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There are a number of debunking videos out there accusing Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers of being a grifter. I am shocked (lolz). This was my comment on a debunking video:

Well, I suppose I should ignore NASA mapping of the magnetic excursion and the image from the paper below. 🤣 As for the Electric Universe I will stick with the Big Bang model even though the age of the universe has doubled recently (due to James Webb) and the Hubble Constant is in question besides which 75% of the Universe is dark matter.🤣 Standard Cosmology makes Davidson look like a genius. Trust the Science.😂 Obviously the video guy supports the standard climate change narrative that it is all caused by CO2 which is a lagging indicator. Do I think Ben is a bit of a scammer? Yes, and I disagree with his take on mantel decoupling and global tsunami as nonsense, but it is obvious that much of our geology is shaped by catastrophe and not by uniformitarianism. It is a bit rich that the biggest doomsday cult is the club of Rome that believes that cow farts and breathing causes climate change. On this see Tom Nelson’s channel who has a number of scientists that challenge the climate change narrative. When mainstream science is so broken what can you do? I think his videos on solar activity are OK and they report the telemetry, and they are short, but I prefer the Magnetic Reversal channel.








See:  The Role of Geomagnetic Field Intensity in Late Quaternary Evolution of Humans and Large Mammals

Also, they constantly run Psyops. The Adam and Eve story by Chan Thomas was at one-point classified and then declassified by the CIA. It obviously contains some truth but also nonsense and the fact that it was declassified lends it (perhaps) an air of undeserved authority. But they always tell you some truth and then muddy the waters. They want you completely confused so that they can leverage themselves as the only true source of information.

So as always you must sift your information and reject the doom porn and grifting and extract the good bits.  This is the situation that exists as all information has been compromised. You are not going to get the truth from main stream media/science either. That does not mean that we reject all main stream science but we approach it critically.  In the same way we do not accept all Alternative science.

Magnetic Pole Shift – Extinction Event (8 min)


X 8.8 The Largest Solar Flare Of Cycle 25 And Largest Since 2017 – Portal Between NY & Dublin Closed (20 min)


David Dilley: “Global warming will be dead by 2030” | Tom Nelson Pod #216 (47 min)


The climate is always changing and the Universe is Electric. See the websites below:

Climate Fakery

Climate Fakery

Climate Fakery Part 9 (6 min)


12,000 Year Disaster Cycle

12,000 Year Disaster Cycle

The situation in Pakistan is a harbinger of what is to come and they are all jumping on the bandwagon blaming “man made” climate change which we know is a big fat lie.

Pakistan’s devastating floods:

– 1350 people killed
– 50M people displaced
– 900K livestock deaths
– 1M houses washed away
– 40+ reservoirs breached
– 220+ bridges collapsed
– 90% cropped damaged
– $10B loss to economy
– 1/3 country underwater

Source – PDMA / NDMA

The idiot leader of the Australia Green Party (Adam Bandt) tweeted about it as did many others in an ongoing Green campaign and he even said….imagine what will happen when the Greenland ice-sheet melts (it has actually put ice on and is thicker).  People are so stupid they do not bother to find out.  We are in a crisis but it is not man made (only partially man made with geoengineering).  The weather will get weird with the changing jet streams.  Cold in some places. Drought in other places. Flooding elsewhere.   Nothing can be done to stop it. The “climate change” campaign is coordinated across the different political parties and is driven by the globalists and WEF. There is a crisis but they are lying to you about the cause of the climate crisis just like they lied about the origin of the Covid pandemic. They are liars, murderers and psychopaths.



EARTH JUST DODGED A LOT OF CMES: It Seemed Like Sunspot AR3088 Would Never Stop Exploding! (6 min)

12,000 Year Disaster Cycle Questions (6:04)

Not watched this yet but I do not believe the outer mantel will decouple nor do I think their will be a global tsunami. There will be a huge global earthquake, local tsunamis etc brought on by our sun doing a micro-nova.  We will see volcanic activity, giant hail and crop failures in the lead up.   They cannot stop what is coming. Have faith and pray.  Eyes wide open do not fear.




The Truth about Climate Change

The Truth about Climate Change

The truth is that the climate is about to change dramatically and the change is natural and cyclical and there is nothing they can do to stop it.  What they can do is lie about  the reasons behind the change and blame it on you.   That way they get to solve the problem of Peak Oil (which we have now reached) and Peak Population (which we have now reached). They can now get the dumb masses to cull themselves in a virtue signalling frenzy and cancel themselves by adopting ideologically driven sterile relationships.  After the catastrophe they will Build Back Better and introduce full spectrum dominance. A reduced population controlled by CBD currency, health  tyranny, drugs, drones, VR and AI.

The coming change will end civilization as we know it but it will not end humanity. There is no such thing as Dark Matter the Universe is connected by electomagnetic plasma filaments. Earth weather (our jet streams) are influenced by solar radiation and forcing (see the Parker Spiral). In turn the sun itself is influenced by the electromagnetic galactic sheet.

Even More Evidence of the Galactic Current Sheet (2 min)

Galactic Sheet Impact | Timing the Arrival (9 min)

My opinion…it is far, far closer than the above prediction suggests.  So now you know that we live in an electromagnetic universe as the Birkeland currents suggest. They are attempting to shield the earth and manipulate the weather with geoengineering. Good luck with that.

Donald E. Scott: Birkeland Currents & Weather | Thunderbolts (15 min)

 Now listen to the stupid lies about climate change

Global warming is ‘not producing predicted disasters’ (7 min)

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Show’s Highest Coral Cover In 36 Years – We Were Told It Was Dying? (10 min)

Do you see it yet?

One in a Million

One in a Million

One in a Million, Major Alert, Earth’s Fastest Day | S0 News Jan.8.2022 (4 min)


PLASMA COSMOLOGY (Full): PROFESSORS RESPOND: PLASMA COSMOLOGY (Short): External Field Effect: Hubble Confirms Tension:… FRB’s and Universe History:… Vera Rubin, LSST:…

JWST Tracker – Tracking the James Webb Telescope through space! (LIVE)

Watch here the James Webb Telescope travelling through space. James Webb will find breathable atmospheres: Exoplanets book: Exoplanets merch:…




This could be a big eruption with the ash and particulates effecting European weather patterns and the cancellation of flights.

ICELAND Volcano ALERT! – Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja – Fagradalsfjall Mountain, Eruption Possible Soon (4 min)

Earthquake swarm in Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcano, close to Fagradalsfjall mountain, eruption possible soon Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes Uncertainty level due to the earthquake at Fagradalsfjall Fagradalsfjall Iceland Earthquake Live Stream LIVE: Iceland Volcano in Geldingadalir

Sun Continues Flaring, Mass Death by Flood, Pre-Disaster Signs | S0 News Dec.22.2021 (5 min)

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