23 and Me

23 and Me

The company’s name (23andMe) is derived from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a wild-type human cell. Anne Wojcicki (prounonced Wo-shit-ski if you are brother Nathanael, lolz) founded 23andMe and her sister Susan Wojcicki is CEO of YouTube. Why are so many Jews involved in gathering genomic data? This is probably the main reason behind all the PCR testing- the collection of data (and experimentation). They will never have another chance like this (a reservoir of 8 billion people). I believe that Mark Kulacz from Housatonic has been researching this topic has a video on it and I think he is correct.Β  Genomic data collection is one of the reasons because their agenda is polyvalent.

The power elite don’t care about you….they don’t even care about the Jewish people but are willing to sacrifice them (again) to achieve their goals. They even admit it:

They even kill their own


Monkeypox genomes analysis

Monkeypox genomes analysis (14 min)