Rixey and the Daszak hearing

Rixey and the Daszak hearing

Our very own Charles Rixey is at the hearing of Peter Daszak. Peter Disease-sack was heavily involved with Gain Of Function (GOF) manufacturing of viruses as his DEFUSE proposal (and video clips of him boasting about it make clear). I am certain that Rixey will appear on one of Kevin’s streams to give us an update on the hearings. I will continue to track the hearing.

Reminder a video  clip (1 minute) in which Daszak (Ukrainian) talks about GOF work while he is sat next to Amy Maxman (Jewish) a feature writer for Nature Magazine.  She later denied knowing or meeting Daszak.  This is biowarfare.



All these networks are linked.  Here are some old articles:

Daszak and Wolfe

Defuse the Bomb

Pandora’s Box

PANDA-STAN and bio-warfare

PANDA-STAN and bio-warfare

Dr Kevin McCairn, Rixey and Iggy team up to take out another Psyop operator Nick Hudson from PANDA (Pandemics – Data and Analytics) and his disinfo on Gain of Function (GOF).

Nick Hudson comes from South Africa which had a chemical-biological (and nuclear program) called Operation Coast run under the Apartheid regime in conjunction with the Zionists.

This is the Hudson tweet that they are discussing:


This is the full text:

The hubristic error committed by those who believe in Gain of Function Efficacy—the notion that mad scientists can manipulate genomes to achieve global pathogenic ends—is in the same category of error committed by those who believe that: - economies should be centrally controlled - climate is dictated by a single molecule - truth is the preserve of authorities - moral principles invented yesterday are better than those embedded in our religions, traditions and cultures - gender can be changed by volition and scalpel - utility theory surpasses virtue theory - complex systems can be reflected in models with predictive competence - education is the preserve of a state syllabus - we're running out of resources - your health lies at the end of a needle - your mental health lies in a pill - safety is our prime objective - cultural homogeneity is a virtue - AI algorithms represent intelligence, not merely automation - charity does not begin at home, but with "effective altruism" - the earth's rights trump human rights - the WHO knows what's good for you - your government is there to protect you - one size fits all - global crises admit only global solutions - parents do not know what is good for their children This is the nearly four hour stream (starts at about 15 min).


This is like playing “whack a mole” as soon as you shut one down another disinfo artist pops -up.

Nevertheless, it must be done. Nick Hudson: PANDA-STAN (Shit-Tier Analysis Network) With Charles Rixey & Iggy Semz (3:44 min)

Why are People Dying?

Why are People Dying?

This is a four hour presentation by Dr Flemming which was originally split in three parts.  I have been told that it is very good and I have no doubt that it is.  We have had a huge increase in heart conditions, cancers, dementia  and many other diseases.  In some countries they have started hiding  excess deaths and have stopped reporting  vaccine injuries and they are manipulating and revising data.  It is important to understand the biology.  Dr Flemming writes:

Many of you have been asking for the full video presentation addressing the viruses, genetic vaccines, CRISPR technology & the published research showing why sudden cardiac death, miscarriages and the cancer deaths are occurring. This information along with the published results of what has been proven to work is presented here in its complete format. I encourage you to share this with others including your physicians, medical colleges and academic institutions.


Why are People Dying & What Answers is Science Teaching Us? The Full Presentation (3:45)

Dr Flemming’s website: https://www.flemingmethod.com/

The Spike gift that keeps on giving

The Spike gift that keeps on giving

This research is very important for a number of reasons. The immune system seems to be taking longer than expected to remove the spike protein in the vaccinated cohort. Watch the Dr Carlo Brogna presentation at the recent Post Vax/Long Covid Congress here: https://philipmcmillan.substack.com/p… What does this mean for COVID-19 infection risk and immune mediated disease in the future? “The specific PP-Spike fragment was found in 50% of the biological samples analyzed, and its presence was independent of the SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody titer.” Brogna, C., Cristoni, S., Marino, G., Montano, L., Viduto, V., Fabrowski, M., Lettieri, G., & Piscopo, M. (2023). Detection of recombinant Spike protein in the blood of individuals vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2: Possible molecular mechanisms. PROTEOMICS – Clinical Applications, https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/1…

Omicron Lab Made? New Evidence from Japanese Researchers (20 min)

“This paper aims to point out that SARS-COV-2 has undergone unthinkable mutations under conventional coronavirus mutation mechanisms, and we hope that the possibility of artificial theory should be included in the discussion seriously as to the formation of SARS-COV-2 variants.” Tanaka, Atsushi, & Miyazawa, Takayuki. (2023). Unnaturalness in the evolution process of the SARS-CoV-2 variants and the possibility of deliberate natural selection (1.0). Zenodo. https://zenodo.org/record/8216373 Discovery News Omicron variants may have been artificially synthesized rather than naturally formed. Aug 31, 2023 https://discovermednews.com/omicron-v… Santiago, G.A., Flores, B., González, G.L. et al. Genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Puerto Rico enabled early detection and tracking of variants. Commun Med 2, 100 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s43856-022-00… https://www.nature.com/articles/s4385…

Igg4 and innate immunity

Igg4 and innate immunity

This was still live at the time of posting so I don’t know how long it is.  What interests me in particular is the mention of Igg4 and class switching.

After booster 4 something called Igg4 is permanently active it’s like allergy shots but for the covid spike. It tells your body there is nothing wrong with the covid spike and to leave it alone. If another more fatal strain should appear those with igg4 will mount no effective immune response. Whether true or not, I warned two years ago that they were aiming to make people dependent on vaccines using the model of Marek disease in chickens.

LIVE – Breaking @I_Am_JohnCullen, mRNA Vet Letter of Concern, & Weaponized PRIONS (Fibrinoloids)

This was the Douglas Macgregor interview that Dr. McCairn referred to:

Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine…

Well, well,well – K26R

Well, well,well – K26R

Race based Warfare

I wanted to put this up yesterday but was so busy.  We have been warning about bio-warfare and K26R for two years and now RFK jr. is talking about it.  

RFK and antisemitism

We were right again.  Starts at 13 minutes.

Well, well, well…

RFK Jr – Lases Chinese & Ashkenazi Jews For COVID-19 Race Based Bio-Warfare (With Charles Rixey)-[2:10]

Liars and Fear mongers

Liars and Fear mongers

Crying and laughing while killing people. This is known as psychopaths and duping delight. These people are beyond the pall.


This Week In Tautology – A Response to Racaniello et al. Pt. 2 (With Charles Rixey) – 2:31min

This is a continuation of the previous live-stream deconstructing the TWiV conference of lies. If you don’t have time to watch the full stream then skip to the joke about their body language and faces at about 1:13, it is a classic. They have faces like slapped arses. Someone in chat said it looks like they are looking at photo’s on the computer of their family being held hostage (lolz). It is so obvious that they are lying.


This is an excellent insight into the psychology by Kevin McKernan who sequenced the vaccine and found DNA plasmid with SV40 promoter (contamination from the production process) which has since been independently verified by another scientist.  These vaccines (transfections) fail on every point.  They are such liars and fear mongers. This is what I tweeted in reply to McKernan: That is exactly what has happened. Fear of mortality has been used to create a new cult.


Streaming With Charles Rixey

Streaming With Charles Rixey

Charles Rixey is a WMD instructor and an ex marine. His job was to train the military in the area of biological and chemical weapons. He has been more or less dismissed by JC who asserts that the initial virus spread was a psy-op, buttressed by abuse of PCR testing and falsely assigning the cause of death (COD). The pandemic was (according to JC) seeded by spraying synthetic clones (gain of purity) but according to JC these synthetic clones quickly become harmless and cannot “sustain a pandemic for three years” as they de-attenuate and revert to harmless non-functional (non-replication competent) viruses within the “quasi-species-swarm” .

Rixey does not deny the iatrogenic contribution but finds in his data a clear indication of a younger cohort that died because of covid (not because of the vaccine).  Furthermore, just because a virus or a virus-like particle is not replication competent does not mean that it is harmless. While it is true that the body can clear RNA fragments and foreign proteins an onslaught  of alien proteins must make the immune system more vulnerable to a viral assault and certainly prepares fertile ground and building blocks. Neither does Rixey deny the necessity of synthetic clones as they are used in the manufacturing process to amplify the virus.  Therefore JC has not discovered some sort of new technique or exposed  an earth shattering revelation.  Just look at how they make insulin. Moreover JCs oft repeated mantra that you cannot sustain a pandemic for three years does not take into account that the constant vaccinations maintain evolutionary pressure on the “swarm” through the introduction of exosomes and Extra Cellular Vesicles (ESVs).  The “swarm” is being fed new proteins, mRNA etc from millions of immune compromised people.  Lastly, I believe that the initial  attack which was “asymptomatic” for 99% of recipients laid the groundwork for accelerated senescence and “long covid” (including neuro-degeneration) which was amplified by constant vaccinations. 

