Game Over part Deux

Game Over Part Deux

Another good video about the GameStop push back.


Peasant Revolt

People all around the world are pushing back (peacefully)  against the big tech oligarchy.  In France they are protesting against a new Amazon center. Covid has destroyed many small businesses making the likes of Bezo’s surpass the trillion mark.  Yet, he pays subsistence wages to his workers and even appeals to charity to supplement wages.  These people are scum on multiple levels. I believe Amazon cloud hosts the CIA.  They recently got rid of Parler the free speech platform.


Open up your businesses

They have used the fear of death and sickness to conquer the world.  Many countries are defying the government and opening businesses. England protested on the 30th of January by opening businesses.   People need to stand up. 

Game Over?

Game Over?

There has been a lot in the news about a gaming company called “Gamestop” and the damage that it has been doing to the financial system.  Especially to the hedge funds which are loosing billions on short positions.   The attack is supposedly being run by millennials on Reddit but is it really?    They are actually Stopping the Game by exposing how rigged it is.  We live in an age where nothing is as it seems.  Is this really about stocks in a Game shop?  Is it really a bunch of financial nerds sticking it to the man?   Who knows?   One thing that it has done is expose how absolutely corrupt the system is.  Elections are corrupt, fiances are corrupt, politics are corrupt.  Let every man be a liar and God be true. Amen to that.


Stop the gaming

This is really a very good analysis by MSM (I am shocked and suspicious at the same time).  Will they crash the whole system and blame it on some basement dwelling nerds on a Reddit forum?   Really?  What are they all smoking?