Paul Cottrell brings us Jewish blessings

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Paul Cottrell brings us Jewish blessings

Armageddon Glow-Op Goy-Slop: War Crimes, & A Peak into Jewish Entitlement & Mystic-Superstition 2 (2:34 min)

Paul Cottrel , A NYC Jew who has shared a platform with Dr McCairn in the past and who is jokingly referred to by the Raccoons as the “Silver Surfer” for making bank by promoting his silver solutions and other snake-oil products as a covid cure-all, has jumped onto the bandwagon as an apologist for divine retribution (in the form of HAMAS whose name means violence) falling on the head of liberal Jews who were partying and raving rather than adhering to the proscribed rituals that end the Atonement religious festival.

He is justifying the killing of fellow (liberal) Jews probably because they were not “Chabad enough” (lolz). Hamas (founded and funded by Israel) becomes the instrument of divine wrath against “bad” Jews. This is both disturbing and pathetic and smacks (in my view) of deliberate planning.

I identified 1973 as the start of the Trumpet blowing (repeat pattern) for the Day of Atonement (DOA) in my commentary. The DOA ritual is described as occurring in the heavenly sanctuary and is about national forgiveness. The nation was not forgiven hence the Yom Kippur war (or DOA war). If each trumpet blowing covers a seven year period then the fifth period (fifth trump or first woe) starts with the fall of twin towers in 2001.

Why are we left with a binary choice? Why do we have to chose between either supernatural events or man-made manipulation? Why can’t what is happening be a consequence of both? Is it not possible for God to use the manipulation and deceit of Jacob for his own ends? Is it not possible for God to allow Jacob to run with his madness until he boxes himself into a corner? That is exactly what happens in the patriarchal Jacob story. I prefer a more nuanced stance that recognizes both the supernatural and man-made deception dovetailing. In the end God prevails.

As far as the temple is concerned then have been three, or actually two temples. The first was Solomon’s temple destroyed in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, then Zerubabbel’s temple rebuilt when they returned, completed in 516 BC and finally Herod’s temple which was a complete refurbishment of Zerubbabel’s temple, so actually still only the second temple (the temple platform was also expanded by the Hasmoneans). Construction by Herod began in 20 bc and lasted for 46 years.The minimalist view is that the only temple that existed was Zerubabbel’s (300 years after Solomon) and that Solomon was a minor tribal chief, however, this runs counter the fact that a huge copper mining and refining Industry was found in Edom (the Edomites were a vassal state subjected by David) and a virtual monopoly on the trade of this commodity formed the basis of Solomon’s great power and bronze age wealth. There is scant archeological evidence going back to the age of Solomon (which is understandable with the multiple destruction of the site that occurred) and some of the “evidence” has been identified by the Israel Antiquities Authority as forgeries (so it seems that a genuine effort is made to weed out fakes). With the amount of destruction and rebuilding that has occurred it is (in my opinion) a wonder that we can find anything. The archeologist Leen Ritmiyer (who I have met) believes that the Dome of the Rock (I have been inside to look it was built ca 690 AD) contains a carved out square where the Ark of The Covenant stood. I think this is likely (but it is disputed). According to Ritmeyer, a rectangular rock-cutting he discovered on the Foundation Stone marks the location where the Ark of the Covenant stood within the Holy of Holies. Ritmeier’s analysis was welcomed among biblical archeologists, however scholars stated that this theory cannot be actually verified. The rock was actually the “threshing floor” that David purchased as the place to build an altar after the plague was averted (2 Samuel 24:18-25) it is believed that Solomon (the son of David) built the temple on the same location. The carving in the rock (although it has the correct dimensions) is disputed because even the Romans built a temple there (to Jupiter).
























The stone (threshing floor) is also known as the foundation stone, it has become a   burdensome stone for all people (Zech12:3) in the same way that Christ the foundation of a new temple became rock of offence (Isaiah 8:14, Rom 9:33, 1 Pet 2:8)

Once again I state that God did not want a physical temple. He didn’t want David to build one in the first place. The vision in Ezekiel was exactly that. A vision. Ezekiel’s temple was never meant to be a blueprint for an end-time temple.    It was a vision that was meant to make them ashamed and spur them on to greater things (Ezek 43:10-11) but the resulting temple that they did build (Zerubbabel’s) was a disappointment (Ezra 3:12). The Zadokite priests of the Ezekiel vision became the Sadducee priests who crucified Christ.  Jesus Christ is presented as the true dwelling place of God (John 2:21, Rev 21:22, 1 Cor 3:16) and his saints are also depicted as a living temple. As Jesus said, God is not worshiped at a particular location or mountain but in Spirit and Truth (John 4:21-24).  Furthermore the Gog-Magog confrontation that the Apocalyptic fetishist are itching to trigger  is again based on complete ignorance of scripture. The Gog-Magog of the Apocalypse is a “true myth” whose armies are gathered for an attack against the camp of the saints from “the four quarters of the earth” (Rev 20:8) not an attack against Jerusalem by Russia.

