Humanity under Attack

Humanity under Attack

They do not want a middle class. They don’t want families. They do not want white people just a mixture of races. They want an easy controllable homogenized dumbed down infertile population. They are hateful psychopaths, Malthusians and Eugenicists. Everything that  happens has been planned and is deliberate.

I do not think this is a coincidence (looking at dates): In 1666 Sabbetai Zevi was arrested in Constantinople for declaring himself messiah.  However,  he already recognized himself as messiah in 1648.

In 1648 Zevi messiah in 1848 Communist manifesto in 1948 Israel becomes a nation
Exactly a hundred years between events.

Zevi lived until 1676 and 100 years later the Illuminati were founded, and the USA gained independence (1776). None of this is coincidence.

Part 1 | The TRUTH About Mass Migration – THIS is What the WEF Real… (21 min)


If the West collectively just pulled ALL welfare Benefits for the first 5 yrs and full / free citizenship for 10-15 perhaps even 20yrs would be a excellent handbrake.

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered
Jan 26, 2024

It’s not by accident but it’s by design they are trying to create the ultimate shock and awe cluster****!  By…….


One to watch

A rather long video but this is one to watch over the Xmas break. I have embedded it on this blog but will need to check regularly as the original will probably be removed from YouTube.  First a few explanatory notes for those unfamiliar with the topic.   In the Talmud (not the Torah) Edom is equated with Rome.  Taking this one step further Rome stands for white Europeans.

Edom = Rome =White race

Of course this is utter nonsense for a number of reasons. First it is very bad biblical exegesis, secondly Ashkenazi Jews share an Eastern European genetic heritage and lastly the Jews cooperated and allied themselves with the Edomite Herod dynasty. Besides which Edomites are Semites like the Jews so how can they be Japheth/Rome/White races?  

The video also makes reference to the “Noahide Laws”.   These are supposedly the commandments given to Noah .     All righteous gentiles must abide by these laws.  However, these seven laws come from the Talmud not from the Torah.














Note Law  6 Who eats a limb from a live animal?   Only crazy people.  The actual proscription given in Gen 9:4 was not to eat meat with blood in it.  They had to drain the blood because it represented the life of the animal (lifeblood).  Law 1 – is not what you think it is either because “idolatry” is a code word for Christianity.  Each of these “laws” is different from what you think because they are Talmudic Laws (traditions of men rather than the Torah).


The video also mentions Deut 22:26 which the Jews (the Talmud again) interprets as “rise up and kill first” in other words get your retaliation in first.  Once again, a complete misinterpretation.  The previous verse describes the case of  a women who is overpowered and raped and compares it with a man who is killed by someone who is stronger than him.  It has nothing to do with preemptive action.

"......for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and 
slayeth him, even so is this matter; as when a man comes
unawares upon another, and lays hold on him, and kills him,
being stronger than he, and none to help; so is the case of
a woman laid hold on by a man in a field, and ravished by him,
where no help could be had; and depriving a woman of her
chastity is like taking away a man's life"


Finally the influential Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement is mentioned. They are Kabbalists – (Jewish mysticism which is nothing to do with the Torah).   On this see Henry Makow, PhD who is Jewish and therefore called a “self-hating” Jew and a “conspiracy theorist” by Wikipedia (no higher recommendation LOL):  Trump is Beholden to Chabad Doomsday Cult . Last but not least watch the video below:


Europhobia & The Destruction of Edom