My Precious

My Precious

Gold and Silver are a good store of wealth.  I do not trust crypto at all. However, this point is a very good observation by Doomberg. Russia, China and other BRICS have been stacking this could make the West declare it illegal. 

Given the dangerous precedents being set by Operation Choke Point 2.0, such thinking might be a case of “be careful what you wish for.” In a world where gold enables the geopolitical enemies of the US to circumvent the power of the dollar, how would the Eye of Sauron respond? Could gold become the next crypto, targeted by US authorities for ejection from the Western banking system? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Let’s open the vault and have a look...



Time to Prepare

Time to Prepare

You can take Dirty Harry’s advice or David DuByne (lolz). It is up to you.

Crazy on Soup – Time to Prepare

The Zionist/Jewish financial cartels and their army of bribed and blackmailed officials in Congress, the State Department, the Department of Justice, IRS, Treasury, the Federal Reserve and in the office of the Director of the FBI are accelerating the theft of all assets, moneys and real estate from the American people into the Jewish controlled Hedge Funds, Asset Management corps and Private Equity groups (basically the old European Jewish banking mafia). They are accelerating their takeover at light speed and no one is stopping them. By the time these Jewish criminals and their accomplices get through printing money to replace the money they stole to buy themselves our assets, the remaining Jewish paper called dollars will be worthless, so take care of how you store your "Store of value". At this point Metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, and other minerals and real commodities are the only game in town.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention - SOUP!

Is August 2023 the Time Left We Have To Prepare? (52 min)

Optimism in the World of Chaos (Timelines and Solutions to 2025)-49 min


The Loan Boat

The Loan Boat

There are many financial tricks that might slow the pace of a credit crash, but not by much. And, here’s the kicker – Unlike in 2008, the Fed has created a situation in which there is no escape. If they do pivot and return to systemic bailouts, stagflation will skyrocket even more. If they don’t use QE, then banks crash, companies crash and even bonds become untenable, which puts the world reserve status of the Dollar under threat. What does that lead to? More stagflation. In either case, rapidly rising prices on most necessities will be the consequence.


The Loan Boat (2 min)

Clayton Morris: They want to watch the banks burn on purpose (19 min)


Tucker Carlson: This is why our big banks are incompetent (12 min)

It started in 2008? (lolz).  You mean because they got rid of the Glass-Stegal Act?

Try again.

It started more than a hundred years ago in 1913 with the private Jewish Bank you call the Federal Reserve.

Biden, banking system safe. SVB, don’t call it a bailout. Elensky needs $38B. Sunak heats pool. U/1 (23 min)

Buy gold (2min)




When society is absolutely corrupt the economy collapses.  The linking thread in these stories is a broken, corrupt society.  Even the Perth mint is embroiled in a scandal.  Can you blame poor people for stealing from Walmart when they see corruption on such a grand scale? In New Hampshire the corruption runs so deep that drug rehabilitation centers are run by drug criminals and the DEA, police, judiciary and politicians are a corrupt Mafia.  The same in Arkansas with the Clinton Mafia. We know that Biden and his son Hunter is corrupt. So, from the highest to the lowest we have corruption.  And these corrupt people want you to have less so that they can have more.  They always want more. The world is not enough.

Walmart Permanently Shut Down All Stores In Portland As Historic Theft Rise (14 min)

BREAKING NEWS: Perth Mint Accused Of DILUTING Gold Bars! HUGE SCANDAL! (18 min)

Quickie: James O’Keefe Resigns & Here Is Why – Mike Gill, Corrupt DEA, Bill Shaheen, Dick Anagnost (17 min)


Your New Limits to Excess Consumption (24 min)

What the Central Banks Know

What the Central Banks Know

She is right they are all working together up to a point. The conflict is about who will be in charge of the NWO.

This is the End of the Experiment: What the Central Banks Know That You Don’t – Lynette Zang (31 min)

Bank Of America WARNS! “A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming For The Market.” Mannarino (13 min)