The Jews (and many Christians) do not understand their own temple theology. All the things I warned about over the last forty-two years are coming to pass. The demonization of Russia as Gog and the elevation of Perfidious Albion and its US counterpart as the “good guys”ships of Tarshish in the Anglo-Zionist East India Company British Israelitism war for World Hegemony. To be honest I don’t care anymore. Go build a third temple to offer your sacrifices and see what happens (Isa 66:1-5). God has already told you thrice that he would overturn the nation and the temple (Ezek 21:27). Your enemy is not the Muslims or the Christians it is God himself. You can either repent or you can attempt to force your will through and be overturned a third and final time.


The Temple and Gog-Magog resources


Amos and the Temple

Appendix on Amos 5.26-27 and Acts 7.43





A study of other details in this introductory passage brings to light some more features of a similar character. Some of these spring out of a realization that this opening vision of the incense-offering angel is couched in terms which belong to the Day of Atonement ritual:

“Silence in heaven.” The allusion is to “the whole multitude of the people praying without” at the time of the High Priest’s entering into the sanctuary. Cp. Psalm 65:1 (a Psalm for the Day of Atonement); Habakkuk 2:20.
(b) “Silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.” It is only with reference to the period the High Priest was in the sanctuary that this detail makes sense.
(c) “Another angel … having a golden censer.” According to some authorities, it was only on the Day of Atonement that a golden censer was used.[33]
(d) “There was given unto him much incense.” It is also asserted that an extra large quantity of incense was used on the Day of Atonement – doubtless because of Leviticus 16:12, 13 which required that the High Priest enter into the Holy of Holies clothed (so to speak) in a dense cloud of incense.
(e) “That he should offer it … upon the golden altar which is before the throne.” That the altar of incense, normally separated from the Holy of Holies by the veil, should be spoken of as “before the throne” probably implies that the veil has been penetrated-which thing took place only on the Day of Atonement.
(f) The sounding of seven trumpets (v. 6) by specially appointed priests (cp. 1 Chronicles 15:24; 2 Chronicles 29:25-28) was an integral part of the recognized ceremonial for the Day of Atonement.
(g) On the day of Atonement the High Priest also read from the Law in the hearing of all the people, as he stood at the east gate of the priests’ court. To this might correspond the angel of Revelation 10:2 with the little book which he imparts to John.
(h) Ch. 7:3: “the sealing of God’s servants.” The Jews had a strange tradition, the meaning of which is not quite clear, that on the Day of Atonement every Jew is sealed in one of three Books – the Book of Life (Revelation 5: 1?), the Book of Death, or another Book which was to be opened on the following Day of Atonement.

The Importance of Turkey

The Importance of Turkey

I have repeated the video about the “Middle Corridor” and placed it under this one in case you missed it. The Turkish Armed Forces is the second largest standing military force in NATO, after the U.S. Armed Forces, and the eleventh in the world. consider this from Wikipedia: The following is a list of dynasties, states or empires which are Turkic-speaking, of Turkic origins, or both. There are currently six recognised Turkic sovereign states. Additionally, there are six federal subjects of Russia in which a Turkic language is a majority, and five where Turkic languages are the minority, and also Crimea, a disputed territory between Ukraine and Russia where Turkic languages are the indigenous minority. There have been numerous Turkic confederations, dynasties, and empires throughout history across Eurasia.

Turkey controls the headwaters of the Euphrates system and access to the Black Sea and with control of the Middle Corridor will be strategically important. Historically Turkey  used to control the Ottoman Empire.

Personally, I think Turkey is underestimated.  From a geographical perspective Asia Minor is where many of the ancient Biblical place names are located not in Russia proper. I keep a close eye on Turkey.


Ukraine, Taiwan & Syria and the Emergence of a New World Order (23 min)

The Middle Corridor to revolutionise global trade (14 min)

Gog and Magog

Gog and Magog

Do you see how these people use and abuse prophecy?  Make sure that your teachers do not do the same and teach silly things like “Britain is in the Bible” and such garbage.  Perhaps you need to unlearn many of your faulty prophetic dogmas and look at scriptures with fresh eyes.

