Epidemic of Fraud

Epidemic of Fraud


Very good documentary. John Davidson has appeared on Dr. McCairns show for an interview.  He has been working very hard to produce this documentary.  The embed is from twitter (X) but I suggest you visit his website @ https://www.epidemicoffraud.com/

Crazy weather and quakes

Crazy weather and quakes

Nearly 250,000 Without Power As Another Storm Slams California – Second-Snowiest Winter on Record (15 min)

Paris Saved The Planet (6 min)

The UN IPCC climate report destroyed by Australian senator (5 min)

Multiple Impact Space Weather, Magnetic Pole Shift | S0 News Mar.21.2023 (3 min)


3/21/2023 — Large M6.5 Earthquake in Afghanistan — Romania, Europe moving — New Madrid mound hit (1:25)

Trust the science

Trust the Science

They took Dr McCairn down and terminated his YouTube account half way the live stream.  They have already removed two PayPal accounts.  They do not like the fact that he is actually testing the vaccines and challenging the narrative.  So far he has found no Phosphorus in the Moderna samples but has found copper (?).  Dr McCairn has found phosphorus in the Pfizer samples. Phosphorus is an indicator that DNA or RNA is present.  The absence of phosphor in some samples is highly suspect.  Dr Kevin McCairn wants to run other tests (including sequencing) on fresh samples. Ideally he would like to run some primate studies to see if he can induce amyloid and/or fibrin and invoke symptoms like myocarditis etc.  Does anyone have a spare $100k? (lolz). That said, millionaires like Steve Kirsh are offering million dollar rewards to disprove the virus but not funding the actual science necessary to investigate what is actually in the vaccines.

On the other hand bad guys like Dr Deepak Kaushi are literally given millions and millions in grants to do monkey studies to prove the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and they have been caught fabricating results.  Under investigation for fraud. This is malfeasance on a grand scale and still the sheep line up for their “jabs”.

My website is also highlighted in this live-stream and the article that I did yesterday….

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cognitive Infiltration

I have uploaded a copy to Odysee. I will embed the WTYL version when it becomes available.

Trust the Science (3:09)

Rough Running Order

00:00 Intro
09:00 Start
29:00 Covid martyrs
33:00 Channel removed
34:00 Conspiracy theories
40:00 My article live streamed. Down the rabbit hole:Cognitive infiltration
01:15 Arkmedic (Jikki leaks) on the monkey guy
01:17 Tim Truth on the Dr Deepak Kaushi fraud
02:33 Copper (found in Moderna vaxx but no phosphor?)
02:39 Nanostructure lecture
02:50 Monkey studies Deepak

Amyloid fraud

Amyloid fraud

Dr Kevin McCairn already talked about this in one of his previous streams but it is important to highlight it again because I missed something important.  This is not just about fraud….one of the comments on the Raccoon server caught my attention:



Now it's all the fault of Sylvane Leslie in 2006 misleading 16 years and billions of research into amyloid treatments of course, because no one even thought of asking themselves any questions on the matter and the veracity of the paper, nobody until recently "trying" to replicate the theory, i find it "rich" and i have a hard time believing it.

Response: I think this is the kind of judo move that I'm talking about. discredit this and amyloids are NOT mad cow. Amyloids are tools that have been maligned by fraud. amyloids have tremendous economic and biomechanical potential! think of the prosthetics!? don't worry, we'll tune the amyloids from your shots to make you a better person

I find it highly suspicious that just as scientists like Dr McCairn are warning about neurodegeneration caused by the virus and by the vaccine they suddenly admit that 16 years of research is based on fraud. Very convenient.