Afghanistan: CIA’s Shady History of Drug Trafficking


The Elite’s Drug Management

The CIA continues trafficking drugs from Afghanistan

FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel ‘bank of choice’

How the CIA Turned Us onto LSD and Heroin: Secrets of America’s War on Drugs
New History Channel series explores the dark corners of prohibition and takes viewers on great, freaky trip.

Are you surprised?

The Anglo-Zionist empire has always dealt drugs.   They had a Jew selling opium to China in the 1800’s.  The more things change the more they stay the same.  Deal drugs, steal  oil…..

Assad issues terrorist alert







































Video: Assad Sends Warning to US Forces in Syria. The Looting of Syria’s Oilfields

When the biggest drug dealers tell you not to do drugs and when the biggest robbers (banks and governments) tell you not to steal……that is called hypocrisy.