SITREP 10.07022 – October Surprise?

SITREP 10.07022 – October Surprise?


This was very good, look out for the weather modification flights at 8 min and the robot dogs at 23 min.   At 21 mins he mentions Gog and Magog and says that America will no longer exist.   He is wrong about Ezekiel 38 he does not understand prophecy.  The Gog attack in the Apocalypse is a “true myth” :

"And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea" (Revelation 20:8). 

Note that the nations come from the “four quarters of the earth”  and it is not Gog, the chief prince of Meshech (Ezek 38:3) but Gog and Magog. The text is using Gog and Magog as an archetype not as the chief of a nation (Putin -lolz).  See my articles on Ezekiel 38 below.

An Intertextual Analysis of Ezekiel 38 (Part 1)
CEJBI,Vol.10, No.4, Oct 2016

P. Wyns PDF download

Russia in Ezekiel 38 (Part 2)
Critique of the traditional view
CEJBI, Vol. 11, No. 1, Jan 2017, pp.56-62.
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Ezekiel 38-39, Stylometric Analysis (Part 3)
CEJBI,Vol. 11, No. 2, Apr 2017

P. Wyns PDF download


SITREP 10.07022 – October Surprise? (29 min)

RED (Part 3)

RED (Part 3)

I finally got around to completing Part 3. The first two parts can be found here:

Wrestling God

I hope to get part 4 done soon.

Red (Part 3)     1:13 min


Flavius Josephus & Flavian Rome, Daniel Schwarz (Chapter 3) “Herodians and Ioudaioi in Flavian Rome”

Herodian Marriage and the Construction of Identity, James Windsor Donaldson.

The Truth about Ashkenazi Jews | Unpacked (5 min)

The time and place of European admixture in Ashkenazi Jewish history

Genetic markers cannot determine Jewish descent

The Biggest Jewish Genetic Myths of All Time

Khazars: History of the Jewish Turkic Nomads (20 min)

The Radhanites or Radanites

O. Szemerényi, “Four Old Iranian Ethnic Names: Scythian – Skudra – Sogdian – Saka” (Wien: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1980), p. 7 @

Guangzhou Massacre

Frankfurt School

A review: On Earth as it is in heaven

A review: On Earth as it is in heaven

This is a review of the video On Earth as it is in Heaven  which presents a postmillennial view of eschatology. The video is highly recommended whatever flavor of Christianity you profess. It is thoughtful, historically enlightening and will provoke you to examine eschatology critically which is something you should be doing anyway. This is the kind of definition that is usually given for postmillennialism:

In Christian eschatology (end-times theology), postmillennialism, or postmillenarianism, is an interpretation of chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation which sees Christ's second coming as occurring after (Latin post-) the "Millennium", a Golden Age in which Christian ethics prosper.

There are many beliefs held regarding the millennium, the rapture the tribulation etc. and supposedly they all come from the Bible (lolz).














If anything, this should tell us to cast aside dogma and take a more nuanced approach and a systematic (holistic) approach. For example, the “Kingdom” was typologically portrayed in the OT as the nation of Israel. It was a theocracy with Yahweh as King and with a human monarch appointed as the earthly divine representative. In this Israel was the “same” as the surrounding nations like Egypt who had a divine (god)-king in the institution of the Pharaoh’s (elohim/ruler-judge). The people of Israel rejected Yahweh as King just as in the time of Christ when they declared “We have no King but Caesar” (John 19:15). They wanted to be like the other nations (1 Sam 8:20) and after a period that saw the rise of tribal Judges (Ruth 1:1), they selected a monarch with the divine warning ringing in their ears that this would result in the abuse of power (I Sam 8: 10-22). The establishment of dynastic aristocracies always leads to corruption. Monarchy is probably the oldest form of government on earth and all monarchs claim divine authority to rule in the name of their “god(s)”.

From its very beginnings in the wilderness the nation had rebelled and apostatized against the rule of God and his in-dwelling tabernacling presence among them (Exod 32:1-6). They rejected his Kingship and Yahweh compromised by allowing them a human monarch. The monarch chosen by God to reflect the people’s desires (1 Sam 9:1-2) was a failure and Saul was replaced by David in whom the covenant promises vouched safe to Abraham concerning a messianic heir were invested. David was promised not just a dynasty, but a son who would rule forever (2 Sam 7:12–17).

