RUSSIA Switches Off NORD STREAM Gas Supply Causing MAJOR CONCERNS in GERMANY (17 min)

Not watched this yet but remember Joe is very pro-west ex city of London finances probably recruited by intelligence agencies to put out propaganda:

UK blackouts are coming (3 min)

World on Fire

World on fire

They are determined to wreck the economy and make us beg for the beast system.

Japan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Germany and UK. Global economic collapse (19 min)

Russia Destroys 2 HIMARS, UK’s Johnson Falling, China ignores Sanctions, Deepens Trade with Russia (55 min)

They just moved us one step closer to THE GREAT RESET (9 min)

Ukraine debacle

Ukraine debacle

Biden White House in search of an off-ramp in Ukraine (24 min)

Russia Has “Almost Ceased To Suffer Losses” as Major General Dies in UA – Inside Russia Report (15 min)

Germany’s clown leadership’s crash dive into LUNACY (4 min)

Ukraine Retreats

Ukraine Retreats

Ukraine Retreats from Severodonetsk, Biden Confirms Kiev Fighting to Improve Negotiating Position (56 min)

US to Send “Game-Changer” HIMARS to Ukraine: The Rest of the Story (15 min)

Harald Marer warns of “ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON” – Inside Russia Report (17 min)

Russia halts gas supply to Netherland, Germany, Denmark | EU reels under rising fuel prices | WION (3 min)

Switch the lights off

Switch the lights off

Will the last one to leave Europe switch the lights off?

Just watched a tweet where two Gypsy women immigrants in Sweden arguing on the street reached under their flowing skirts crapped in their hand and threw it at each other.  How is that diversity working out for you?  All cultures are not equal and society has norms for a reason.   Everything is being deliberately subverted.

German industry warns economic disaster if deindustrialisation continues (22 min)

Azovstal Bombed, Ukraine Hits Russian Troops 100 Times | Putin to Cut Finland Power Supply over NATO (10 min)

Turkey will block Sweden and Finland’s entry to NATO (4 min)

Jupiter Macron ready rule

Jupiter Macron ready rule

Rothschild bankers rule!  Not rigged at all.

Jupiter Macron ready rule over Europe, prepares to deindustrialise German economy

Ukraine spirals the Drain

Ukraine spirals the Drain

Apparently Germany is going to send The Ukrainians pillows as part of the war effort (lolz)

Why Germany won’t help Ukraine (11 min)

Russia was doing this about 8 hours ago:

Russia launches sea-based hypersonic missiles in show of force (2 min)

Russia launches strategic Nuclear exercises | Belarus proves loyalty towards Russia | English News (6 mins)

The Russian posturing is in response to Ukrainian provocation about a day and a half ago:

War In Ukraine Begins (3 min)

No Winners

No Winners

There will be no winners if it comes to war in the Ukraine.  Putin is certainly right about that.  Are we being gamed?

There Will Be No Winners: Latest Efforts To Preserve Peace In Europe (4 min)

Gravitas Ukraine Direct: Russia dismisses Macron’s claims on de-escalation (4 min)