Massive Market Meltdown

Massive Market Meltdown

Gerald Celente and Gregory Mannarino discusses the economic meltdown.  Epic rant by Gerald…but he is right (and so is Greg).  They are destroying the middle class and we are already at war with Russia.

They are mentally ill (Gerald)…..yes..yes..deranged…


TESLA -10% of Workforce to be CUT. ELON MUSK ‘SUPER BAD FEELING’ on Economy. GLOBAL RECESSION COMING (4 min)

Three Kings

Three Kings

Going for the gold (I get around)

Brave US Soldiers Liberate Iraq from Its Gold (23 min)

From the comments section:

This gold that “was stolen” from Minetopil was originally stolen from Crimean Museum by Ukrainians and Europeans after Russia rejoined with Crimea this gold was originally visiting in Europe but European countries decided not to return the gold back to Crimean museum but keep it in Ukrainian Territory and that was a huge injustice and now that injustice got corrected!!!

That Scythian gold collection belonged to the Crimean museum. During the events on the coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014 this collection was on display in Amsterdam. EU officials decided to rob Crimea of these artifacts and refused to return then to Crimea, but gave it to Ukraine instead. So if it's true, the collection returned to where it belonged.

USSR returned the Dresden gallery masterpieces collection back to Germany in 1955.

By the way that soldier on the top right that is stealing Iraqi gold is Tom Cotton, a member of the United States Senate.

The USA stole 184tones of gold from Iraq and 125 tones from Libia

In fact, the exhibits from the museum were transferred to Donetsk for temporary storage. Moreover, the director of the museum Natalya Kapustnikova herself handed them over.

Paintings by artists Ivan Aivazovsky and Arkhip Kuindzhi survived after the shelling of the local history museum of Mariupol by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Museum workers managed to hide some of the exhibits in special caches. Unfortunately, most of the museum's collection was destroyed by Ukrainian nationalists.

Now the museum building is seriously damaged due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have equipped their post here. On their part, this is not the first time that cultural heritage sites have been used for military purposes. In this state, the museum cannot ensure the safety of the preserved exhibits, and it was decided, with the assistance of the Russian side, to send the paintings for temporary storage.

“I think that we will first describe these paintings and draw up an act of temporary storage. And then it will be possible to think about creating an exhibition,” said Marina Maksimchuk, general director of the Donetsk museum.

After the restoration of the museum building, all the exhibits will return to their places.



Global Economics

Global Economics

I don’t know what it is but I detect a theme in all these financial videos.

Global Economics and the “Bigger Picture” with David Morgan (36 min)

You Can’t Use Cash and Bitcoin is ‘Hijacked,’ the New Financial System Has Started (24 min)


RUSSIAN DEBT DEFAULT – US$ Bond Coupons Not Paid & Russian Ruble Payments Not Permitted Currency (20 min)

Death of the Dollar (1:45 min)

PENTAGON SAYS: “War Could Last For Years.” Fed. “No Recession Coming.” Consumer Debt SKYROCKETS.(12 min)

Food and Gold

Food and Gold

Food Export Ban & Tacking Gold During Population Migration (13 min)

We are now at the 11th country restricting food exports to tackle run away food inflation and shortages. Gas prices and inflation sending the masses to silver and gold, but the World Gold Council wants to track and trace all gold. Can you prepare acorns for an edible food ?

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Fuel price chart by state… G7, EU Seek To Stop Russia From Accessing Its $132B Gold Reserves To Evade West Sanctions… “Stock-Outs” Begin: Austrian Energy Giant Limits Diesel Spot Sales Until Further Notice… Syria bans exports of some foodstuffs to prevent food shortages https://english.pichinchacomunicacion… Chinese tariff rate quota policy severely impacted US wheat exports… Why Gold Will Rise – The Financial System Has Changed… Monthly Central Bank Gold Statistics Interactive…


Biden: “Food Shortages Real”

Biden: “Food Shortages Real”


Biden: “Food Shortages Real” – Bird Flu PCR – PFAS closes farms (26 min)

Bread & circuses keep the masses asleep...and they are taking away the bread. As Biden announces food shortages are coming -- prompting many to go stock up, and likely necessitating food rationing -- two massive attacks are being perpetrated against our food supply: a "bird flu" epidemic is sweeping Europe and the US, again fueled by PCR tests, forcing mass depopulation of poultry & "backyard flocks." And farms contaminated with PFAS are being shut down as it is finally revealed that the "Biosludge" applied to farms (including organic!) was the equivalent of salting the Earth to destroy food production. In this Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian breaks it down and explores what is going to happen next: a great awakening.

  • (0:00) Exec summary
  • (7:38) German egg shortage
  • (9:01) PFAS: salting the land
  • (11:16) Bird Flu: PCR scam
  • (18:40) Animals dirty & dangerous
  • (19:43) Gardening is dangerous


I Probably Shouldn’t Tell You About the Next Shortages That Are Beginning (21 min)

Beyond the food, fertilizer and fuel shortages turning to rationing across the globe, look to palladium, gold and silver shortages that will change the world as we know it. I call it the run on everything and hyperinflation commodities cycle. Otherwise known as a civilization reset.

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Rampant Drug Shortages! Right Now There Are Shortages Of 116 Different Pharmaceutical Drugs In The United States… The Skyrocketing Price Of Fertilizer Has Caused A Worldwide Nightmare That Global Leaders Can No Longer Deny… “We’re At End Days Here” – US Faces Rampant Shortages Of 116 Different Pharmaceutical Drugs… Food Crisis About To Get Worse After China Says Winter Wheat Condition Could Be Worst In History… China warns of ‘worst in history’ winter wheat crop… Major European Trucking Firm Hit With Fuel Shortage After Ukraine Invasion… Putin Tells West “Don’t Blame Me” For Soaring Energy Prices, Releases Banned Exports Partial List… March silver and gold contract demand remains strong. JP Morgan takes a break from issuing delivery notices…