The Temple

David functioned as a king-priest in a Melchizedek role, and he wished to restore worship and centralize the cult in Jerusalem.  On his own initiative he decided to build a house (temple) for God because all the other gods of the nations had temples didn’t, they?   Why should the God of Israel live in a nomadic tent?   The answer that David received via the prophet Nathan was that God did not want a temple and was perfectly happy with a tent (2 Sam.7:6–7). A tent is a temporal dwelling place that can be deconstructed and erected once the destination is reached. [1]  Nevertheless, Yahweh conceded with David’s desire to build a temple (just like he compromised with the desire of the people to have a human monarch), however, Yahweh turned the temple building project on its head and basically told David….so, you are going to build a house for me?   Nope…I am going to build a house (temple/dynasty) for you. I will give you a son who will sit on the throne forever (2 Sam 7:13).  The Temple of God becomes an individual in which the Spirit of God dwells.  The Temple is Jesus Christ who referred to himself as the temple (John 2:19) and whatever your understanding of the millennium might be, the millennial temple is Jesus Christ the Davidide (Rev. 21:22).   The church becomes an extension of his body and therefore the saints become the building blocks and pillars of the temple (1 Cor. 3:16–17). John sees a temple-city (the New Jerusalem) consisting of people descending from heaven to earth (Rev.21:2).  A temple-city that not only has twelve apostolic foundations but twelve tribal gates (Rev 21:14-15).  It is the perfect merging of the old covenant and the new covenants.

When David’s son Solomon built the temple the stones where hewed and shaped to size away from the building location (1 kings 6:7).  When ready the stones were transported to the build location and slotted together in a perfect fit.  Likewise, the saints are being chipped and shaped off-site and prepared to slot together when the final temple-city is revealed.

A literal temple

To build a literal temple now and re-commence animal blood-sacrifice would be an abomination to God.  It would be like a dog going back to lick up its vomit (2 Pet.2:22). We already have a memorial (a better covenant, Heb.12:24).  To understand the vision of Ezekiel’s temple as a “millennial temple” is a complete misreading of temple theology.  The vision vouched safe to Ezekiel was meant to make them ashamed and spur them on to build a magnificent post-exile temple. Instead (after much cajoling) they built Zerubbabel’s temple (causing the old men to weep for the former glory, Ezra 3:12). Zerubbabel’s temple was later upgraded by the Edomite Herod and turned by the priestly sons of Zadok (Sadoc Ezek 48:11) of Ezekiel’s vision (the later Sadducee priests in Christ’s days) into a corrupt money-making machine.  So much for the faithful Zadokites and the Jewish (Edomite) temple.  Even so, Jesus still considered the temple as his Father’s house (John 2:16) while recognizing that he would replace the temple (John 4:21). To sum up, the video is correct.  There will be no reintroduction of temple-worship and animal sacrifice.


The Church

The Church triumphant consists of one fold and one shepherd (John 10:16) without distinction between Jew and Gentile for all who do the “works of Abraham” are his children (John 8:39). Abraham was able to keep the whole law before it even was given (Gen 26:5) because he believed that God would keep his covenant despite Yahweh asking him to do the one thing that would destroy the promise – kill the precious seed (Gen 22:2).  The works of Abraham are therefore not the keeping of the law (works of the law) they are the works of faith.  In other words, all the law and prophets are fulfilled by faith in Christ. Abraham had faith in the character, trustworthiness, and mercy of God.  He was willing to put everything on the line. He was obedient but it was not blind obedience.  His faithfulness was counted as righteousness (Gen 15:6).

There is then no replacement of Israel by the church because the Church Triumphant is and always was Israel.  There will be no more Zionist-state and there will be no more Jerusalem.  Instead, there is the New Jerusalem (the city of the Great King). The old things have passed away because God makes all things new (Rev. 21:5).  You do not put new wine in old skins (Matt 9:17).  Similarly, the New Covenant (Jer 31:33) had new wine (1 Cor 11:25) making the old obsolete (Heb 8:7-9).

You do not resurrect a failed, rebellious nation-sate and an obsolete system of worship (which was meant to fulfil a pedagogical function) which taught the Jews nothing but instead highlighted their carnality and self-righteousness. If animal-sacrifice did not bring them to Christ it was pointless.  Will there be a Jewish presence in the land?  Of course, there will be.  There will be a Jewish monarch and there will be descendants of natural descendants of Abraham and spiritual descendants of Abraham. Abraham becomes the father of the faithful (Rom 4:16). The video rightly points to Romans 11 and the relationship between Jew and Gentile and the conversion of the Jews being a pivotal moment.[2] However, before conversion comes repentance. When the threat becomes existential, some (not all) will recognize Christ as the Messiah.

