Pandemic Restarting?!

Pandemic Restarting?!

He warns that injecting the children is murder.  They will be made more vulnerable to  sickness and death.

Pandemic Restarting?! Geert Vanden Bossche takes a unique view (1:21)



Notification: Important Health Advice

Notification: Important Health Advice

Geert has been correct with his previous predictions and he worked for decades as a vaccionologist (he even worked for Gate’s Gavi).  His advice needs to be taken seriously.  We now have a population with compromised immune systems and we will see outbreaks of all sorts of diseases.  I think I had the smallpox inoculation as a child because I have the scar on my arm.  Deaths (all cause mortality) in Australia are up 17.5% according to the ABS (they previously quoted 20.8%). Across the board a 10% increase (all ages).  Have a look for yourself at the pretty graphs and charts. Shove them in peoples face until the penny drops.  Of course they will say that the deaths are all “covid”  and not from the “vaccine” (transfection) but even if that was the case (which it is not) then the damn thing is not working anyway. Their response….well it would have been worse without the “vaccine”.   It is a confidence trick.  You can’t prove a negative.  Stop lining up to be euthanized.  Why are you so keen to make yourself sick?  I hear the ambulance sirens all day long.

Are excess deaths the new normal?    Are heart attacks in children normal?   It is not just down to Covid or Long-Covid.   The vaccines have a role to play in increased mortality and anyone with half a brain can see the temporal association.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to teach all your body cells to constantly make spike-proteins that can induce protein misfolding?   I don’t care what anyone says I know this was not an accident.  This is evil and I will continue to fight this until my last breath.  I will not comply, I do not consent and I refuse to cooperate with any aspect of their agenda.


Important notice from Geert Vanden Bossche

Gigaohm Biological 6 April (2:32)

Gigaohm Biological 6 April (2:32)

One to watch later – trouble keeping up.  But we will not be beaten nor will we be overwhelmed.  I aim to bring you the best and keep you informed.  We are in a psywar and only people who are not confused or afraid will survive. We have a reliable and trustworthy source.  Let God be True (LGBT) and every man a liar. Amen.

[FDA Vaccine Meeting and GEERT] The Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:32)


WOW….devastating testimony….devastating.

This is what Jay is talking about…..just found it….   sorry  wrong video….still looking…

Here it is and the section open to the Public begins at 5:16.   I think I will watch and Time Stamp the video (when I get time). Full video 8 hours 46 minutes.

Open Public Hearing Session FDA April 6, 2022

And you know what?  All the evidence and testimony made no difference…go get your shot.

Public section starts here:

Needles at ten paces

Needles at ten paces

I try to make it humorous but it is not funny at all.   Dr Kevin McCairn discusses two scientists fighting about vaccines online.  Here are the articles:


Actually it is not a fair fight because in one corner we have Geert Vanden Bossche a top-grade vaccinologist who even worked for Gavi and in the other corner we have David Gorski (long face above) a Jewish titty Doctor and pompous ass with connections to Epstein as he even admits:

Yes as dirty as it makes me feel to realize now that back then I was affiliated with a group in which Epstein had invested, I am curious to know just what the connection was.

Yeah buddy….we are also curious to know.  And your response about neurodegeneration and prions was “the vaccines don’t contain fetal bovine serum” (lolz).  You do know that prions are caused by protein miss-folding don’t cha?  You know full well that no one is talking about mad cow disease.

 Needles at ten paces (37 mins)

Moderna Vaccines contaminated


Moderna Vaccine Contamination (27 mins)