Hidden Knowledge

Hidden Knowledge

The Masons believe that they posses something called the Key of Solomon which is ostensibly a text of “revealed” secret information given to King Solomon, son of David (Israel), and written by Solomon, to help others gain deeper knowledge of the mysteries of the universe (blah, blah).  Well I have got news for you….Solomon was not so wise after all because he apostatized and worshiped many strange gods and his kingdom raised a yearly revenue of 666 talents of gold.    Somehow that number 666 sounds familiar (lolz).  The Guide stones that blew up are 666 miles from the UN building in NYC.  I am sure that is a coincidence (lolz).

Do the Masons have secret knowledge?  Well Randall Carlson knows a lot about the Younger Dryas and destructive cycles and has great insight into sacred geometry, the procession cycle and ancient mythology.   However, rather than help people,  that “knowledge” is being used to leverage the next natural crisis to their advantage.  In fact they are going to front-run the catastrophe, steal everything, experiment on us and prepare to build back better as the gods of the new world.  You will soon find out that the secret things belong to God and not to you.

The secret things belong to the Lord…..

"He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him". (Daniel 2:22)

…..and I might add that he reveals his will to his servants the prophets….are you such a prophet?  A prophet that calls YHWH a liar?

Your hidden knowledge will not save you….   If you know anything at all it is only because God has allowed you a glimpse behind the curtain and what do you do?  You call him a liar.  You call him a liar and attempt to grasp at divinity (like Adam did) and transcend what it means to be human.  Not so wise after all because you fell for the oldest lie in history and then you compound your sin by mocking the Almighty. You have not spoken that which is right.

And it was so, that after the LORD had spoken these words unto Job, the LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath. (Job 42:7)

Your wisdom is only matched by your ignorance. I called you out as a Mason in my previous video (https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/the-serpent/) and I was correct.  You deleted my comments but I know you watched my video. You were very angry in your latest show and admitted that you were part of the fraternity and admitted the involvement of the Masons in the building and selecting of the stones.  You even swore at the “ignorant fuckers” who blew them up (lolz).   Well in all honesty I cannot say that I am sad to see them go but I  agree with John Brisson and Mark Kulacz that they should not have been damaged.   I think John and Mark are right in calling it a False Flag at 04:33:33 Central time 03:33:33 Eastern time.  Rival gang or signal?  Starting shot for the next phase?  It certainly tweaked your nose (lolz). You even look like Albert Pike. There is no need to blow anything up because the Almighty is about to rearrange your sacred geometry (lolz). Like the guide-stones  your plans will not survive what is coming either.

You spent your time justifying the existence of the guide-stones by pointing out that they do not promote a eugenicist agenda but are merely guidelines for rebuilding civilization in the aftermath of a collapse.  Well if that is true why are they culling people and crashing the system right now?  Shouldn’t we be warning people and preparing? Should we not be repenting and preparing to meet our maker?   Instead they are concentrating and centralizing power.  They are the wicked shepherds that the Good shepherd warned about, the ones who come to rob steal and destroy…the hireling who runs away when he senses danger.  Not the one who lays down his life for the sheep. 

The Almighty will bring down the temple on your unworthy heads. All the occultist,satanist Masons, Kabbalist (who they are in league with), Theosophists and mystery school religions. Did you like my last comment?  You have not deleted that one yet (lolz).  It was about your $72 dollar charge:

$72 bucks. You Masons luv your numbers the FCS =72 (ccucggcgggca) as well as the "rule of 72" and the 72 gods (Sanhedrin and leaders) ruling the 72 nations. Each degree of the Great Year =72 years which was the average global life span in 2021. There will be no Masonic NWO after the next catastrophe so no need for any guide-stones. The sacred Geometry is about to be re-arranged and nothing man does can stop it or control it. We are as naked and vulnerable as Adam and Eve in the garden.

Finally, we know that multiple ideologies are fighting for supremacy , the two  largest roughly described as Anglo-Zionists and Globo-Homo.  Ultimately we know that all these groups are controlled by the money-power like Mr Red Shield , whose very name references Adam/Edom   (=man) and the shield motif which is very appropriate in the context of a failing magnetic shield.   However, God is our shield and our exceeding great reward ( Gen 15:1) not Rothschild and his ilk. 

We know the Hegelian Dialectic Game. We know about divide and rule. We know that Mr Red Shield backs both horses and therefore always wins. Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesisBut not this time.  You see, the war was won two millennia ago this is just a mere skirmish it is not even a rematch (lolz). The serpent already had its head smashed and now it is about to get its ass kicked. True Christians know that there are no good guys in this story.  There are only bad guys and worse guys.  You can tell us not to look up all you want but we will continue to look up for we know that our redemption draweth nigh. 

Kosmographia Live #013 Q&A! Georgia Guidestones Destruction / Atlantis / The Randall Carlson Podcast(1:42)