Repeat Patterns

The mess that Christians make of eschatology is a failure to distinguish between the “already here/not yet”.   The kingdom of God is “already here” it is “among you” it is “within” it is a mustard seed that grows into a great tree (Matt 13:31-32), a stone that grows to fill the whole earth (Dan 2:35).   It is therefore a process.   However, the Kingdom of God is “not yet” because we are still awaiting the return of the King.  Does Jesus already reign?  Of course, he sits on the throne already, he already has been given the gentiles as his inheritance (Ps 2:8).   In the first century it was Jesus that opened the seals (Rev 5:2) which brought the persecutions, martyrdoms and fall of Jerusalem.  The assurance the the saints was that no matter what happened Jesus was in control.

So, the Kingdom of God should be considered punctuated equilibrium. The normal stasis is broken when the sovereignty of God shatters the course of history and is openly revealed as it was in the Christ event.  That was the in-breaking of the kingdom of God into the domain of man’s rule. It only lasted 3.5 years but was a world changing event.  The citizens of the kingdom are being selected and shaped in the present time. Chipped and polished as temple stones ready to be assembled when the trump sounds.

The Apocalypse, indeed, the whole of scripture is repeat patterns.  The Olivet prophecy is directed at the events of AD 70 and elements of Olivet are repeated in the Apocalyptic seals because they are foretelling the same event.  Does that mean that it is all already fulfilled?  Certainly not.  Once again interpreters fall into the “already/not yet” trap failing to distinguish between primary and secondary meanings and the recursive nature of the patterns.  The Apocalypse also had a fulfilment in the events of the Kochba rebellion and final realization will occur soon.  The prophetic clock started ticking when Israel returned to the land and God rejected their prayers for national atonement in 1973 (Yom Kippur War). The trumpet blowing on the Day of Atonement saw the commencement of the trumpets.[3]

The Great Commission

The gospel (Good news) was preached to Abraham (Gal 3:8), was vouched safe as a preaching commission to the disciples (Mark 16:15) and is associated with martyrdom and triumph by the angel that proclaims the preaching of the everlasting Gospel to the nations which leads to the inevitable fall of Babylon (Rev 14:6).

The fact that the Bible has been translated (at least one book) into 3,312 languages and the NT itself into 1,551 languages is witness to the spread of the message and the video shows that (in season or out of season) many devout Christians risked danger and hardship to preach.  Who are we to dismiss their efforts on the grounds of dogma? God is the judge and judgement begins first with the household, and we should not denigrate the efforts of fellow Christians for furthering the gospel however imperfect we might regard those efforts.  Any purity test will be applied by God (not us) and it is God who draws once the seed is planted. As the apostle says, “Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will… What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice” (Philip 1:15-18).

Last things (eschatology)

We are approaching the end of an age and the start of something new.  With endings come new beginnings.  The earth and humanity will not be destroyed but civilization and the old way of doing things will be gone.  The question is what will it be replaced with?  There are those who want to replace it with Noahide laws and temple worship controlled from Jerusalem.  Nation states will still be allowed some autonomy if fealty is shown to the ruler (anti-Christ) but the gentiles will be subject nations and second class citizens with limited conditions under which they may practice their religion.  There are others who want a globalist transhumanist secular utopia (dystopia) and probably some sort of Luciferian or New Age Gaia cult.   The choice either way is bleak.

It seems to me that the end of things is known in certain circles and was probably carefully guarded knowledge passed down by a priestly class and or magician-astronomers in different cultures.  This knowledge is reflected in ancient mythology which often worshiped the stars and was aware of the of 25,920-year precession cycle.  Our lives are but a single day in the Babylonian 360-degree cycle of destruction and creation known as The Great Year.

Gog and Russia

Finally, Russia has been consigned the ultimate role of the end-time Gog bogeyman in eschatological prophecy by equating the Gog of Ezekiel with the Gog of Revelation.[4] However, the Gog of Revelation does not come from the north but from,”The nations in the four corners of the earth” (Rev 20:8).  It has become what G. B. Caird termed a “true myth” an eschatological rhetorical symbol of perpetual hostility against God.  In reciprocation the LORD will be at war against Amalek (Agag/Gog) from generation to generation” (Exod. 17:16).  In the first instance Amalek represents sin (hence the sign of the cross defeated Amalek in the wilderness) in the last instance Amalek (Agag/Gog) represents all human opposition (in the form of nation states) gathered against the Lord and his anointed.






