Diffuse the bomb

Diffuse the bomb

We either diffuse the bomb or we take down the whole building. Let it burn. No half measures. They must NOT be allowed to walk away from the death and mayhem that they caused. What do we do? The only thing we can do is walk away. “Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues” (Rev 18.4).

Lethal Weapon 3 Bomb Scene (5 min)

The video below this one is a 20 minute clip from Dr McCairns previous stream in which he discusses THE FORBIDDEN DEBATE  the topic from the ‘Better Way Conference’ in May, Del asked the forbidden question: “Do Vaccines Have a Role In the Better Way Forward?” The first day speakers were: ROBERT F KENNEDY, JR • DR ROBERT MALONE • DR JESSICA ROSE • DR PETER MCCULLOUGH • DR TESS LAWRIE • GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE • KIM WITCZAK • BRET WEINSTEIN • DR PAUL ALEXANDER • DR MARIA HUBMER-MOGG • MAAJID NAWAZ • SHABNAM PALESA MOHAMED.


A limited hangout, or partial hangout, is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details. It takes the form of deception, misdirection, or coverup often associated with intelligence agencies involving a release or "mea culpa" type of confession of only part of a set of previously hidden sensitive information, that establishes credibility for the one releasing the information who by the very act of confession appears to be "coming clean" and acting with integrity; but in actuality, by withholding key facts, is protecting a deeper operation and those who could be exposed if the whole truth came out. In effect, if an array of offenses or misdeeds is suspected, this confession admits to a lesser offense while covering up the greater ones.

Bret Weinstein’s brother Eric (another brainiac) was involved with Epstein hence the reference by Kevin to the “massage enthusiast” because the lawyer Dershowitz claimed he only went to the Epstein Mansion for massages and kept his pants on (lolz). Eric did a cringe worthy interview on YT (can’t remember where) making excuses blah (said he had permission from his wife or something like that). Heather E. Heying is Bret’s wife an evolutionary biologist and former professor together they do the Dark Horse podcast that draws a large audience which even mentioned Jonathan Couey and Charles Rixey (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAGw1VThJek&t=2279s).

However, the stuff that Charles and Johnathan are talking about should have been already known by these “expert” PhD’s and Doctors?? I knew this more than a year ago. This is the deliberate drip feed of a a bit of info to lend credibility….but trust me a Jew like Bret does not have a big presence on a Jewish Platform (YT) unless he is saying something that they approve of. Dr Robert Malone has connections with DOD and DARPA (which to his credit he admits) and holds patents on mRNA and vaccines etc. Geert is a vaccinologist who wants to continue the childhood vaccine schedule but has been preaching dire consequences of ADE caused by vaccinating into a pandemic. So Geert is actually a traditional vaxxer (trad vaxx) as are many of the other guests. Perhaps some of the vaccines are safe and perhaps if we halt all vaccines we invite a catastrophic resurgence but at this point who knows? Firstly, the covid vaxx is not a vaccine it is a gene therapy and secondly it is dual use and I would argue triple use. They want to base their next health platform on the development of mRNA gene therapies because they have proven that they are safe (lolz). At the same time the Military wants to use mRNA technology as a weapon because it is deadly and gene therapy can be race targeted. Both parties are wrong because we are dealing with something that in my view is far more complex with unforeseen consequences. The health consequences and the war-fighting consequences are in no way clear and have overlapping domains. We must not throw out the baby with the bathwater but the whole historical vaccination drive is under a cloud especially because it has attracted so many transhumanists and eugenicists. That by itself should raise alarm bells. Nevertheless, we should support these “dissidents” as they have their place in warning people…they act as a “gateway drug” until users graduate onto the “hard stuff” (Dr Kevin McCairn lolz) where they OD on scientific red (black) pills and casual misogyny, homophobia and racism (lolz) in the ongoing battle against woke science and culti-Marxi insanity.

Diffuse the Bomb (19 min)


The Forbidden debate is not vaxx vs. anti-vaxx. The forbidden debate is dual use (or triple use) biotechnology. It forms the basis of transhumanism, gene threapy, eugenics and raced based bio-warfare. It heralds the end of humanity in more ways than one.

