God’s Chosen

God’s Chosen

Robert describes his video as follows:

The Biblical Magi were the ancient Chaldean and Zoroastrian (Mithraic) priest caste of Mesopotamia whose esoteric Mystery teachings were disseminated after the fall of Babylon in the 6th century BC by captive Isrealites that were freed by Cyrus the Great. In his book Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike states that the Oriental (Aryan) Kabbalah of the Magi predates and was later adopted into Jewish mysticism, which was then also encoded and integrated into Esoteric Christianity or Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Sufi sects, and ancient Greek and Egyptian Mystery School religions (Mysteries). Kabbalah was linked to the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and Scottish Rite Freemasonry. 


The video is a very good introduction but I would suggest that the origins (roots) are far more ancient than 6th century BC Babylon who relate that they acquired the knowledge from ancient Summer. The oldest period in Sumerian history were the Ubaid period (6500-4100 BC) and the Sumerians say that they obtained the knowledge of mathematics,astronomy, metalworking, art and music from a fish-man who came out of the sea and taught them.  We still use their method of time keeping (24 hours, 60 minutes etc). However, the Egyptians also had  an ancient Magi class (who opposed Moses) and it seems that this knowledge was shared across the ancient world. In Egypt this knowledge was represented by the god Thoth and was merged with Greek wisdom under Hermes Trismegistus. Basically transformation (alchemy) would offer illumination and transcendence. This hidden Knowledge (Gnosticism) is the forerunner of the “modern” transhumanism.  The early church excommunicated the Gnostic element. 

The realization has come to me that the Revelation given to us in the Bible starting in Genesis is specifically to counter the “wisdom of the serpent”, namely that man can transcend and become godlike through his own effort to obtain this “hidden knowledge”.  Man can escape the natural cycles of destruction and creation and obtain godlike powers and transform himself, thus escaping the constraints of the material, physical world.

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Prophecy of God’s Chosen – ROBERT SEPEHR (29 min)


New World Order

New World Order

The religion of the NWO is based on theosophy, which itself is based on Gnosticism.

Alice Bailey Reveals The Brave New World Order (Beast System) of “Love and Light” – Short (6 min)


Jesus was right….people are sheep:

Why are People so Obedient? – Compliance and Tyranny (13 min)


CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: ‘Billions Will Die in 2024’

Is this counter-intel?  Make your own mind up, but any sane person should realize that we are under attack.

Kennedy and the Jung ones

Kennedy and the Jung ones

As far as I am concerned the only two candidates worth watching in this election are Kennedy and Trump.   RFK Jr. is making all the right noises, he is anti-war and wants to regulate vaccines. He pointed out the bio-warfare aspect of Covid and even broached the sensitive subject of racially targeted bio-weapons when he spoke about K26R which gives the Ashkenazi  an advantageous polymorphism.


However, his contacts with ESG and Scientology  (see Alison McDowell here; https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/rfk-jr-s-vision-for-a-peace-corps-for-recovery/) make him suspect in my view.  In a recent interview with Jimmy Dore RFK Jr talked about Spirituality and the influence of Carl Jung on his addiction problem.  Carl Jung was a big proponent of Gnosticism.

How RFK Jr. Beat Addiction With Carl Jung!


I still maintain that we will see Kennedy and Trump converge into a singular unified platform.  The keywords are unity and consciousness.   This is what he says now (before the primaries) but mark my words he will be pushed out (like Sanders was) and then he will be justified in joining Trump.  This will not be an ordinary election.  We might not even make it to election.

Mother Hubbard interprets the Apocalypse

Mother Hubbard interprets the Apocalypse

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a Jewish futurist who attended the school where Epstein taught and had an affair with chief vaccinator Jonas Salk (the Jew responsible for the Polio Vaccine) and who was writing about us “becoming the messenger” (mRNA protein) in 1982. See my older article:

1984 vs. Brave New World


Apparently she produced an interpretation of Revelation. A Gnostic-Theosophist interpretation by old Mother Hubbard (lolz):

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s The Revelation – Part 1 (1:01min)



Gnosticism is Rockefeller Funded

Gnosticism is Rockefeller Funded

It is not coincidental, nor is it incidental that Rockefeller is behind the propagation of Gnosticism because they are also behind the scientific funding that supports transhumanism. I have an upcoming debate with a Gnostic (possibly Saturday) and this should put me in good stead (not watched the video yet).

