Do you see it yet?

Do you see it yet?

We are all in the matrix and this has been built up over centuries.  They own both sides. There are no good guys.  You are already in the Beast System. I know of  religious movements that “predicted”  Brexit (lolz) and the return of Israel as well as the Anglo-Zionist Empire facing down Gog (Russia).  Rule Britannia (lolz).

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Freemasons and Nazis

Freemasons and Nazis

I was always interested in history, both ancient and modern and I used to score highly with historical essays. However, now that I am older I know better.  The bulk of history is revisionism.  A narrative written by the victor to disguise the true events.  History is an exercise in myth building.

History is not spontaneous, random events that lead to wars.  History is planned and guided in smoke filled rooms.  It is the bankers and aristocrats that instigate the wars and they use their secret organizations and the intelligence services to do so.  It is all about empire building, geopolitics, Continuity Of Government (COG).  It is all about power and you have none.

Do you honestly think the Bolshevik Revolution was a Spontaneous event?  The rise of Hitler was just one of those things?  Chinese communism just happened?  Kissinger opened up China in 1971 and so began the de-industrialisation of the West.  Nothing is spontaneous.  The bankers bet on both sides, fund all wars and always win.

The Anglos made a deal with the Zionists.  Their policy has always been to keep Germany down and to keep Russia out. They do not want a Eurasian superpower emerging.

Here is the history of the last century in a nutshell and who benefited:

WW1 -USA forced into war by Jewish bankers. Goal is to smash Germany and the Ottoman Empire to make Palestine available. Balfour Deceleration.

Bolshevik Revolution-Funded by bankers to smash Russia and seed internationalism (global communism)

WW2 -Direct Consequence of unfair treaty on Germany after WW1.  Hitler funded by Bankers Freemasons. Jews forced back to Palestine.  Israel founded 100 years after the communist Manifesto.

This is an excellent article on Theosophy and Free-Masonry being behind Hitler and the Nazis.  Why is this relevant?   Because they are doing it again.



Gigaohm Biological (14 June)

Gigaohm Biological (14 June)

I still maintain that Russell Brand is controlled opposition and a Free Mason as is David Icke.  They tell some truth along with a load of Rubbish.

This Week in Immunomythology: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:03)