Israel is lauded as a “start up nation”  recently caught boasting that both Moderna and Pfizier are run by Jews and are going to “Heal the World” which is known as Tikun Olam.  It is a good thing the goyim do not understand what the Talmudic version of “Heal the World” really means.

Many Christians have fallen for the “start up nation”  and “heal the world” spiel.  Especially the Christian-Zionists, but then they believe anything that they are told.  Israel leads the world  in science alright – Franken-science and I would not call it a “start up nation” but rather an Abomi -Nation who steals technology.

 Abomi -Nation

Two men (or two women) can now have a baby. They don’t even need a womb anymore.





Well at least they are not living under a Nazi tyranny.