Covid vaccines are safe

Covid vaccines are safe

Covid vaccines are safe (11 min)


1st published evidence of gene therapy insertion into human DNA? (14 min)
The cohort is small. Yet it is alarming that vaccine protein was found in 2 out of 81 – viral protein in only 1. Nothing in the unvaccinated. PS thanks for the timing

Gene Therapy (Part 2)

Gene Therapy (Part 2)

Brian deleted my comment on his previous video (but I re-posted it multiple times -lolz). He then rushed out this video which I would like to think was a response on my initial comment. I placed this comment under the new video:

This technology is not neutral it has been developed by people who are eugenicists and transhumanists. The correction of genetic diseases is a pretext to drive forward human evolution. Elon Musk is doing something similar with neuralink because such methods will help the paralyzed walk and the blind to see. Who would not want that? Only a monster lacking empathy would refuse treatments that alleviate suffering. These technologies raise important philosophical and ethical questions. Moreover, man thinks he knows better than nature and or God. This never ends well. Such hubris always results in unintended consequences. We are already suffering the blow-back of gene therapy experimentation (mRNA) and believe me when I tell you that the harm and death that has been done (whether intended or not we can debate) will be with us for decades and may even lead to inherited genetic defects.

Here is the original video:

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

Brian has moved out of his wheelhouse and is promoting gene therapy.  I wonder why?

Show Notes:
Gene therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in human healthcare. I has cured previously incurable diseases including cancers and rare genetic disorders, and it possesses the potential to cure many more types of diseases and conditions claiming the lives of our loved ones today and in the future. But why haven’t you heard about it despite it being covered extensively in the Western media? Where are the treatments and why aren’t they more accessible? What can we do about this obstruction of human progress and the impediment of saving human life? References: New York Times - In Girl’s Last Hope, Altered Immune Cells Beat Leukemia (2012): Emily Whitehead Foundation: Health Affairs - Drugs Don’t Work If People Can’t Afford Them: The High Price Of Tisagenlecleucel (2018): MIT Technology Review - FDA Approves Groundbreaking Gene Therapy for Cancer The treatment will be sold by Novartis for $475,000 (2017): Gene Therapy -- The time is now: Nick Leschly at TEDxBoston The Society for Translational Oncology - Smart T Cell Vaccines: CAR T Cells - by Carl June, MD: Land Destroyer - On the Cusp of Ending Big Pharma (2012): Land Destroyer - Big-Pharma's Latest, Most Sickening Crime Against Humanity (2015): Land Destroyer - Big-Pharma Novartis to Charge $475,000 for $20,000 Cancer Cure Funded by Taxpayers and Charity (2017): Applied Technology Lab (my side project) - Intro to our Ongoing 3D Printing Healthcare Project: Applied Technology Lab - Open Source (FREE) Medical Maker Initiative Projects: Applied Technology Lab - Open Source (FREE) DIYbio Projects: Applied Technology Lab - Blog (will begin updating it this new year): https://appliedtechnologylab.blogspot...

My Comment underneath the video

We are already using gene therapy in the mainstream. It is called mRNA technology a Spike Protein wrapped in a LNP (Lipid Nano Particle) known to most as the "Covid Vaccine". It has proved to be an ineffective treatment that actually causes harm (17% excess death in my country). Here we have Melissa Moore boasting that it only took 1 hour to design the Spike Protein (SP) that was injected into billions of arms ( They don't tell you about the failures( nor do they tell you that HIV was the result of the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP). You also mentioned the HIV virus and surprise, surprise we have the GP120HIV-1 epitope in Sars-Cov-2 and in the SP. So many diseases that are in circulation come from chimps (RV40, RSV etc) that were used in lab experiments to grow vaccines for gene therapy experiments. The sort that were being conducted at the Hutch with links going back to Sloan Kettering:   PART 1: Ep 74.F : Protocol No. 126 – Cancers, viruses, the Fred Hutchinson, Nowinski, more ( PART 2: Ep 74.B: Dr. Nowinski and Hutch : The REAL Gates connections to humans as guinea pigs, virotherapy, vaccinations for eugenics, etc ( PART 3: Ep 84.2: COVID911 [A battle of world orders] Rumsfeld, Cheney, Lederberg, Libby, Kissinger, Nowinski ( Would I like to believe that children have been permanently cured by genetic treatments using money raised by charitable foundations? Yes, I would love that to be true. But call me cynical. Big Bad pharma has priced the "one time" cure out of the market probably because they know it does not work. My experience is that all these charities, foundations and medical institutes are all interlinked and running a very clever program using the genetic info from the constant testing and A.I. to nudge the transhumanist agenda to the next level. They really do not care about our health, they only care about the data we can provide from their experiments. Do you really think they are going to roll out individual treatments to cure all our ailments and allow us to live 200 years? That will only be for a privileged minority.

