Lost and screaming in the Dark

Lost and screaming in the Dark

Both Google and Twitter have recently implemented new internet policies.  The CEO uses cute catch phrases to describe  limiting awful speech as     ….lawful but awful    So what?   If it is not threatening violence and is lawful, let it stand.  Then she adds, freedom of speech is not freedom of reach…    In other words we can restrict who sees your tweets.  You can scream all you want but if you are locked in a dark room no one can hear you.


Was Elon Musk Full Of Sh*t About Free Speech??? (14 min)

The Google search engine already restricts what you can find. Google’s new global censorship tool was introduced  on 10th of August via an email press release. According to LaToya Drake, head of Google News Initiative.  Instead of global internet censorship, Google calls it “Fact Check Tools.” Its purpose is to eliminate dissent on any topic Google selects. Google’s algorithms are designed to delete websites that criticize topics such as:

– COVID-19 statistics
– the World Bank
– the FBI’s crime statistics
– PharmGKB
– a one-world global government
-climate, health, environment statitics etc (everything)

Their partners are the:
•United Nations (UN)
•World Health Organization (WHO)

Google tools for fact checkers (5 min)


Post Truth Era

We are in the post Truth era.  The truth is whatever they tell you it is.  You will not be able to find any search results that they do not approve of.  This is about right-think and news-speak. You are effectively lost in the dark and screaming to yourself.  These people are authoritarian dictators (fascists) run by the intelligence agencies.  If there is no free and fair exchange of ideas there can be no freedom.  Look what China did with the flooding.  They kept the news to a minimum and showed staged rescue scenes. They deliberately lie about the number of casualties and lie about bad infrastructure collapsing.  If you control the narrative you can twist the truth as much as you want. They want blind, unquestioning obedience.

Work Around

You will need to find other search engines that are not based on Google (Duck, Duck, Go uses the Google engine). You probably also need to uses multiple browsers and get a VPN.  I will probably devote a post on this in the future.  Bookmark sites so that you do not lose them.


Google has NO MOAT

Google has NO MOAT

[ML News] Geoff Hinton leaves Google | Google has NO MOAT | OpenAI down half a billion (39 min)


OUTLINE: 0:00 – Google I/O 2023: Generative AI in everything 0:20 – Anthropic announces 100k tokens context 0:35 – Intro 1:20 – Geoff Hinton leaves Google 7:00 – Google memo leaked: we have no moat 11:30 – OpenAI loses 540M 12:30 – Google AI: Product first 15:50 – Ilya Sutskever on safety vs competition 18:00 – AI works cannot be copyrighted 19:40 – OpenAI tries to trademark GPT 20:30 – StarCoder: accessible code model 21:40 – RedPyjama & OpenLlama 22:55 – Mosaic 7B model 23:50 – YoloNAS 24:10 – Mojo programming language 25:30 – Random helpful things 37:40 – DeepMind soccer robots

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Disturbing Proof They’re Quietly Deleting the Internet… (14 min)

Here is the video from Truth Stream Media a channel well worth checking out.

Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go? (47 min)

This video from 2017:

It’s Official: This Is Straight out of Orwell’s 1984… (12 min)

UK Column News – 1st July 2020

UK Column News – 1st July 2020


Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column News.

START – Good news: excess mortality rate falls below five-year average
Leicester local lockdown – police to spot-check cars leaving the restricted zone…
Government provides details without showing any evidence to support them
SAGE recommended ramping up fear and turning communities against each other
The Ferguson effect: a similar situation occurred with Foot & Mouth – community division
This policy seems deliberate by the UK ‘government of occupation’
Increased Covid-19 testing will obviously result in an increase in reported cases
Is this a trial run and normalisation of ‘City State’ powers…?
CoronaVirus found in waste water as early as March 2019 in Spain
The spike in excess deaths across the world happened after lockdown…
15:49 – More fear: schools, hospitals and offices told to prepare for ‘marauding’ terror attacks
Mail Online: is your teen secretly struggling with depression…?
Mail Online: workers’ health starts to fail at the age of 59
MSM complains about Covid-19 infodemic – the ‘wrong’ kind of information…
19:28 – David Noakes (GcMAF) contact information
CoronaVirus: Upper Crust owner blames lockdown for 5,000 UK redundancies
Michael Gove quotes Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Brexit comments
Gove suggests that change is coming to the UK Civil Service
Boris announces a ‘new deal’ – ‘the opportunity is massive’
The MainStream Media reaction to Boris…? Nothing, silence…
MSM too busy with vitriolic reaction to removal of British king Mark Sedwill
Jonathan Powell – Cummings versus the Civil Service: this looks very much like a rolling coup
Who is Mark Sedwill’s replacement David Frost…?
41:26 – CoronaVirus ‘pandemic’ was a political scam to destabilise the UK
If power is stripped from Cabinet Office, who will be running UK’s ‘government of occupation’…?
Dominic Cummings plans special bootcamp to teach government advisors…
Policy Exchange: unleashing the power of the Union – ideas for new leadership
As Britain is ‘modernised’ so the ‘government of occupation’ ensures it has protective secrecy
UK Column article: The Global Parliament of Mayors and the Abolition of the Electorate
Britain: a smokescreen of chaos leading to a transformation of UK society
49:27 – FaceBook and Google come to the attention of the Competition & Markets Authority
Another ‘non-profit’ – Stop Hate for Profit gain more companies who have stopped ads on FB
‘Hate’ – an undefined term often used to crush alternative viewpoints
Stop Hate for Profit collaborating with ‘fact checker’ FullFact…
This campaign will only increase censorship and further reduce free speech


Ducks against censorship

Ducks against Censorship

Remember we did the experiment with Google and the Coronavirus?   Now we do the same with Duck Duck Go:


What a difference!

We type in the first three letters and the top listing is coronavirus update today.  I suggest you install Duck Duck Go in your browser as an alternative search engine.  I use it all the time when I do serious research or when I do not want to be tracked. Sometimes together with A VPN. Many websites are putting duplicate copies of their YouTube videos on Bit-chute in case they get purged.  It was suggested that VK is an alternative to twitter but it is a Russian twitter established by two Russian (Israeli?)  Jews. Apparently it is pretty free wheeling as far as censorship is concerned but not quite ready for that yet! (It has a lot of Russian content -obviously).  The main thing everyone needs to be aware of is that nothing is unbiased.  Whether deliberately or not every news site (even alternative) has spin.  You must be critical and use multiple sources.  However…..we need to make our own minds up….if we are adults who can think critically then we do not need censorship.  We are being deliberately herded and corralled into self-reinforcing social media bubbles.  This creates people who rarely encounter the opposite viewpoint. It creates groups that are automatically hostile toward each other. That is what they want. Divide and Rule.  Watch the following: