The World Has Changed

The World Has Changed

“The World Has Changed and the UN Will Never Be the Same” ( one minute)

All in! (25 min)

Russia Resumes Donbass Advance, Ukraine Kherson Offensive Stops; Europe Self Made Gas Crisis Deepens (58 min)

Kherson: What Happens Next? – Russian Ops in Ukraine Update September 6, 2022 (32 min)

LIVE STREAM: Monday September 5th 2022 – News From Saint Petersburg (1:31)

Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine

Long range HIMARS, Ukraine counteroffensive & Russian parliament extraordinary session (21 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 11, 2022 Update) – Ukraine’s “Million Man Army” Readies for Battle (28 min)

Zelensky Has “Unpleasant Surprise For Russia”. Gazprom Cuts Gas To Italy – Inside Russia Report (14 min)

Russia Gains More Ground in Donbass, Russians Discuss HIMARS Threat, Gas Crisis Looms in Europe (29 min)

Clueless Western leaders

Clueless Western leaders

Siemens, Nord Stream 1 exposes clueless Western leaders. Xi, Putin and SPIEF (15 min)

Putin: “No One With A Brain Believes ‘Putin’s Inflation'”- Inside Russia Report (3 min)

EU Leaders Empty Handed in Kiev, Gas Crisis Deepens in Europe, Putin & Xi Reaffirm Partnership (54 min)

Ukrainians Selling Weapons Supplied by the US & NATO on Darknet (21 min)

NATO IS LYING About Its Expansion (4 min)