Geoengineering Lawsuit

Geoengineering Lawsuit


Solar Maximum Could Hit Us Harder And Sooner Than Predicted. How Severe Can The Sun’s Cycle Peak Be? (9 min)

These Changes Are Hidden So You Don’t Panic (15 min)

Humans & Dinosaurs Together, Big Sunspot Keeps Growing | S0 News June.28.2023 (3 min)


Geoengineering Lawsuit with Reinette Senum and Jim Lee – Pt 1 (1:34 min)

Beautiful Day For A Wildfire – 3Canyons Permaculture Front Row Seats – Pre Evacuation Orders Issued (2 min)


Western Australia Spiral Geoglyphs – Evidence For An Ancient Global Civilization (44 min)

Worldwide Geoengineering Lawsuits!

Worldwide Geoengineering Lawsuits!

Half A Million Without Power In Southeast – Hail Destroys Crops – Campi Flegrei Supervolcano Update (21 min)

Climate Fakery Part 2 (11 min)

The earth will not Tilt. See the video on Catastrophic Pole shift analysis.

Earth Tilt Axis & Rotation Changes, Active Fire Map, Solar Watch | S0 News June.17.2023

Worldwide Geoengineering Lawsuits! Landmark Case (1:08min)

Catastrophic Pole Shift Hypothesis – Is There Any Evidence? When Was Antarctica Ice Free? (55 min)

The Anglican Church Of Climate Apocalypse


Natural change and Geoengineering

Natural change and Geoengineering

A Dangerous Volcano, Sunspots and Coronal Holes | S0 News June.14.2023 (3 min)

Live North America Smoke Map – Preparedness Livestream – Save Your Health And Crops

Down Is Up (5 min)

6/14/2023 — Earthquake activity + Canada Fires , WEATHER MODIFICATION using Radio waves


14 Planes to Geoengineer the Planet (50 min)


Residents Trapped

Residents Trapped

Record California Snow Leaves Residents Trapped In Their Homes -M5.8 Solar Flare -New Electric Comet (11 min)

Our Endless Winter Continues (5 min)

6000-Year Disaster Cycle Review (3 min)

Is NorCal’s BIG ONE just DAYS AWAY?? Geophysicist analyzes Geophysicist analyzes ABNORMAL magnetic signals (16 min)

SATAN spotted in UK sky

SATAN spotted in UK sky

At this point they are just taking the proverbial (lolz)

Researchers Launched a Solar geoengineering test flight in the UK last fall (6 min)

Enjoy the following propaganda. See if you can spot the falsehoods without me telling you.  Think critically.  It is a hack job.  And by the way it is full of false representations and false figures.


Long Duration M3.8 Solar Flare

Long Duration M3.8 Solar Flare

Long Duration M3.8 Solar Flare Just Erupted – Major Snow Impacting the US! – Snow In LA? – GSM Much?

Galactic Superwave Risk Just Got Real (4 min)

Comet Impact 536AD Kicks Off The Late Antique Little Ice Age – The Beginning Of The Dark Ages (55 min)

Soros, Geoengineering, & Moon Dust (48 min)



Earth’s Core

Earth’s Core

Earth’s Spinning Inner Core Recently Paused Then Flipped Its Direction? Not Really, Here’s The Truth (5 min)

What’s Happening to Earth’s Core? (5 min)

Tornado Emergency Issued Tuesday In Texas – Severe Weather For The Gulf Coast – Insane Snow In Maine (20 min)


Mexico Bans Geoengineering, Make Sunsets (21 min)