They were probably attempting to achieve multiple goals with the pandemic.  Reducing population, reducing fertility, experimenting with different formulations. Trying to find the secret to longevity, determining epigenetic influences, destroying immunity so as to create dependence, launching the bio-industrial complex. The motives are myriad but one thing is certain they pulled the trigger on global bio-warfare.

So what does JC want us to say? That GOF is harmless?  That it is only the vaccines that caused harm and JFK is going to sort that out when he is president along with his chief scientific advisor Scooby-Do?   Seriously?   What are you smoking man?  Is that why you want the Defuse document dropped out of JFKs book?  You cannot ignore decades of bio-warfare research starting with the SVCP that resulted in AIDS. Nor can you ignore decades of GOF research and hundreds of scientific papers. They Epsteinized the science and pulled the trigger on bio-warfare.

Streaming With Charles Rixey (3:12)

Lies and Spin

Lies and Spin

Dr Naomi Wolf: Weaponization Of Gain of Function (24 min)

To The Lifeboats Shorts (3 min)

“I stopped talking when I was 18 months old”. Good News AUS and CAN (4 min)

CV19 initial spread

CV19 initial spread

I have not watched this yet but I understand that Mark discusses virus evolution and is partial to JC’s hypothesis.  Apparently Mark Kulacz removed the video after the stream but once something has been placed on the internet it is difficult to erase.  This is not meant to be an attack on Mark or even on JC. I have enormous respect as Mark has endured personal tragedy and done a sterling job  as a dot connector and archivist during this difficult time making his website freely available to everyone.

At this late stage many will think that it is a moot point how CV19 spread nearly three years ago.  Who cares?  It is just an academic debate.  We beg to differ because such a position wants us to believe that the original CV19 was not really dangerous (therefore long covid is more or less a fabrication) and all the subsequent “variants” are just  computer fabrications and rebranding of flu.  Now, the situation is complicated because they did conduct a psy-op and they did abuse PCR and COD and no doubt they fiddled the stats.  They also caused many iatrogenic deaths.  None of that is disputed.  We also do not dispute that synthetic clones were used to amplify the GOF virus as the work of Kevin McKernan is revealing.

What we do dispute is that GOF either did not happen or is more or less harmless. The JC hypothesis is that CV19 “synthetic clone” more or less de-attenuates and cannot maintain virulence or produce variants.  According to this hypothesis the pandemic was maintained by spraying synthetic clone everywhere, not by natural transmission. This from a virologist/epidemiologist on our discord:

There is NO need for continue seeding of recombinant viruses, when the original virus is firmly established in circulation. The Omicron offshoot can be clearly explained via normal host species jump of Delta into rodents then back into humans. The data in mice showing that hACE2 expression is no longer necessary to establish productive infection of Omicron in mice is clear evidence. I think JC is continuing to fuel divisions among dissenters creating a large deal of confusion on an offshoot topic which should not be our primary focus.

1.The infectious clone is already a mutant swarm because it has to be amplified in cell culture. 

2. Delayed pathogenic effects from infection would allow the virus time to transmit and spread prior to disease/death. 

3. Viruses natural state is to evolve toward high transmissibility and low lethality, but GOF viruses don't exist in a natural state.

Our position is that the virus can maintain its characteristics and can spread and therefore precautions must be taken.  We also believe that the vaccine is dangerous.  I personally believe that “shedding” and constant vaccination maintains and evolves the “swarm”.

We should not be complacent with the virus or with the vaccines.  The virus is not “just a cold” it is a bio-weapon with untold long term consequences.  It is my belief that the original CV19  strain was meant to lay the groundwork for the “vaccination campaign” as in preparing the immune system  to be breached.

In any case, discounting the possibility and danger of GOF lets them off the hook.  They want to continue with GOF because….it does not really do any harm (JC/Mark). The harm was caused by spraying synthetic clone.  Sorry, I am not buying it.  This must be fully investigated and the people that did this must be punished.