Riders on the Storm

Riders on the Storm

Solar storm incoming.  It should be moderate but it depends on how weak our magnetic shield actually is.   It will be arriving Sunday night U.S. time. Sydney is 16 hours ahead of New York. So depending on regional time zones arriving some time on Monday during the day in Australia.  Select watch on YouTube for show notes.

An Impressive Halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) From AR 2962 Appears To Be Earth Directed! (5 min)


Sun Erupts at Earth | Tsunami of Fire & Plasma Explosion (3 min)

Level 3 Solar Storm

Level 3 Solar Storm

Another Geo-storm on the way.  The sun seems to be waking up from its slumber or is it responding to the Parker spiral?  It is only a matter of time. Watch out for health effects.

Level 3 Solar Storm, Micronova Evidence, Starwater | S0 News Nov.4.2021 (6min)

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Let it burn

Let it burn

A CME headed directly for earth.  Don’t know what effect it will have with our weak magnetic shield (probably a geomagnetic storm) but the way I am feeling now I say, let it burn.  Incoming over the next two days -Monday and Tuesday.

Solar activity reached moderate levels today with an M1.6 solar flare observed around AR 2882 at 06:38 UTC (Oct 9). The flare was associated with a Type II radio emission with an estimated velocity of 608 km/s, along with a 10cm radio burst lasting 27 minutes and measuring 430 solar flux units (SFU). Based on this data and imagery courtesy of SDO/AIA 093, a coronal mass ejection (CME) is likely and may be Earth directed. https://www.solarham.net/

M1.6 Solar Flare Observed Around AR 2882 at 06:38 UTC (Oct 9) – CME Headed Directly At Earth (4 min)

ISWA Cygnet Streamer Prediction https://go.nasa.gov/2R8QL1h GOES X-Ray Flux https://bit.ly/2SKPqSV SOHO Movies Maker https://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/data/The… STEREO Science Center https://go.nasa.gov/3DoLBEx WSA Enlil Spiral Prediction https://bit.ly/3rIEYrV

Sun Erupts Right At Earth, Climate Tipping Points | S0 News Oct.9.2021 (5 min)

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End of Days

End of Days

These three videos are recommended. In the first video Ben mentioned that the Geo-storm only hit Australia yesterday afternoon.  He suggests that the power station explosion in Queensland was linked.  I do remember complaining yesterday that I felt incredibly weak…like I was coming down with something.  Is it connected?  Everything is connected.  The second video by Diamond is a must watch.  The last is a podcast (also short) with David DuByne. They (the governments etc) are pushing the “alien narrative”…..something is on the books.  Get ready for the big alien reveal. Do not be deceived.   Another article (coming shortly) about false prophets and the new age movement. 


Solar Storm Forcing of Earth Rotation and Axis Tilt | S0 News May.25.2021


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Pole Shift – Weakening Magnetic Field – Magnetic Excursion – Pole Shift – End of Days

Vostock Data https://bit.ly/3hSy6pg MAGNETICREVERSAL.org – Weakening of Earth’s Magnetic Field https://bit.ly/2Tcg7zL MAGNETICREVERSAL.org – N/S Magnetic Pole Shift http://bit.ly/34nxs8E A 5000 Year Old Aboriginal Cave Painting of The “Wandjina.” Known As ‘The Sky Beings’ http://bit.ly/3bNgo18

The aliens are coming



Societal Control Being Rolled out at Light Speed

This is a short Podcast

A recent episode of Mini Ice Age Conversations Radio Program from (STUDIO A 10pm-Midnight) on Revolution Radio. Ransom Godwin from 420TVFreedomistFilms1776 YouTube Channel and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss how the planet is being locked down as a measure to control population migration that occurs every Grand Solar Minimum. • Control Citizens Preemptively as Training for Supply Chain Shortages • Controlling population migration • New governance system for a new baseline resonance frequency • Permission to drive cars in the future? • Grocery stores closing across the USA • Finding local farm co-ops in your local area




It seems obvious to me that events are building up to a crescendo. It is not my intention to be a doom monger (the changes will lead to a better world) but it is childish to stick our head in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening.  Incidentally, I think that a minority of those with power (not talking about politicians) know what is coming but even they have been caught off guard.  They thought they had more time to prepare. They are having to rush their plans and are making mistakes. They have already been judged.  Dead men walking. There is no escape.

“a time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying: you are mad, you are not like us” 
- - saint Anthony

NASA Warns a Giant Asteroid Heading For Earth Cannot be Stopped!

They have simulated an impact and there is nothing to do to stop or deflect such an event.  They know it is only a matter of time.  Watch this video to the end and see the spectacular cloud formations.  Our atmosphere is getting more and more perturbed and electrified (charged). We will see more asteroids, volcanic eruptions and earth quakes as we enter the galactic sheet. Even the planet Mars is starting to react.

May 13, 2021: **Experts from this year’s NASA-FEMA joint exercise have concluded that our current technology would be unable to avert a major disaster from a FUTURE asteroid impact.**


Electrical Glitches, Solar Storm Effects, Nearby Nova Evidence, | S0 News May.13.2021

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Geomagnetic Storm Ongoing @ KP7 – The CME’s Have Arrived As Predicted – Human Health Alert Explained (May 13)

An expected CME swept past Earth this morning at 06:43 UTC (May 12). The solar wind speed increased suddenly from 330 km/s to near 440 km/s and a geomagnetic sudden impulse of 51 nT was recorded. https://www.solarham.net/ Planetary K-Index https://services.swpc.noaa.gov/images… DSCOVR Solar Wind https://d3k7gxzd368ul3.cloudfront.net… Aurora Forecast https://spaceweathernews.com/ Geomagnetic Storms And Human Health https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZFLYj_SVX0M/ma…

Natural Disasters

Expect an uptick in natural disasters.  Of course they will blame it all on CO2 and make you stop driving, heating and eating (meat). They will not tell you that they can do nothing to stop it. They will not tell you to prepare food and supplies as best you can. They will tell you that it is all your fault.

Natural disaster 9 May 2021. Oman is sinking! The deserts of Arabia turned into huge rivers!


Natural disaster 11 May 2021. A devastating hurricane hits China! The wind sweeps everything away in Wuhan, Hubei


Natural disaster 11 May 2021. The skies of Medina are hidden behind huge swarms of locusts in Saudi Arabi


Earth’s Field Struggles

Earth’s Field Struggles

There is no reason this mild CME should have produced this geomagnetic storm to this extent. This is exactly what we’ve said to watch as the cycle progresses – how well earth’s field holds up compared to previous cycles. This is not a good sign.

Earth’s Field Struggles in First Test of Solar Cycle 25May 13, 2021

Mild flare produces strong response on earth. What does that tell you? A KP 7 is mild so the explanation must be that our field is weakening.


We now have three explanations behind the gasoline pipeline:

1. It was hacked by a foreign entity
2. It was shut down on purpose to remove malware
3. It was the Geo-storm that took it out

If it was the Geo-storm surely we would expect other critical infrastructure failures (grid etc)?

CME Impacts Earth, Two Special Reports | S0 News May.12.2021