Who funds the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)? 

Melissa Moore:



TGA Judicial Review

TGA Judicial Review

I have come across Julian Gillespie before and knew he was perusing a judicial review in Australia and have just been reminded (by my sister) of the progress  he is making.

The TGA is similar to the FDA in the USA. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the medicine and therapeutic regulatory agency of the Australian Government. As part of the Department of Health, the TGA regulates the quality, supply and advertising of medicines, pathology devices, medical devices, blood products and most other therapeutics.

Mr Julian Gillespie is a retired lawyer and former barrister who has come out of retirement to fight the legal battle against the COVID vaccination. He believes that the Australian people have not been given accurate information around COVID deaths, and deaths from the COVID vaccinations.

He is currently managing proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia related to “Australian Vaccination-Risks Network Incorporated v. Secretary, Department of Health.”

COVID UNDER QUESTION is a cross-party inquiry into the Government’s response to COVID held on 23rd March 2022. COVID Under Question was hosted by Senator Malcolm Roberts (One Nation Federal Senator for Queensland) and attended by Stephen Andrew (One Nation Queensland State MP for Mirani), George Christensen (Federal Nationals MP for Dawson), Gerard Rennick (Federal Liberal Senator for Queensland), Alex Antic (Federal Liberal Senator for South Australia) and Craig Kelly (Federal Palmer United Australia MP for Hughes).

Parliamentarians heard from a range of Doctors, experts, economists and everyday people about how the Government’s response to COVID has affected them and at times defied belief. The absurdity of Chief Health Officer dictates and power hungry politicians is all laid bare.

The full day’s proceedings were recorded and are available here:

COVID Under Question: Mr Julian Gillespie on March 24  (34 min)

TGA Judicial Review update #4 with Julian Gillespie March 8 (1:01)

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

A few months ago you were de-platformed or censored for mentioning that the vaccines were gene therapy.  Now they freely admit it.

Stefan Oelrich (Bayer); “mRNA vaccines are gene therapy” (1 min)


Moonshot is Biden’s cancer campaign in which he promotes the mRNA platform as the cure for cancer and talks about collecting big data.  The Covid virus has increased cancers hugely as has the vaccine (transfection) and now they are offering to cure it?   This was the agenda all along.  Experimenting with gene therapy and collecting data.


This does not seem so far fetched now does it?  Remember that they cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996 and we have come a long way in 28 years.


Genetic vax … Genetic food

Genetic vax … Genetic food

An excellent overview by Mark from Housatonic.  He is really a dot connector extraordinaire.  I recommend watching some of his deep dives as he is really digging the dirt and finding all the connections.  The problem is that I cannot keep up with much of his output.  His website is also a treasure trove of archived material including newspaper clippings.   A very useful resource and highly organized and cross-referenced.

Ep 123.2 : Corporate tree : Genetic vax … Genetic food … AgraCetus a link ? (25 min)


Here is the page on Mark’s website for CESTUS

Here was a relevant comment under the video: 

Epigenetics. Dr Zach Bush. Looking for the causes of leaky gut syndrome—connected mRNA in GMO seed and food as a cause of gut disbiosis. His work has been at the molecular level of food. His videos are abundant. You have connected some major dots here Mark. It’s a treasure trove of research. The chest is overflowing.

Dr. Malone

Dr. Malone

Mark from Housatonic has shown Dr. Malone’s involvement with many of the early architects of gene therapy and the use of viruses for delivery. He has an interesting CV which links him to many of the key players and indirect military funding.   Has he had a change of mind, is he controlled opposition or is he pursuing his own agenda?   At the moment he is saying all the right things.  As Dr. McCairn says, if they are firing in the right direction then that is a bonus but you don’t want someone in your foxhole who is going to stab you in the back.   Perhaps he had a change of conscience?    I like what he is saying here (but I keep my eye on all of them) it is solid information:

Dr. Malone: “This is the Largest Experiment Performed on Human Beings in the History of the World.”(1:11)

In an exclusive and explosive one-hour interview with Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American, pioneering mRNA scientist Dr. Robert Malone explains the intensely corrupt workings of the government regulatory bodies that have mismanaged the pandemic, discusses the problems with the vaccine program and delves into potentially explosive and game-changing revelations about the shady origins of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China.

