An Offer He Can’t Refuse

An Offer He Can’t Refuse

The guy who attempted to assassinate the Slovak PM had a young Ukrainian wife (sic).  Blowing up pipelines, overthrowing Governments and assassinations. All part of the rules based order.

THE GODFATHER | “Offer He Can’t Refuse” Clip | Paramount Movies (1 min)

EU Godfather warning to Georgia. Germany circles back to Serbia. Crimea attack. Swiss summit bust (48 min)

Rus Officials West In Panic, Rus 50% Volchansk, Traps Ukr Kransogorovka, UK MSM Ukr On the Ropes (1:21 min)

Sunak is holding elections on the day that the former colony became independent 248 years ago. Thursday, 4 July 2024. There are 90,580 days between Thursday, 4 July 2024 and Thursday 4 July 1776. 90,580 days F=9x5x8=360 R=9+5+8 =22 (360 = Babylonian year
and 22signifies the beginning and end (Alpha and Omega or the A to Z). Similarly 130,435,200 minutes (1x3x4x3x5x2=360 R=9). All related to the year cycle and Beginnings and Endings. Moreover Sabatai Zevi died in 1676 and the and the Illuminati were founded in 1776. Another coincidence (lolz). Right and Left hand Masons have been shaping history way before the French Revolution. History just does not happen it is shaped and directed by these occultists.

UK uniparty agrees to hold July 4 elections (21 min)

INTEL Round Table: Johnson & McGovern – Weekly Wrap Up (35 min)

Yes, but they’re our bastards – The Grayzone live (1:27 min)

The Destroyer retires

The Destroyer retires

Was this the big surprise she had in store for Putin?   These people should face jail for war crimes not swan off into the sunset with a huge tax payer funded pension.  Ukraine is a smoldering ruin thanks to her.  False Flag incoming?  Plausible deniability?


Trump 9-0. Medvedev map. EU snubs Lavrov. Kallas, Russian breakfast eater. 1234 password (36 min)

Rus Advance Bakhmut Marinka; Mass Ukr Surrenders; Ukr Cannot Replace Losses; Multi Day Crimea Strike (1:14 min)

Scott Ritter 2-Minute Topic: Germany’s Act of War (4 min)

Fanatics and fools. Crimea bridge obsession (35 min)

US-Made Tanks STEAMROLLED by Russian Offensive in Donbas (26 min)

Running out of time,money and ammo

Running out of time,money and ammo

Trump; No money, no NATO protection. EU leaders threatened Orban. Boris, don’t believe Tucker (19 min)

Zelensky Sacks Generals, Fighting Avdeyevka, Chasov Yar Evacuated; US Confirms Shell Output Crisis (1:18 min)

German political obsession with Ukraine reaches dangerous levels (29 min)

Why US Artillery Shell Production Isn’t Enough & Why Other Munitions Will Fall Far Shorter Still (27 min)


German Greens

German Greens

Oh No! Something BIG is happening in Germany and the WEF is in trouble | Redacted w Clayton Morris (7 min)

German Greens, strong and secure as coalition collapses (26 min)


Meanwhile in Italy. Do you get it yet? Do you see it yet? They are trying to starve you and make you sick.

Conflict with Russia

Conflict with Russia


Germany, path to conflict with Russia. NATO needs Ukraine. Elensky to Davos. Biden upset with Bibi (36 min)

France, Gabriel Attal set to take on Le Pen (11 min)

Canadian Author’s UNHINGED Rant At Palestinian Woman CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (4 min)

Israel claims that 200 aid trucks a day is more than enough

The Gaza ministry of health says that they need 1200 per day to fix the levels of starvation

If Israel doesn’t comply, then they are breaching International Humanitarian law



Rus Missiles Hit Targets, Ukr AD Failure; Rus Advances, Tanks Stepovoye; West Escalation Taiwan, ME (1:23 min)




France and Germany economic troubles, press on with Ukraine policy (15 min)

Russian economy expands, industrial surge (14 min)

Death of Gonzalo Lira, Crumbling Ukrainian Air Defenses, Growing Russian Military Capabilities (41 min)