Blot out Amalek

Blot out Amalek

You shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven..

South Africa Shocks the World ! Humiliates Israeli At ICJ! (39 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Israel begins bombing “Safe Zone” (2 min)

So much of what you know and what you think you know is lie:

Israel/Palestine: Answering Questions No One Else Does | #GrandTheftWorld 183 (Clip)-10min

MUST WATCH: Max Blumenthal : The Occupation Comes Home (40 min)

Kyle Anzalone : Lindsay Graham Wants to Nuke Gaza (26 min)






Bare Minimum To Being Human (10 min)

vi Hyman vs. Piers Morgan | #GrandTheftWorld 183 (Clip)-14 min


Yemen Give 25 Hostages to Hamas (13 min)

Remember When Israel Claimed Southern Gaza Was Safe? Look At It Now (16 min)

How Israel Planned the Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs 100 Years Ago (11 min)

Hezbollah Turn Israeli Settlement Into Blazing Inferno (18 min)


Phil Giraldi : How Washington Protects Israel. (29 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs : Zelensky Out of Office, Netanyahu Out of Options. (30 min)

Israel Isolated

Israel Isolated

This Seems Monstrous (9 min)

Scott Ritter : How Isolated Is Israel? (29 min)

How Israel Treats Palestinian Hostages (23 min)

Nasrallah Destroys Israel in Fiery Speech (11 min)

He Strikes Again: Israeli Ambassador Makes Fool of Himself (15 min)

The Real Reason Egypt Joined the ICJ Case Against Israel (6 min)

Egypt Finally Breaks With Isr@el! -14 min

Making a New Holocaust

Making a New Holocaust


Holocaust Story Fading? (4 min)


West Bank Bulldozer Gets Cooked (4 min)

Hezbollah Rains ‘Hellfire’ On Israeli City; 35 Katyusha Rockets Pound IDF Army Base | Watch (5 min)


Ground Invasion

Ground Invasion

Israel’s ground invasion into Rafah sparks an exodus of 300,000 Palestinians | World At War (24 min)


Israel must invade Rafah to destroy Hamas | John Bolton (19 min)

John Bolton is a Zionist, Neo-conservative warmonger. He never saw a war he didn’t like. These are the people that Putin talked about when he referred to a Vampires ball.  They feast on blood and flesh and fill their pockets with money.

Germany Bans Gaza Doctor From Testifying (12min)


Everyone can see You

Everyone can see You

The mask has slipped and everyone can see the Beast now.    Whatever happens Israel has been weighed in the balance and found wanting but not only Israel also all her lovers who have been busy fornicating with her.   The Beast system will collapse….it is what comes after that is dangerous (the image of the Beast).


Piers Morgan gets OWNED! (30 min)

The general consensus amongst normal people is that Morgan is a POS.  Just look at his journalistic history.  Definitely Epsteinised.  

Netanyahu REVEALS his Gaza 2035 Plan, Israel’s new Dubai (19 min)

Unhinged Israeli MP Threatens US Over Arms Shipment (9 min)

Jewish Yale Student STABBED in the Eye! | #GrandTheftWorld 182 (Clip)-11 min