Notification: Important Health Advice

Notification: Important Health Advice

Geert has been correct with his previous predictions and he worked for decades as a vaccionologist (he even worked for Gate’s Gavi).  His advice needs to be taken seriously.  We now have a population with compromised immune systems and we will see outbreaks of all sorts of diseases.  I think I had the smallpox inoculation as a child because I have the scar on my arm.  Deaths (all cause mortality) in Australia are up 17.5% according to the ABS (they previously quoted 20.8%). Across the board a 10% increase (all ages).  Have a look for yourself at the pretty graphs and charts. Shove them in peoples face until the penny drops.  Of course they will say that the deaths are all “covid”  and not from the “vaccine” (transfection) but even if that was the case (which it is not) then the damn thing is not working anyway. Their response….well it would have been worse without the “vaccine”.   It is a confidence trick.  You can’t prove a negative.  Stop lining up to be euthanized.  Why are you so keen to make yourself sick?  I hear the ambulance sirens all day long.

Are excess deaths the new normal?    Are heart attacks in children normal?   It is not just down to Covid or Long-Covid.   The vaccines have a role to play in increased mortality and anyone with half a brain can see the temporal association.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to teach all your body cells to constantly make spike-proteins that can induce protein misfolding?   I don’t care what anyone says I know this was not an accident.  This is evil and I will continue to fight this until my last breath.  I will not comply, I do not consent and I refuse to cooperate with any aspect of their agenda.


Important notice from Geert Vanden Bossche

Gigaohm Biological(24 Feb)

Gigaohm Biological (24 Feb)

Another great show by Johnathan. Remember to refresh your browser in case I add  notes or links.  The video deals with four main topics:

1. Moderna Q4 Report
2. Geert Van Den Bosssche
3. Infection vs transfection
4. Orthornavirae

The Moderna Q4 report is chilling.  They are ready to roll with a number of vaccines and even have a mix and match delta/omicron jab ready to go. The profits are literally astronomical.  You do know this is never going to stop don’t you?  You think I am joking?

Gigaohm Biological (Sept 6)

Gigaohm Biological (Sept 6)

In this video Jonathan Couey debunks the Funk (lolz).    The Funk does not know what he is talking about despite having a PhD.   Just because you are credentialed does not mean you are smart. Where has critical thinking gone or simple reading comprehension?   Is he really that dumb or is he being paid (promoted) to do this? Science is utterly corrupted. The god of this world (science) is dead.  It is dead not because science  itself does not have a good philosophical, empirical methodological basis….it is dead because of human wickedness, arrogance and stupidity.

Debunk the Funk (1:17min)

The Funk has been issued a challenge to come on the show live. I bet he does no such thing. Here is his original video:

Dear Geert Vanden Bossche, vaccination is how this pandemic ends (14 min)

Dan from Debunk the Funk has already been debunked by Dr. Kevin McCairn on the origins story:


Giants or pygmies?

Giants or pygmies?

We saw that Vejon Health lauded Geert Vanden Bossche  (Expert vaccine developer from Belgium) and Robert Malone MD (Inventor of mRNA vaccines from the USA) as Covid Giants.

Are they really Covid Giants?  We know that they were both deeply involved with the vaccine industry.  One way to control the opposition is to lead it.  Perhaps they really are white hats. They are certainly making all the correct noises but I am suspicious.   They are articulating genuine concerns and gaining trust but will their criticism be used to capture and direct the opposition.  All roads will eventually lead to vaccines and digital ID. My advice is be careful and filter your information. 

Here are a number of one minute shorts by Mark from Housatonic.

Robert Malone, Epivax, USAMRIID, DoD, Qiagen, Sina Bavari


Solvay Pharmaceuticals, likely direct cell-based influenza vax handoff Malone to Vanden Bossche 2007


Sachs and EcoHealth

Sachs and EcoHealth

The full live-stream was nearly six hours and  I place it here unedited (language warning) with a running order.

  • 0:00 Memes (skip these)
  • 16:40 Intro Jeffrey Sachs distancing himself from EcoHealth (see 1:42)
  • 23:00 Mark from Housatonic discusses Trevor Bradfield and West Nile Virus
  • 46:00 Florida surgeon general opposes mandates Kev discusses bio-warfare
  • 55:00 Rochelle P. Walensky director of CDC
  • 1.00  Mark about statistics
  • 1:08 psychopathy
  • 1:13 Gaming statistics, if you die within two weeks of vaxx you count as UNVACCINATED
  • 1:34 Veritas
  • 1:37 Malone and Gert pushing a new therapy (sellouts?)
  • 1.42 Jeffrey Sachs distancing himself from EcoHealth.  Sachs is a globalist who helped create the oligarch class in Russia after the wall came down
  • 2:44 Brigade Surgeons Affidavit investigated
  • 3:40 Arnab debate between India and Pakistan. India has a new ICBM with a range of  5,000 km and Modi is visiting the USA. This is worrying for China and their ally Pakistan.



