If you wait long enough eventually they will all expose themselves.  People have to realize that we are at war and part of that war is psychological.  Information is used to confuse and manipulate you.  This is called Hypernormalisation and it is meant to induce a state of learned helplessness and dependence on the power structures (I can scarcely call it govt anymore).

We are going to use the latest Project Veritas video as a case study.  The revelations in this video were almost too good to be true….that is probably because they were not true or partially true.  A so called CEO of Pfizer revealed that they were discussing making more variants in the lab so that they could anticipate which ones would emerge in nature. This would allow them to get a head-start on manufacturing the correct vaccine.

George Webb was quick to jump in and expose the flaws in the story. Read the full threads.

This was my response to someone:

The icing on the cake is that George is Mossad (ex(??)-French Mossad??) George Webb said: "I'm with the old guard. You know, the Negev Brigade, and Ben-Gurion, and Avi Braverman." []

Zionist George Webb – Mossad’s Agenda Supercut (9 min)

Someone’s comment on the Discord:

Or maybe he works primarily for American or Russian intelligence but he has occasionally worked together with Mossad. Another clue that George Webb might be a Mossad agent is that in another video where he spoke about the Mossad, he used the pronoun "we" as if he belonged to Mossad (even though it's not actually clear if by "we" he meant the Mossad or if he meant the Israelis or the Jews in general): "And then there's the great Mossad, which was fundamental to the survival of Israel. I know people are going to say, we did a lot of stuff, and you know with the Lebanese babies, and the Yemeni babies, and Palestine and - I'm not getting into that, I don't want to get into that - organ harvesting and all this. We can do business the old way, we still make a lot of money, make everybody happy, make movies, whatever we do." []
This video also has information about George Webb: The description says: "Queen Tut was an insider at Crowdsource the Truth. She reveals the tangled web of people connected to a proven FBI informant, manipulating narratives on YouTube as a sophisticated form of psychological operations." However I think part of the whole larp ring around George Webb and Jason Goodman was that at one point its members pretended to turn against each other, and then a lot of people ended up wasting their time learning about the fights within the ring instead of spending their time productively. So maybe it was part of the whole operation that at one point Queen Tut turned against Goodman and Webb.

Twists and Turns

Scott Adams called it correctly in this video but I am suspicious because Scott Adams did a 100% reversal and mea culpa which was not really an apology but more gas lighting.

After Scott calls out “Tristian” as a gay who is lying because he wants to get laid we get this:



The whole thing looks staged.   They want to discredit the “truth movement” (lolz, is it really a truth and freedom movement or controlled op?).  They want you confused and not knowing who to believe.  Is George really “old Mossad” because that is what he wants us to believe does not make it true.  At this point do we really know anything except that we are trapped in a Matrix of lies. Are ye not entertained?  I trust no man.  The Spirit will guide us into all truth.   Scripture says: Let God be true and every-man a liar. Amen to that.