Propagation of Gnosticism is Rockefeller Funded (30 min)




I have been set some homework and I thought I would put it on this page so it easy for me to find. This material has been sent by Da Church of Eppie (Thanks).

In order to resist your enemy you need to know how they think. This is a spiritual war and I will be absorbing this material over the next two weeks. In Eppies understanding ordinary people will be chewed up and spat out, mentally and spiritually smashed killing liberalism leaving right wing reactionaries (fascists, essentially communists like Dugin) and left-wing globalist”communitarians” fighting about control of the New World Order. Whoever wins, you lose. On top of that I would add that they are using the Apocalypse (and Christianity) as a game plan:

  1. Plague
  2. Famine
  3. Natural Disasters
  4. Economic collapse

They are trying to run a number on God (lolz), next comes the great deception (Antichrist). Do not be deceived. We live in perilous times. Keep the faith.

Explaining Postmodernism by Stephen Hicks: Full Audiobook (6:15)

This audiobook edition of Explaining Postmodernism is read by the author.


  • 00:00:25 CHAPTER ONE: What Postmodernism Is
  • 00:02:22 The postmodern vanguard: Foucault, Lyotard, Derrida, Rorty
  • 00:09:22 Modern and postmodern
  • 00:12:22 Modernism and the Enlightenment
  • 00:22:50 Postmodernism versus the Enlightenment
  • 00:25:06 Postmodern academic themes
  • 00:29:51 Postmodern cultural themes
  • 00:33:17 Why postmodernism?
  • CHAPTER TWO: The Counter-Enlightenment Attack on Reason
  • 00:38:12 Enlightenment reason, liberalism, and science
  • 00:40:20 The beginnings of the Counter-Enlightenment
  • 00:47:05 Kant’s skeptical conclusion
  • 00:50:57 Kant’s problematic from empiricism and rationalism
  • 00:57:36 Kant’s essential argument
  • 01:05:27 Identifying Kant’s key assumptions
  • 01:10:55 Why Kant is the turning point
  • 01:17:37 After Kant: reality or reason but not both
  • 01:22:22 Metaphysical solutions to Kant: from Hegel to Nietzsche
  • 01:27:50 Dialectic and saving religion
  • 01:35:55 Hegel’s contribution to postmodernism
  • 01:37:28 Epistemological solutions to Kant: irrationalism from Kierkegaard to Nietzsche 01:48:50 Summary of irrationalist themes
  • CHAPTER THREE: The Twentieth-Century Collapse of Reason
  • 01:50:09 Heidegger’s synthesis of the Continental tradition
  • 01:55:56 Setting aside reason and logic
  • 01:59:44 Emotions as revelatory
  • 02:05:17 Heidegger and postmodernism
  • 02:09:21 Positivism and Analytic philosophy: from Europe to America
  • 02:15:15 From Positivism to Analysis
  • 02:18:55 Recasting philosophy’s function
  • 02:22:06 Perception, concepts, and logic
  • 02:29:37 From the collapse of Logical Positivism to Kuhn and Rorty
  • 02:31:27 Summary: A vacuum for postmodernism to fill
  • 02:34:35 First thesis: Postmodernism as the end result of Kantian epistemology CHAPTER FOUR: The Climate of Collectivism
  • 02:40:50 From postmodern epistemology to postmodern politics
  • 02:44:56 The argument of the next three chapters
  • 02:50:21 Responding to socialism’s crisis of theory and evidence
  • 02:55:26 Back to Rousseau
  • 02:57:27 Rousseau’s Counter-Enlightenment
  • 03:05:45 Rousseau’s collectivism and statism
  • 03:14:58 Rousseau and the French Revolution
  • 03:22:53 Counter-Enlightenment Politics: Right and Left collectivism
  • 03:27:13 Kant on collectivism and war
  • 03:34:45 Herder on multicultural relativism
  • 03:41:15 Fichte on education as socialization
  • 03:55:50 Hegel on worshipping the state
  • 04:04:25 From Hegel to the twentieth century
  • 04:07:16 Right versus Left collectivism in the twentieth century
  • 04:17:12 The Rise of National Socialism: Who are the real socialists?
  • CHAPTER FIVE: The Crisis of Socialism
  • 04:23:25 Marx and waiting for Godot
  • 04:25:33 Three failed predictions
  • 04:28:51 Socialism needs an aristocracy: Lenin, Mao, and the lesson of the German Social Democrats
  • 04:35:23 Good news for socialism: depression and war
  • 04:38:16 Bad news: liberal capitalism rebounds
  • 04:41:11 Worse news: Khrushchev’s revelations and Hungary
  • 04:49:42 Responding to the crisis: change socialism’s ethical standard
  • 04:51:47 From need to equality
  • 04:56:12 From ‘Wealth is good’ to ‘Wealth is bad’
  • 05:03:22 Responding to the crisis: change socialism’s epistemology
  • 05:09:30 Marcuse and the Frankfurt School: Marx plus Freud, or oppression plus repression
  • CHAPTER SIX: Postmodern Strategy
  • 05:20:53 Connecting epistemology to politics
  • 05:22:43 Masks and rhetoric in language
  • 05:30:16 When theory clashes with fact
  • 05:32:15 Kierkegaardian postmodernism
  • 05:38:13 Reversing Thrasymachus
  • 05:40:51 Using contradictory discourses as a political strategy
  • 05:44:50 Machiavellian postmodernism
  • 05:46:18 Machiavellian rhetorical discourses
  • 05:48:15 Deconstruction as an educational strategy
  • 05:54:41 Ressentiment postmodernism
  • 05:57:56 Nietzschean ressentiment
  • 06:02:11 Foucault and Derrida on the end of man
  • 06:09:25 Ressentiment strategy
  • 06:13:50 Post-postmodernism
  • Other links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SRCHicks Twitter: https://twitter.com/SRCHicks Website: http://www.stephenhicks.org/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephenhick…