Comments and Resources:

Sachs is like a rat leaving a sinking ship.  This shows that the work that DRASTIC, Kevin,Rixey et al are doing is being effective.  The bombs are on target.  India is emerging as a regional super power. The debate was both funny and frightening. Imagine some of these people with their finger on the nuclear button.

One minute short:



FDA Approved

FDA Approved

The FDA has approved the vaccines which means that they can now be mandated because they are “safe”.    I have placed a full five our stream from Dr. Kevin McCairn below.  I had no time to edit it down etc.  If you watch it from the beginning don’t be offended by the memes…they have actually been highly effective.

So far I have only watched the first hour and I have taken a clip of the CDC CEO Walensky to tweet out (see below).  The section about the Rev Jesse Jackson is funny.  He literally has rainbow turds on his mouth (lolz).   The world has truly gone mad.


The insidious face of a pandemic of variants

Geert warned more than 2 months ago and no one listened.

Gigaohm Biological 10 Aug

Gigaohm Biological 10 Aug

A truly great show by Jay highly recommended.   He often repeats older material for new listeners and also to reinforce the message.  This show is particularly interesting because the study that he referred to in a previous show (see below) about chickens and Marek disease was brought up by Joe Rogan.  This is the key quote from the study by Read:

“Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population.” (Read)


They have now got Read to come out in a Forbes article and qualify that statement. Joe Rogan does not understand because he is dumb (like you and me). Look at the excellent explanation given by Jay (see the tweet clips)

In case the tweets get taken down:



This paper by Read and the previous show where Jay first analyzes the Marek disease route is here:

Ode to a Chicken


Gigaohm Biological 10 Aug

The full show is here. Remember Jay is not the only one saying this. So is vaccionologist Geert vande Bossche and mRNA vaccine developer Robert Malone and Mike Yardley ex Vice President of Pfizer and their Chief Scientific Officer (and many others).  Are we to dismiss these highly qualified people as “cranks”.  What happened to scientific debate?  This is science by edict.  Why did Read change his tune?  He obviously got leaned on.  He just got a shiny new lab at Pen.  Someone Read him the riot act. He chickened out.

Slaves, and souls of men

Slaves, and Souls of Men

Extremely important – Please watch the video and read  the article and distribute


This next video by Jonathan Jay Couey  at Gigaohm Biological is one of his best and I will be distributing it widely.  It references numerous scientific articles and presents a powerful and well argued case.  You are probably as sick as me as hearing and reading about covid but it is extremely important that you understand the implications of the science.  I will place the links to the scientific articles (and the abstracts) underneath the video. 

What is happening now has spiritual and philosophical implications not just biological (health) implications.  I am going to discuss the penultimate article that he refers to in some depth and then offer a working hypothesis on what they are doing and what they are hoping to achieve. Please read the conclusion at the end.

The origin of the virus

The origin of the virus is key to understanding what is happening.   Was the virus man-made or was it a natural  virus (zoonotic) that jumped species?  We can emphatically state with confidence that it had a lab origin.  It was put together in a lab and can trigger numerous  inflammatory pathways……this is not normal:


In the center appears the SARS-CoV-2. Around it, at the upper part of the figure, appear autoantibodies linked to the SARS-CoV-2-infection. At the bottom part of the figure, appear autoimmune diseases linked to the SARS-CoV-2-infection [,, , , ,, , , , , , , , ].

For the moment we leave aside the question of who was involved but I want to point to a tweet from someone who is referred to by J.C. and who exposed what was happening very early on (like Jay did) – Harvard to the Big House:


Leaving aside the origins narrative I want to discuss the penultimate article that J.C. refers to as it is crucially important and rather frightening.

Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens


The penultimate article that Jay discusses is about an experiment with vaccinated and unvaccinated chickens. Chickens carry a virus disease called Marek which probably originated because of the way they are farmed (so close together). Chickens become infected with Marek by inhalation of dust contaminated with virus shed from the feather follicles of infected birds.

