I noticed that the Goldstein account on twitter was suspended.  Twitter is supposed to be a “free-speech” zone but I know for a fact that people are still being shadow banned and sometimes suspended.  The Goldstein account had a wealth of useful information and highlighted a number of conspiracies (real conspiracies by the elite as in conspiring to subvert justice and revise history).  So, that means that any old tweets embedded in blog articles on this website will not display properly.

I seemed to remember that “Goldstein” recommended a website by Miles Mathis – a website that I encountered some time back and was quite impressed with. So I went back and had another look and came to the conclusion that Goldstein and Mathis are the same person.

He is a painter and has beautiful art on his website but he is also a prolific writer and a polymath – whether his papers are on history, conspiracy or scientific papers he shows flashes of genius. I have just read his paper on the rainbow and also one on the ice ages and solar precession etc and I found them impressive.  I believe that much of what we consider settled science is either wrong or partial truth.   Our understanding of the earth and space weather is woefully lacking.   What he had to say about  the core of the earth and charging etc was also fascinating and similar to what I am thinking. 

A couple of points to ponder….what changed?   For millions of years (dinosaur period) we had no ice ages.  Something changed cosmically.  Also, I believe the earth has a kind of fusion reactor at its core and that all the planets and stars are linked with charged plasma streams. It is these streams that recharge our solar system and our  earth, with excess charge venting via volcanic or tectonic means. All life is regulated and changed by these streams of electro-magnetic and cosmic radiation.  Here is the website…an enormous amount to read and ponder:


Superman the shill

Superman the shill

I have created a Goldstein tag because I think his detective work is so good.   This one on Superman (Christopher Reeve) is very long but worthwhile.


A synopsis:

Christopher's sister-in-law Deborah Morosini is a Principal Pathologist at AstraZeneca, possibly linking us closely to Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Do you really think that is a coincidence?
The Christopher Reeve Foundation, which pushes embryonic stem cell research to this day with funding from the usual suspects, has Reeve's children on its board, but it is actually run by Peter Wilderotter, previously of Planned Parenthood, the NAACP, and New York Public Radio.


Goldstein recommends this website:

History but not as we know it

History but not as we know it

This is a promotion of Goldstein (probably not his real name) and his twitter account.   I really enjoy history and these tweets are absolutely fascinating and cannot be recommended highly enough.  He has a huge volume of work and I wonder how he does it or if he has help. 

This will really open your eyes to the lies that we have been told and shatter any remaining illusions. Truly cathartic and frightening how we have been manipulated. We really are in the matrix.   I include two tweets but if you select them and go to twitter you will find that they are very long threads.

There is one thread about Wilberforce and the abolishing of slavery supposedly leading to the civil war in the USA.  Goldstein makes the argument that the idea was to flood the market with cheap wage labor (black labor) to fuel the industrial revolution and suppress the wages of the white working poor.  Wilberforce was an aristocrat (probably Jewish) connected to  William Pitt the Younger (1759 – 1806) who in turn is the ancestor of Brad Pitt (lolz). Wilberforce was a “Christian Zionist”  (quell surprise) who moralized in a puritanical fashion pointing at the poor working class but sparing the rich who had a “God given right to rule”. It turns out the  Rothschild funded the compensation (worth billions) to  the slave (plantation owners) by loaning the money at undisclosed rates to the Government to be paid back by British taxpayers over decades and decades. 

Then there is the thread on Churchill another aristocrat connected to the Jews.  You can trace that all the way to the connection with the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (BP) that led to the overthrow of the Iranian Govt and installation of the Shah.  What emerges from these threads is the connection between the aristocracy and the Jews (particularly financiers) and the old East India Trading Company which became the square mile of London (City of London) the financial capital of the world with connections to old European money and the robber  barons of the New World.  Much of history is a lie just like much of science.  The serpent has taken over the world and whispered lies in the ears of the “elite” –

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it (John 8:44 ). 

Christian-Zionism is truly a match made in hell.  If you have to distort reality so much to rule the world then something is horribly wrong. As William Casey, CIA Director (1981) declared, We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes is False. Well I think we can safely say that we have reached that point. They metaphorically sold their soul to the devil in order to rule the world. Well, their schemes will be brought to an end soon and the old heavens an earth will pass away to make room for a new heavens and earth.