Who is Dr. Robert Malone? While working at the Salk Institute in 1988, Dr. Malone discovered important findings about in-vivo and in-vitro RNA transfection. He continued his work on the technology a year later at the biopharma start-up Vical where he conducted additional experiments. According to his bio, “The mRNA, constructs, reagents were developed at the Salk institute and Vical by Dr. Malone.” His research has also included important work on DNA vaccines. In addition to his fundamental work developing mRNA and DNA vaccine technology, Malone is also a medical doctor. According to his bio, Dr. Malone “received his medical training at Northwestern University (MD) and Harvard University (Clinical Research Post Graduate) medical school, and in Pathology at UC Davis."

Few people are as qualified to comment on the course of the COVID pandemic and the mass vaccination campaign as Dr. Malone. In this important interview he shares his unique and deep insights on matters of critical national and international importance.

Bio source:


Most Important:

What he says at about 1:05 right at the end of the interview is the most important.  It is about establishing a platform so that they can role out genetic (mRNA) vaccines quickly. All they have to do is alter the sequence.   The delivery system etc stays the same.   So if you have Special Forces deployed to an area you can quickly protect them from enemy pathogens.  This is dual use technology.  We are now in the territory of germ warfare.  The delivery platforms are not safe.  The only way to stop this is to arrest all the scientists involved, shut down the institutes and bomb the Bio Security labs into oblivion.

The Great Leap Forward

The Great Leap Forward

This article is just speculation which is sometimes necessary when we are trying to figure things out.  I think we can safely say that it was no coincidence that the virus emerged just after the Federal Reserve stared REPO on the 18 th Sept 2019.  That meant that the banking system was on the verge of collapse and the virus allowed them to take “more unconventional measures” and spend like drunken sailors.  It also allowed them to destroy SME’s and prepare for the Great Reset. They had an opportunity to steal and pilfer like never before.  The greatest transfer of wealth and concentration of power in history. Ever.

I was told by a good friend yesterday via Skype  (living in a different country) that he was going to visit his brother who had developed a lump in his neck.  The hospital had investigated but were telling him very little.  His mother had died after developing a similar lump in her neck. I asked if his brother had recently been vaccinated and he told me it was six weeks ago.

All that set me thinking. I did not want to ask too many questions but I wondered if it was perhaps genetic.  I don’t even know what the disease is and I certainly do not know if it was triggered by the vaccine.   So, this is just speculation….but it brought to mind this paper:

The SARS-CoV-2 as an instrumental trigger of autoimmunity

The diagram below comes from the above article and shows all the inflammatory pathways linked to the virus. We might therefore expect that the spike protein carries the same characteristics.   This is truly shocking.


In the center appears the SARS-CoV-2. Around it, at the upper part of the figure, appear autoantibodies linked to the SARS-CoV-2-infection. At the bottom part of the figure, appear autoimmune diseases linked to the SARS-CoV-2-infection [,, , , ,, , , , , , , , ].

What if it is a ticking bomb?

It seems to me (I am an industrial chemist who as a junior worked in plant pathology not a geneticist etc) that this thing was made to go for any weak points in the immune system.  We know that it killed the elderly with co-morbidity almost immediately.  Other people had only a mild infection but experienced “long covid”.  What if this thing sits there and targets any latent genetic weakness. What if someone develops heart problems or a lump so many months after infection.  No one would be any the wiser.  It would all look completely unrelated.

I call this theory The Great Leap Forward because it allows the eugenicists to weed out any human flaws and select for healthier humans.  It is an “evolutionary big bang” giving nature a “helping hand” (I am being the devil’s advocate here).  Not only will it kill “flawed” specimens and reduce population but their deaths will provide invaluable data for science and advancement towards trans-humanism (we thank them for their sacrifice).