In this experiment they put unvaccinated and vaccinated chickens together. The unvaccinated are birds are called by the fancy name immunologically-naïve sentinel birds.  My understanding is that they are a control group.  I got this definition on sentinels: “These immune system cells trawl through the epithelial tissues that serve as an interface between our bodies and the outside world: skin, lungs, intestines, etc. Known as the ‘sentinels’ of the organism, they capture all foreign or suspect molecules and carry them to the lymph nodes”.

So, I presume that sentinel is just a reference to the “feather follicles” etc that would form the first barrier (sentinel) to the virus. In other words a group of unvaccinated healthy birds with their immune system etc intact and naïve because it is still natural.  Now these sentinel birds come from the same commercial stock as the other birds  and so their mothers would have also been vaccinated with Rispens technically called CVI988/Rispens MDV (Marek Disease Vaccine) vaccine.  I have made my own diagram and placed a quote from the article underneath:


They used different vaccines during the test.  HPV= herpesvirus of turkeys.

MDV has been evolving in poultry immunized with leaky anti-disease vaccines since the  introduction of the first vaccines in 1970  All MD vaccines are live viruses administered to 18-day-old embryos or immediately after hatch, and vaccinated birds can become infected and shed wild-type virus . Wild-type MD viruses are so-called serotype 1 viruses. First-generation vaccines include a serotype 3 herpesvirus of turkeys called HVT; second-generation vaccines are a combination of HVT and SB-1, a serotype 2 isolate. Third-generation vaccines are based on an attenuated serotype-1 virus isolate CVI998, the so-called Rispens vaccine.

They also do experiments with Maternal derived antibody and conclude:

Our experiments above show that direct vaccination of birds or vaccination of parent hens makes possible the onward transmission of viral strains otherwise too lethal to transmit, and thus that unvaccinated individuals are put at increased risk of severe disease and death.

Making it far worse

So, Marek Viral Disease (MDV) is not eradicated by the vaccine.  The vaccine is not a sterilizing vaccine it is “leaky”  (does that sound familiar?).  It forces the pathogen to mutate and become more virulent. It keeps the shedding (vaccinated) chicken alive longer and so it can walk around and infect the unvaccinated.  In nature such a virus would kill the host and die out but because we invent a “vaccine” we are able to keep the chicken alive but turn the virus into something super lethal for the unvaccinated.  Geert vanden Bossche warned about this and we wrote an article about MDV months ago:

Ode to a Chicken


Gigaohm Biological 4th of July

I managed to download this one from Twitch so that I have a copy if it disappears.  Twitch only keeps the old live-streams up for 60 days.

Here follow all the links (resources) with the abstracts:

The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 induces endothelial inflammation through integrin α5β1 and NF-κB


Vascular endothelial cells (EC) form a critical interface between blood and tissues that maintains whole-body homeostasis. In COVID-19, disruption of the EC barrier results in edema, vascular inflammation, and coagulation, the hallmarks of the severe disease. However, the mechanisms by which EC are dysregulated in COVID-19 are unclear. Here, we show that the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 alone activates the EC inflammatory phenotype in a manner dependent on integrin α5β1 signaling. Incubation of human umbilical vein EC with whole spike, its receptor-binding domain, or the integrin-binding tripeptide RGD induced the nuclear translocation of NF-κB and enhanced the expression of leukocyte adhesion molecules VCAM1 and ICAM1, the adhesion of peripheral blood leukocytes, and the permeability of the monolayer. Inhibitors of integrin α5β1 activation prevented these effects. We suggest that the spike protein, through its RGD motif in the receptor-binding domain, binds to integrin α5β1 in EC to activate Rho GTPases, eNOS pathways, and the NF-κB gene expression program responsible for vascular leakage and leukocyte infiltration, respectively. These findings uncover a new direct action of SARS-CoV-2 on EC dysfunction and introduce integrin α5β1 as a promising target for treating vascular inflammation in COVID-19.



Vaccine-associated enhanced disease: Case definition and guidlines for data collection, and presentation of immunization data


This is a Brighton Collaboration Case Definition of the term “Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease” to be utilized in the evaluation of adverse events following immunization. The Case Definition was developed by a group of experts convened by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) in the context of active development of vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and other emerging pathogens. The case definition format of the Brighton Collaboration was followed to develop a consensus definition and defined levels of certainty, after an exhaustive review of the literature and expert consultation. The document underwent peer review by the Brighton Collaboration Network and by selected Expert Reviewers prior to submission.


Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine in preventing COVID-19 in the working age population – first results from a cohort study in Southern Sweden


Results The estimated vaccine effectiveness in preventing infection ≥7 days after second dose was 86% (95% CI 72-94%) but only 42% (95% CI 14-63%) ≥14 days after a single dose. No difference in vaccine effectiveness was observed between females and males. Having a prior positive test was associated with 91% (95% CI 85 to 94%) effectiveness against new infection among the unvaccinated.


Natural infection showed a 91% effectiveness against new infection. versus 86% effectiveness +7 days after second dose of BNT162B2 immunization.
Antibody response patterns in COVID-19 patients with different levels of disease severity in Japan  
We analyzed antibody response patterns according to the level of disease severity in patients with novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Japan. We analyzed 611 serum specimens from 231 patients with COVID-19 (mild, 170; severe, 31; critical, 30). Immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG antibodies against nucleocapsid protein (N) and spike 1 protein (S1) were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. The peaks of fitting curves for the optical density (OD) values of IgM and IgG antibodies against N appeared simultaneously, while those against S1 were delayed compared with N. The OD values of IgM against N and IgG against both N and S1 were significantly higher in the severe and critical cases than in the mild cases at 11 days after symptom onset. The seroconversion rates of IgG were higher than those of IgM against both N and S1 during the clinical course based on the optimal cut-off values defined in this study. The seroconversion rates of IgG and IgM against N and S1 were higher in the severe and critical cases than in the mild cases. Our findings show that a stronger antibody response occurred in COVID-19 patients with greater disease severity and there were low seroconversion rates of antibodies against N and S1 in the mild cases.
Kinetics of SARS-CoV-2 specific IgM and IgG responses in COVID-19 patients 
The emerging COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection poses severe challenges to global public health. Serum antibody testing is becoming one of the critical methods for the diagnosis of COVID-19 patients. We investigated IgM and IgG responses against SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid (N) and spike (S) protein after symptom onset in the intensive care unit (ICU) and non-ICU patients. 130 blood samples from 38 COVID-19 patients were collected. The levels of IgM and IgG specific to N and S protein were detected by ELISA. A series of blood samples were collected along the disease course from the same patient, including 11 ICU patients and 27 non-ICU patients for longitudinal analysis. N and S specific IgM and IgG (N-IgM, N-IgG, S-IgM, S-IgG) in non-ICU patients increased after symptom onset. N-IgM and S-IgM in some non-ICU patients reached a peak in the second week, while N-IgG and S-IgG continued to increase in the third week. The combined detection of N and S specific IgM and IgG could identify up to 75% of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients in the first week. S-IgG was significantly higher in non-ICU patients than in ICU patients in the third week. In contrast, N-IgG was significantly higher in ICU patients than in non-ICU patients. The increase of S-IgG positively correlated with the decrease of C-reactive protein (CRP) in non-ICU patients. N and S specific IgM and IgG increased gradually after symptom onset and can be used for detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Analysis of the dynamics of S-IgG may help to predict prognosis.
Kinetics of viral load and antibody response in relation to COVID-19 severity 

Abstract Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the causative agent for coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pneumonia. Little is known about the kinetics, tissue distribution, cross-reactivity, and neutralization antibody response in patients with COVID-19. Two groups of patients with RT-PCR–confirmed COVID-19 were enrolled in this study: 12 severely ill patients in intensive care units who needed mechanical ventilation and 11 mildly ill patients in isolation wards. Serial clinical samples were collected for laboratory detection. Results showed that most of the severely ill patients had viral shedding in a variety of tissues for 20–40 days after onset of disease (8/12, 66.7%), while the majority of mildly ill patients had viral shedding restricted to the respiratory tract and had no detectable virus RNA 10 days after onset (9/11, 81.8%). Mildly ill patients showed significantly lower IgM response compared with that of the severe group. IgG responses were detected in most patients in both the severe and mild groups at 9 days after onset, and remained at a high level throughout the study. Antibodies cross-reactive to SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 were detected in patients with COVID-19 but not in patients with MERS. High levels of neutralizing antibodies were induced after about 10 days after onset in both severely and mildly ill patients which were higher in the severe group. SARS-CoV-2 pseudotype neutralization test and focus reduction neutralization test with authentic virus showed consistent results. Sera from patients with COVID-19 inhibited SARS-CoV-2 entry. Sera from convalescent patients with SARS or Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) did not. Anti–SARS-CoV-2 S and N IgG levels exhibited a moderate correlation with neutralization titers in patients’ plasma. This study improves our understanding of immune response in humans after SARS-CoV-2 infection.

