German Suffering

German Suffering

Ukraine More Important Than German Suffering Says GERMAN Foreign Minister (9 min)

Leaked documents show Ukraine has BIOWEAPONS labs funded by Biden administration | Redacted (9 min)

A MASSIVE wave of military vaccine lawsuits are coming, get ready | Redacted with Clayton Morris (14 min)

G7 Russian oil price cap, admission of defeat from collective west. Part 2

“Kherson Offensive” Downgraded to “Slow Grind” – Russian Ops in Ukraine, Sept. 04, 2022 (30 min)

Poke the bear and slap the Dragon

Poke the bear and slap the Dragon

The West is going all out to pick as many fights as it can. Just like Russia, China says that it is not bluffing. It seems that the West has expended any goodwill by being dishonest brokers. In the end all you have is your reputation and if you are seen as unreliable you lose all trust.

Xi to Biden, ‘You are playing with fire,’ as tensions over Pelosi’s Taiwan trip escalates (16 min)

How Biden plans to checkmate China (12 min)

Biden to the rescue (lolz).  A day late and a dollar short.  While I was watching the video I thought infrastructure plan (?) ….the USA can’t maintain its own crumbling infrastructure.  It is playing catch-up ten years late.  China and Russia have the advantage of geography and land corridors.  Moreover, China does try to “partner” with countries instead of loading on IMF debt.  I bet the “gender equity” part is a real winner! (lolz). No one trusts the West anymore and the infrastructure China is offering is ports and railroads not just technology. This is doomed to fail. You set up China as the global factory so that you could make more profits but now you realize you shot yourself in the foot.   P.S. Caspian report are propagandists for the West but they make excellent videos.  P.P.S Could they have not thought up a catchy name?  I mean Belt and Road is easy to remember but their alternative is instantly forgettable.  Says it all.

China’s support for Syria sets off alarms in Israel (24 min)

Oops….  Are Russia and China getting a bit upset with Israel?  Reading more and more of these stories.  Maybe they look at the USA and realize that thy don’t want to be stabbed in the back. Maybe they don’t want to be used or manipulated. 

New World Demons

New World Demons

You no longer live in democracies (as if you ever did) and the world is run by a bunch of demons who don’t care if you live or die. Actually, they prefer you dead.

G7 – Our Rulers Unleashed – Fascinating Analysis of Hypocrisy…

From the wonderful Kate Wand and the superb guys at AIER: “No-fault Czars are no substitute for individual liberty. Politicians vindicated lockdowns by claiming that all the sacrifices are justified if they “save just one life.” But what about “just one freedom” – especially freedoms previously enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people? Instead of “Build Back Better” further empowering reckless rulers, we need to “Build Back Freer.”