This concerns the work done by the other Kevin…..Kevin McKernan the geneticist.   This is very complex and I will need to read through the material again and possibly watch the video again.  The video below is JC commenting on McKernan and as JC is sticking to the science and offers some decent clarifications I have used the Gigaohm video.

Firstly a little groundwork on plasmids. A plasmid is a small circular DNA molecule found in bacteria and some other microscopic organisms. Plasmids are physically separate from chromosomal DNA and replicate independently.


Kevin McKernan has a substack under anandamide

This is the comment that I left on the substack:

I am just a "bucket" chemist (industrial polymers) who as a junior (once upon a time 40 years ago) did some microbiology work at a plant pathology institute with agar plates, ELISA and Brenneria salicis the Gram-negative bacterium that is pathogenic on plants known to cause 'watermark disease' in willow (or cricket bat disease lolz). So this is WAY over my head. We had to look up stuff in big fat Handbooks back then. So after a ten minute Google on Plasmids and reading about genetic transformation and the involvement of Kissinger's mate Joshua Lederberg who was busy in the 50s working with bacteria and on Artificial Intelligence please explain to me why you think this is the result of contamination? We know that they want to re-engineer humans. Perhaps re-think this along the lines of it being an experiment. Is there anything that could accelerate biological (genetic) change? Environmental factors (natural or anthropogenic). What if it is done deliberately? What next?

This is setting off all sorts of alarm bells.  It is shocking enough if it is contamination but what if it is deliberate?

Important WARNING–Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Stream (1:00)

Gigaohm Biological (20 Dec)

Gigaohm Biological (20 Dec) 1:50 min

He is back. Johnathan is back again and he is going to sharpen us so that we are the tip of the spear so to speak. We will have a firm foundation and be able to answer any questions on immunology.

Wow.  He introduces Kevin McKenan and in future episodes will talk about methylating mRNA uracil to pseudouridine.  I can’t wait.