[1] See: Why does God like camping?
[2] See: The Repentance of Israel and Turning away ungodliness from Jacob
[3] See my Commentary: Pattern Recognition in the Apocalypse (PRITA), Biblaridion Media, 2018, 695 pages or PRITA online
[4] See: Ezekiel 38-39, Inter-textual analysis (Part-I) and Ezekiel 38-39, Russia (Part-2) and Stylometric Analysis (Part 3)

Gullible Christians

Gullible Christians

Even if Christians do not understand science and even if they have gathered all their information from the TV and from conflicted, institutionalized, public figures by now they must realize that they are being lied to and gaslighted on a massive scale.

Hit the Rapture Index to determine how close we are (lolz).

Deluded Christians

Christians were warned about a strong delusion, and many have effectively deluded themselves over the vaccine question and regarding Russia.  The two issues are intimately linked because the war was launched [i] just as the covid narrative was collapsing. The release of the virus and the war in Ukraine are tools to crash the economic system which they want to replace with a centralized blockchain surveillance and control system.  Of course, the Apocalyptic “plague” (virus) scenario and the “Russia is Gog” scenario is well known in intelligence and banking/corporate circles and is a useful tool in psychological warfare to influence Christians.  Give people what they expect, and they will believe the lie.

Many Christians do not understand vaccine science [ii] or Geo-politics because it is filtered through the Mainstream Media and the Government. Never has propaganda been weaponized to such an extent and disseminated on so many platforms.  Even the alternative media is often controlled opposition.  So, a misunderstanding of science, technology and Geo-politics is expected.   However, a misunderstanding of Scripture is harder to justify.  Eschatological interpretations are rife with errors conflating the first century with end times and failing to contextualize primary prophecies (e.g., the reuse of Ezekiel[iii] in the Apocalypse).  All the monotheistic faiths believe in the appearance of a messiah type figure, [iv] and therefore a nominal 50% of the global population have eschatological expectations.  This makes religious beliefs of great interest to intelligence organisations and Deep State strategists and their psychological warfare and behavioural units as such beliefs are open to manipulation.

Shameful behavior

If anyone is confused or lacking insight, they should pray, and God will give freely. However, I have heard a great evil namely that unvaccinated nurses and teachers who worked unselfishly through the pandemic have lost their jobs.  Even where governments have not forced the mandate there are “Christian” schools who have insisted on sacking teachers and “Christian” hospitals who sacked nurses.  Not only does it not make sense on a scientific /epidemiological basis it is deeply disturbing un-Christlike behavior, and it is shameful.  You have been manipulated by fear and psychological conditioning. You ought to have known better.


I urge any Christian institutions who have behaved in this despicable manner to repent and re-employ your Christian brothers and sisters and beg their forgiveness. Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against thee with the sword of my mouth. 



[i] The war was launched preemptively by Russia because they knew Ukraine was about to invade Donbass and Crimea. Crimea has been a Russian warm water port for 300 years (annexed in 1783). Recently Russia intervened in Crimea at the behest of the Russian speaking people after the West organized the Maidan Coup of the legitimate Ukrainian Govt in 2014.  The West have broken all promises not to expand NATO and have placed unrelenting pressure on Russia.  The Ukrainian Govt has been shelling the Russian speaking Donbass region since 2014.  The Russians knew from their intelligence sources that the Ukraine was building up troops for an invasion and they lunched a preemptive strike in the hope to force Ukraine into negotiations.  That was never the case as the US-NATO coalition are hiding their bioweapons research and other corruption in Ukraine. They would rather support the NAZI Azov brigades and burn down the world. Besides which the coming economic collapse can now be blamed on Covid and Russia.

[ii] See my blog – which has information regarding the origin of the virus and the vaccines (transfections) and also current information on the Ukrainian war.

[iii] See my articles: An Intertextual Analysis of Ezekiel 38 (Part 1)   and Russia in Ezekiel 38: Critique of the traditional view (Part 2) and Ezekiel 38-39, Stylometric Analysis (Part 3)

[iv] Muslims believe that Jesus (the prophet) will appear as the end time judge.  According to Islam tradition, Jesus’s descent will be in the midst of wars fought by Al-Mahdi against Dajjal or false Messiah (Anti-Christ) and his followers. Religious Jews expect two messiahs…the “messiah of Joseph” (military) and the “messiah of David” (spiritual).