Beginning of birth pangs

Beginning of birth pangs

People either blame this on CO2 (fossil fuels) or on geoengineering or on natural cycles. What if I told you that they are all contributing it is just a matter of scale.  The biggest contributor by far are the Natural Cycles. They can be rapid and catastrophic.

Pity the people who perish. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.  Brace yourselves. It will get much worse before it gets better. The earth is overdue a good cleansing.


Libya Death Toll Rises To 5300 as 9000 Still Missing – Geomagnetic Storm Watch -Crestone Energy Fair (17 min)

Unexpected Solar Storm Impact, Africa Disasters, 2 New Planets | S0 News Sep.13.2023 (3 min)

Hiding The Decline In Hot Days (9 min)

Maui Horror Told In Their Own Words! (16 min)

U.S. Military Is ALREADY Controlling The Weather! (13 min)

Powerful Quake In Morocco

Powerful Quake In Morocco


Powerful Quake In Morocco Kills More Than 2,000 People As Death Toll Rises – Hurricane Lee Update (10 min)

Record Earthquake – Hundreds Dead, Solar/Storm Update | S0 News Sep.9.2023 (2 min)

9/09/2023 — Large M6.9 earthquake in Morocco N. Africa — M6.6 in Kermedecs + M5.2 in California (1:31 min)

Dart Mission Debacle (Orbital Decay) – Bad Science ” Fitting The Narrative” – Geoengineering

SitRep: Crashes and Weather

SitRep: Crashes and Weather


What is Happening with all of the Fighter Crashes?! SITREP 8.28.23 (41 min)

Rough running order:

14 min-weather mods (365 day 1626 flights Noaa)
22 min -failed states
24 min -trouble around the world
27 min -plane crashes
31 min -weather etc

A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), Also known as Notice to Air Mission (FAA definition), is a notice containing information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard, the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations.

Hailstone records broken

Hailstone records broken

Winter 23/24 Forecast – Halo CME Headed Our Way! – Solar Cycle 25 Update – 35,000 Year Old Carving (14 min)


Europe Smashes Hailstone Records – Wildfire Explodes Near Vegas – Deadly Earthquake Swarm In Japan (16 min)


Dane Wigington: Geoengineering Gatekeeper and Chemtrail Scaremonger (2:08min)
I always thought he was a Gatekeeper not like Jim or Mike (who has now passed away). Never trusted him.

Magnetic Pole Shift | 5 Key Facts (8 min)


Magnetic Universe, Solar-Climate Models, Typhoon | S0 News Aug.2.2023 (3 min)


Climate Fakery Part 19 (8 min)

Solar Storms and Hurricanes

Solar Storms and Hurricanes

‘Explosive’ US Supervolcano Showing ‘Clues Of Imminent Eruption’ – Radiation Storm in Progress (11 min)

Solar Storms & Hurricanes (6 min)


Do Elite Know How to Survive the Grand Solar Reset? (49 min)

Donald E. Scott: Indeed, Our Sun is Electric! | Thunderbolts (24 min)

Boil in the bag globalism (3 min)

Geoengineering Lawsuit with Reinette Senum and Jim Lee – Pt 2 (1:22min)



Earth Is Boiling

Earth Is Boiling

The Climate War Begins | The Opening Shot (4 min)

Dan Andrews announces he is sending Victoria back to the Ice Age (1 min)


Hailstorm Causes Emergency Landing – NH Tornado – M-44 Cyanide Bombs – Annular Eclipse Update (11 min)

Climate Fakery Part 17 (7 min)


Rogue Geoengineering Lawsuit, Make Sunsets (2:03 min)



Hottest Year on Earth

Hottest Year on Earth

(2/2) Hottest Year on Earth Explained Why It’s So “Hot” and What’s Next (23 min)


Galactic Field, Sunspots, Beaufort Gyre | S0 News July.9.2023 (3 min)


12,000+ Earthquakes On Fagradalsfjall Mountain Iceland – Severe Flooding In The Northeast US (16 min)


Massive Dust Cloud to Hit South US; Another Round of Suspicious Canadian Smoke Will Cover Northeast (3 min)

What Are They Doing to the Sky? Strange Patterns Appearing Above Us! (2 min)

Geoengineering Lawsuit

Geoengineering Lawsuit


Solar Maximum Could Hit Us Harder And Sooner Than Predicted. How Severe Can The Sun’s Cycle Peak Be? (9 min)

These Changes Are Hidden So You Don’t Panic (15 min)

Humans & Dinosaurs Together, Big Sunspot Keeps Growing | S0 News June.28.2023 (3 min)


Geoengineering Lawsuit with Reinette Senum and Jim Lee – Pt 1 (1:34 min)

Beautiful Day For A Wildfire – 3Canyons Permaculture Front Row Seats – Pre Evacuation Orders Issued (2 min)


Western Australia Spiral Geoglyphs – Evidence For An Ancient Global Civilization (44 min)

Worldwide Geoengineering Lawsuits!

Worldwide Geoengineering Lawsuits!

Half A Million Without Power In Southeast – Hail Destroys Crops – Campi Flegrei Supervolcano Update (21 min)

Climate Fakery Part 2 (11 min)

The earth will not Tilt. See the video on Catastrophic Pole shift analysis.

Earth Tilt Axis & Rotation Changes, Active Fire Map, Solar Watch | S0 News June.17.2023

Worldwide Geoengineering Lawsuits! Landmark Case (1:08min)

Catastrophic Pole Shift Hypothesis – Is There Any Evidence? When Was Antarctica Ice Free? (55 min)

The Anglican Church Of Climate Apocalypse


Natural change and Geoengineering

Natural change and Geoengineering

A Dangerous Volcano, Sunspots and Coronal Holes | S0 News June.14.2023 (3 min)

Live North America Smoke Map – Preparedness Livestream – Save Your Health And Crops

Down Is Up (5 min)

6/14/2023 — Earthquake activity + Canada Fires , WEATHER MODIFICATION using Radio waves


14 Planes to Geoengineer the Planet (50 min)