And finally this from littleone:


Thank You

Thank you to my fellow raccoons for keeping me on target with what is happening.  I will watch it all over the next two weeks.  I think I need to apply for one of Musk’s neuralinks so that I can hook my brain up to a super computer (lolz).


Sodom & Gomorrah: Gnostic Inversion

Sodom & Gomorrah: Gnostic Inversion

Added a Gnostic Tab to the website. It seems that Sethianism had Jewish origins before penetrating the Christian Church and has many similarities with Mandaeism and multiple baptisms and washings.  According to them eating the fruit of Knowledge is the first act of human salvation from cruel, oppressive powers. Sodom and Gomorrah pop up in famous cases of Gnostic “reverse exegesis,” where the Sodomites are valorized.

Nephilim of Sodom & Gomorrah: Gnostic Inversion  (3 min)


The Hermetic Science Of Motion And Number – Part 4 (1:40)

Egypt Redux Live-stream

Egypt Redux Live-stream

This is the PowerPoint presentation (see under the tweet clips) which will be used during the live-stream this afternoon (hopefully) .  The Live stream can be viewed on Rumble you can use the chat for question or comments if you have an account. The other viewing options are on the McCairn Dojo where you can join the Raccoon Discord which has a live-stream chat option and its own video platform (WTYL). But first, in order to introduce the subject a few clips:

Egypt Redux PPT Presentation

From Gnostics To Transhumanists: The Kabbalah Denominator (4:00)

Missing the first 45 minutes:

You can click the expand (bottom right) to maximize the presentation (give it about a minute to load) or you can download and save it (I think you need PowerPoint to view it) or you can use the One Drive Share Link to view online.




