No Talking to Kiev

No Talking to Kiev

Putin: No Ukraine NATO Ever, Lavrov: Not Talking to Kiev, US; Ukr Losing Krynky; US Yemen Strike (1:22 min)

Putin, no interest in West Ukraine. Elensky, US will not betray us. Colorado removes Trump (45 min)


German Chancellor Scholz struggles to keep coalition together (13 min)


US Races to Provoke Conflict Over Taiwan Before China’s Irreversible Military and Economic Rise (29 min)

Ukraine Endgame

Ukraine Endgame

Elensky cancels Senate, walk & talk Kiev. Germany not UKR ally. Ursula warns Xi, we have tools. U/1 (43 min)

The Fall | Russian Offensive Gains Momentum | Anti-NATO Global Coalition. Military Summary 2023.12.6 (28 min)

Ukraine Endgame: Congress: No Funds, Zaluzhny Refuses Resign; Ukr Defences Crumble; Putin in UAE (1:19 min)

Ukraine Learned the Hard Way That You Can’t Trust Uncle Sam (2 min)

Ukr Situation Critical

Ukr Situation Critical

NATO Stoltenberg: Ukr Situation Critical, Bad; Kiev Coup Rumours; Ukr Retreats Avdeyevka, Marinka (1:13 min)

Germany sad, The Putin happy. Klitschko turns on Elensky. Macron, war to last 10 years. Melodi. U/1 (41 min)

Russia Outproduces West in Drones & Artillery Shells as Ukraine Goes on the Defensive (40 min)

Putin-Zelensky ‘Deal’ Soon? Russia, Ukraine Army Chiefs Talking Sec… (3 min)

Putin rejects negotiations

Putin rejects negotiations

Woody Harrelson DESTROYS Ukraine War Narrative! (7 min)

The Fall | Bloody Mess And Insane Carnage On Robotyne-Verbove Line. Military Summary For 2023.09.12

Putin Rejects Negotiations, Says Ukr 71K Casualties Failed Offensive; Vietnam Deal, Armenia Tilts US (1:11 min)

Ukraine’s Provocative Move: Demanding a ‘Game-Changing’ Weapon From Baerbock (20 min)

German deindustrialization accelerates (18 min)

Medvedev, EU spit in the face. Politico, Ukraine very corrupt. Biden kisses McCain memorial. U/1


ZOG wars

ZOG wars

Not only partisans but even Foreign mercenaries are being killed while on leave in Ukraine. Almost a battalion of soldiers killed while taking a break away from the front.


The Fall | Russian Firebag Tactics Deals CRITICAL Damage.Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.9.10 (25 min)

US/EU pressure UAE in effort to pick apart BRICS (8 min)

Putin, Lavrov G20 win. Pirate Scholz stole G20 show. UN SWIFT offer to trick Russia. Dr. BoJo. U/1 (34 min)


From Ukraine to Taiwan & Japan: Washington’s Proxy Wars Around the World (14 min)

Germany Under Threat: The Globalist Plot Exposed (9 min)


Bloody Mess

Bloody Mess

Summer Operations | Russian Air Power Dominates The Front Line. Military Summary For 2023.08.14 (27 min)

Germany, cancel AfD. Bolton WSJ: Putin is bluffing, call his bluff with nukes, sanction China. U/1 (15 min)


Conflict in Ukraine, soon to spread to Niger, Korea, Philippines, Iran, Taiwan, Belarus & China.(48 min)


Zelensky admits it was ALL A LIE and fires 33 govt. leaders over corruption | Redacted News(13 min)

Clayton is good at spotting grifters (lolz)