T cell-mediated immune response to respiratory coronaviruses 


Emerging respiratory coronaviruses such as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) pose potential biological threats to humans. SARS and MERS are manifested as severe atypical pneumonia associated with high morbidity and mortality in humans. The majority of studies carried out in SARS-CoV-infected humans and animals attribute a dysregulated/exuberant innate response as a leading contributor to SARS-CoV-mediated pathology. A decade after the 2002–2003 SARS epidemic, we do not have any approved preventive or therapeutic agents available in case of re-emergence of SARS-CoV or other related viruses. A strong neutralizing antibody response generated against the spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV is completely protective in the susceptible host. However, neutralizing antibody titers and the memory B cell response are short lived in SARS-recovered patients and the antibody will target primary homologous strain. Interestingly, the acute phase of SARS in humans is associated with a severe reduction in the number of T cells in the blood. Surprisingly, only a limited number of studies have explored the role of the T cell-mediated adaptive immune response in respiratory coronavirus pathogenesis. In this review, we discuss the role of anti-virus CD4 and CD8 T cells during respiratory coronavirus infections with a special emphasis on emerging coronaviruses.



Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19


The genetic makeup of an individual contributes to susceptibility and response to viral infection. While environmental, clinical and social factors play a role in exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease severity1,2, host genetics may also be important. Identifying host-specific genetic factors may reveal biological mechanisms of therapeutic relevance and clarify causal relationships of modifiable environmental risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection and outcomes. We formed a global network of researchers to investigate the role of human genetics in SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 severity. We describe the results of three genome-wide association meta-analyses comprised of up to 49,562 COVID-19 patients from 46 studies across 19 countries. We reported 13 genome-wide significant loci that are associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection or severe manifestations of COVID-19. Several of these loci correspond to previously documented associations to lung or autoimmune and inflammatory diseases3–7. They also represent potentially actionable mechanisms in response to infection. Mendelian Randomization analyses support a causal role for smoking and body mass index for severe COVID-19 although not for type II diabetes. The identification of novel host genetic factors associated with COVID-19, with unprecedented speed, was made possible by the community of human genetic researchers coming together to prioritize sharing of data, results, resources and analytical frameworks. This working model of international collaboration underscores what is possible for future genetic discoveries in emerging pandemics, or indeed for any complex human disease.

Virological and serological kinetics of SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant vaccine-breakthrough infections: a multi-center cohort study 


Objectives Highly effective vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) have been developed but variants of concerns (VOCs) with mutations in the spike protein are worrisome, especially B.1.617.2 (Delta) which has rapidly spread across the world. We aim to study if vaccination alters virological and serological kinetics in breakthrough infections. Methods We conducted a multi-centre retrospective cohort study of patients in Singapore who had received a licensed mRNA vaccine and been admitted to hospital with B.1.617.2 SARS-CoV-2 infection. We compared the clinical features, virological and serological kinetics (anti-nucleocapsid, anti-spike and surrogate virus neutralization titres) between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Results Of 218 individuals with B.1.617.2 infection, 84 had received a mRNA vaccine of which 71 were fully vaccinated, 130 were unvaccinated and 4 received a non-mRNA. Despite significantly older age in the vaccine breakthrough group, the odds of severe COVID-19 requiring oxygen supplementation was significantly lower following vaccination (adjusted odds ratio 0.07 95%CI: 0.015-0.335, p=0.001). PCR cycle threshold (Ct) values were similar between both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups at diagnosis, but viral loads decreased faster in vaccinated individuals. Early, robust boosting of anti-spike protein antibodies was observed in vaccinated patients, however, these titers were significantly lower against B.1.617.2 as compared with the wildtype vaccine strain. Conclusion The mRNA vaccines are highly effective at preventing symptomatic and severe COVID-19 associated with B.1.617.2 infection. Vaccination is associated with faster decline in viral RNA load and a robust serological response. Vaccination remains a key strategy for control of COVID-19 pandemic.

Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens 


Could some vaccines drive the evolution of more virulent pathogens? Conventional wisdom is that natural selection will remove highly lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission. Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population. Here we show experimentally that immunization of chickens against Marek's disease virus enhances the fitness of more virulent strains, making it possible for hyperpathogenic strains to transmit. Immunity elicited by direct vaccination or by maternal vaccination prolongs host survival but does not prevent infection, viral replication or transmission, thus extending the infectious periods of strains otherwise too lethal to persist. Our data show that anti-disease vaccines that do not prevent transmission can create conditions that promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts.



Monitor for COVID-19 vaccine resistance evolution during clinical trials  


Although less common than the evolution of antimicrobial drug resistance, vaccine resistance can and has evolved. How likely is it that COVID-19 vaccines currently in development will be undermined by viral evolution? We argue that this can be determined by repurposing samples that are already being collected as part of clinical trials. Such information would be useful for prioritizing investment among candidate vaccines and maximizing the potential long-term impact of COVID-19 vaccines.



One thing you should not do is vaccinate with a non-sterilizing “leaky” vaccine during a pandemic.  You should not vaccinate people that have no symptoms and you should especially not vaccinate kids.  If you do that you make the virus more virulent.  You make it worse.   That is exactly what they are doing.   Why are they doing it?  Are they stupid?  Of course not, they know exactly what they are doing.  They are destroying natural God given immunity and replacing it with a  needle.   This will give them the power of life and death at the end of a needle.  And because the “gene therapy” is patented they will literally own you.

You will own nothing but they will own you. According to Gordon Brown ex UK PM leaders at the G7 ‘will decide who lives and who dies, who is vaccinated and who is not’ 

Not only that but once they go fully digital on the block chain with the Central Banks they can regulate how and what you spend.  With AI and the surveillance  state they can make your digital tokens expire within a week.  You don’t spend it, and poof…. it is gone.   No such thing as saving.  You want to buy some fags and booze or pizza? Oops your digital cash does not work.  You want to run away from your digital prison? Oops your digital token refuses to work outside of a 5 km radius (and you are tracked anyway).  You said a naughty word about Zuckerburg…oops your social credit score tanks….no food for you tomorrow.

The future is full spectrum dominance of the “citizen”.  Your only escape will be death. They will control whether you live or breathe.

The title of this article comes from Rev 18 which describes the fall of Babylon the “Great city” she (The Great Harlot who rides the beast) committed fornication with the Kings of the earth and seduced them with her sorceries (pharmakeia). In her was found not only the wealth of the whole earth but the slaves and the souls (breath or life) of men. 

The Great Harlot has replaced God as the giver and taker  of life. She has dethroned God from his place among the cherubim (the living creatures representing the double helix wheels within wheels with the flashing Chatoyance (cats- eye Apatite ) phosphor backbone supporting the four bases (faces) of the living creatures (Ezekiel1).  She will make her supplicants trans-human. She owns it all and wants it all. Her hubris has reached to the heavens.


This is all planned.  They release a bio-weapon and then introduce a “vaccine”. Both Covid and the vaccine are dangerous.  Long-term the vaccine spike protein will activate neuro-degeneration or other inflammatory pathways.  That should weed out those with weak genetic dispositions.  The ones who survive will then be hooked on the needle.  Better be a good boy or girl because no jab and you are done. You will only have corporate immunity.  Any new disease and a vaccine will be rolled out.  What could possibly go wrong?  Ever wondered why God made us all different? Why nature likes variety vs mono-culture?  In the right circumstances people with a genetic defect might be the only ones to survive a pandemic.  These people are really very stupid.

This is your future if you keep vaccinating.  Stop vaccinating NOW.


Geert Vanden Bossche

Geert Vanden Bossche

Here follows analysis and reports on the very highly qualified Geert Vanden Bossche who has turned whistleblower and warned in apocalyptic terms what will happen if continue this mRNA vaccination campaign.  Basically it will completely destroy our immune system and make us dependent on vaccines to survive….and even then the viruses will be forced to mutate so quickly we won’t keep up.  If we continue with this we will extinct the human race.  He warns to stop the vaccines immediately.  I told you so hardly seems strong enough.

A number of longer and shorter interviews are posted below – all on BitChute because I expect that YouTube will remove them.