The presentation as a PDF (it has certain videos embedded which will not work):

Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles

Previous video on the subject:

Down the Rabbit Hole (Part-1) -2:12 (on WTYL)

Marxism, transhumanism, Kabbalah and Gnosticism

[Video link for Odysee: https://odysee.com/@pauluswyns777:d/Rabbit_hole-(Part1):c]


Gnosticism Hannock
THOTH's PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock (10 min)

Gnosticism Hannock
The Creation of the Universe, The False Reality, and The Divine Spark (27 min)
Rough video (Hannock Gnosticism) transcript (Key points):
-as above so below
-upper Egypt Gnostic texts Nag Hamadi
-same time as DSS
-Contain pseudigraphia.....knowledge being withheld
-300 BC-400 AD sects Gnosticism
-divine spark
-liberate the divine spark
-true nature
-you are in a game a simulation
-creator of the universe a frequency Sophia Wisdom personification
-fractal energy golden mean DNA etc
-could the Gnostic text be describing the frequency of creation and reality?
-universe pure consciousness...wants to create...so it can experience itself
-everything is an illusion
-Sophia the flow of reality
-hidden hidden
-Satan (Enlil) appears in the garden as Yahweh to enslave mankind
-The serpent appears to free mankind
-How did good and evil get so flipped
-We forget...it got flipped
-Hebrews pass on information over generations
-We have forgotten
-Pre-existing spirit - circle everywhere -circumference nowhere
-the pleroma -the fullness
-pleroma -frequency
-quantum physics
-pre-existent tension - archons pre-exist in light
-Sophia (godess) aeon she dreams and creates singularity anthropos
-she splits some remains above some below
-celestial Sophia
-earthly Sophia- corrupt world-material world -prison
-deep within us the divine spark
-the "demiurge" the creator of the material world. Demiurge is the architect or craftsman
-Demiurge created himself and the archons - to get rid of the divine spark to snuff it out
-the earth a prison for souls
-to keep us separate from the Monad
-The Apocraphon of John
-the archons - the planets -SATURN -Yaldabaoth or Samael
-Gohst in the machine-Sophia reincarnating herself
-It really feels like science fiction...the films express the same
-Ti-am-ata- mothergodess -all powerfull -the lizard mothers
-Enuma Elish -Sumerian..Ti-am-ata (sophia energy) taken over by the demiurge (not the true creator)
-Enki keeps the sophia alive.
-All the suff excevated in Egypt....Enki becomes Osiris
-The Sophia returns to the logos
-Energy release from the sun (solar flare)
-Massive transformation
-Do the Gnostic texts support Sumerian story
-We are lost, we have forgotten etc
-Everything unified we are separated by misguided perception
-a seed planted in the bible instead of the lies that the demiurge has spread.

John the Baptist, Mandaesim and Gnosticism

According to the Mandaean text the Haran Gawaita, the Nasoraean Mandaeans, who were disciples of John the Baptist, left Judea/Palestine and migrated to Media in the 1st century CE.The reason given for this was their persecution in Jerusalem. The emigrants went first to Haran (possibly Harran in modern-day Turkey), or Hauran and then the Median hills in Iran, before finally settling in the southern provinces of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq).
****Note that Paul found disciples of the Baptist in Asia Minor (Ephesus see Acts 19) who had never heard of Jesus. The Mandaean sect held Gnostic tpe beliefs.
Either merge with AI or be left behind
i can't hide this any longer
As philosopher of science Rasmus Jaksland points out, this eventually implies that there are no individual objects in the universe anymore; that everything is connected with everything else: “Adopting entanglement as the world making relation comes at the price of giving up separability. But those who are ready to take this step should perhaps look to entanglement for the fundamental relation with which to constitute this world (and perhaps all the other possible ones).” Thus, when space and time disappear, a unified One emerges.
What is Hermeticism? (29 min)

HIDDEN Connections Of The Hermetics, The Kabbalah, Alchemist's, Freemasons & Egyptians!!


The 7 Hermetic Principles of The Kybalion Explained (new Age Stuff)
THE KYBALION (nt Kabbalah)

Lecture by James Lindsay….highly recommended.