All the data is being fed into Artificial Intelligence and analyzed.   This is why we have seen a proliferation of genetic testing companies like 23 and me (CEO Anne Wojcicki sister of JewTube CEO). They are obsessed with racial supremacy. Where do you think Hitler got the idea from?


That is my theory and it is speculation but in a twisted way it makes sense.   You use the virus like a filter and the vaccine (gene therapy) as an improvement platform by constantly “tweaking” it to correct for mistakes.  If millions die that is too bad…they were useless eaters and breeders anyway.  The end justifies the means. One interesting question someone needs to look at is heat-shock.  There are ways of switching it on and off using genetics.  We are going to face a lot of radiated shock soon (both man made and natural)….are they preparing a “super race”?  The Marvel characters are Jewish inventions. They seem obsessed with mutants. I can’t wait for my superpowers:



Dead Katz bounce

Dead Katz bounce

The information is coming in so quick I can hardly keep up. I usually view every video before placing them here but there are only so many hours in a day. I watched this short video by Mark Koulac at Housatonic.   He has been stuck off at his main YT channel within 15 minutes of posting a one minute truth.  This video from his back-up YT channel is worth watching (about 12 minutes)

Ep 91.4: Just got our 2nd strike on main youtube channel, only 10 mins after uploading a new short

These were my comments under the video:

Actually disagree with you there Mark. What is behind the bio-digital convergence is the desire to be god-like. It is original sin as when Jesus said your father was a liar and a murder from the beginning (referring to the serpent) . They believe they can eat from the tree of knowledge (Apple logo - Artificial Intelligence) and they can upgrade their biology (trans humanism).

Look at the clip from Batman Forever where the Riddler says, IF knowledge is power then a God AM I" and he also says...riddle me this, riddle me that, "who is afraid of the big black bat?" Well let me tell you...there are plenty of people afraid of the bat. They love to mock. Fortunately they are not all guilty or complicit and we cannot condemn and scapegoat the entire community we must reach-out to those who have spoken out and encourage them and offer friendship and safety.

They are educated in a culture that teaches them that they are superior but at the same time victims. They have also been manipulated by an elite who is not averse to offering them up on the altar of their ambition. It was no different in the first century. It was ever thus.

Have empathy? No, sorry I prefer the words of the Psalmist: "Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies". (Psalm 139:21-22).

They have blood on their hands. Going back as far as WWI and the Bolshevik revolution. In fact going back even further truth be told. The Great Harlot has seduced the nations with her sorcery (Greek pharma). They are behind the current system and judgement is coming. It is not for us to take revenge or use violence but judgement is coming. What we should do is preach repentance. That is an act of love. They need to hear the message loud and clear that what they are doing, and what they have done already is evil. I compiled three of your videos and wrote an article. You do brilliant work and are a great researcher. I sincerely hope they will repent and return to God but (spoiler alert) I know how this ends.

God bless


I also answered the following comment from someone else in the comment section:

Secular humanism posits that human beings are capable of being ethical and moral without religion or belief in a deity. ... Many secular humanists derive their moral codes from a philosophy of utilitarianism, ethical naturalism, or evolutionary ethics, and some advocate a science of morality

 My response:

How is that working out? (lol) Humans are moral imbeciles. They are now hoping to become creators of their own reality by hacking the code that God has made. They aim to dethrone him. Judgement is coming. It will be biblical (literally).

One of the greatest "secular humanists" (Richard Dawkins) was being ferried around by Epstein with other scientists. Epstein was a great philanthropist funding eugenics research etc. He is part of the corrupt scientific network that was busy with GOF on the virus. Now not only do they want to bang your kids they want to inject them with experimental gene therapy. Don't you dare talk to me about the "moral code" of these scum. there is a fancy word. Bertrand Russel wanted everyone to come before a panel every five years and answer questions with regards to their "utility". Justify their existence. What gives you the right to life? What do you contribute to humanity? That is "communitarianism" for you. Are you a useless eater and breeder? These people are disgusting. Foul. Contrast this with humanity being made in the image of God (which gives man inalienable rights and responsibilities) and freewill. You can keep your disgusting secular humanism and their ever shifting post modern "relative" truths.

 Here is a three hour video about the subject (on Odysee) which I have not watched yet (but I will). They are trying to take (block chain) Odysee down.  Soon they will throw the internet kill switch.

Ep 91.5: Yellow Rain Katz, part 1