Connect the Weather dots

Connect the Weather dots

G2 Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Reykjanes Volcano Eruption Waned Significantly – Earth’s Rotation Speed (17 min)

Grand Solar Minimum – First Forecast Cycle 26 (3 min)

Solar Impact Coming, Volcano, Sun & Weather | S0 News May.30.2024 (3 min)

World Events Interconnecting to the Point of Being Obvious (22 min)

Climate the Movie

Climate the Movie

It will get colder not hotter….

Winter Weather Alerts for 5 States – M7.4 Solar Flare – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Climate The Movie (11 min)

Climate The Movie (1:19 min)

Safe Zones and Disaster Zones (16 min)

I do not hold to the theory of the mantel slipping and causing a global tsunami. However, there will be local flooding, volcanic and massive seismic activity  following a CME.  Is there anywhere “safe”?  Very hard to say, but one thing is certain…  it is not very sensible to live next to a volcano or on a plate boundary.

Earth’s Magnetic Field and Health, Quasars, Space Weather | S0 News Mar.21.2024 (3 min)


Preparing for Disaster

Preparing for Disasters

I’d rather perish with humans on the surface than survive with monsters underground.

The Elites are Preparing for Disaster | The Zuckerberg Case (7 min)

Geomagnetic Storm Fizzle – East Coast Flooding – Unprecedented Flooding Queensland – Sayhuite Stone (10 min)

Complete Control of the Food Supply (59 min)




Cooling down

Cooling down

Strong Solar Flare Directly At Earth (2 min)

Arthur Viterito:”I think the temperatures are going to cool down” | Tom Nelson Pod #175 (51 min)


Are We About to Witness a Major Event? How Do We Protect Ourselves? (14 min)


Trust Your Gut – 3:33 AM – The power of unconscious intuition (29 min)



Climate Chaos -SHTF

Climate Chaos -SHTF

There will be crop failures and food shortages.

(2/2) Magnetic Field Changes Will Amplify From Here-24 min

Shishaldin’s 11th Paroxysm to 41,000ft – Geomagnetic Storm Ongoing! – Climate Alarmist Nonsense (14 min)

They are complaining about “heat waves” and warming but it is about to get colder.  We are entering a Grand Solar Minimum.  Australia will get a cold spell.  We are enjoying an early spring and my trees are starting to bloom ,planted my tomatoes but a cold spell could do harm.  It is going to get colder.

Looks like the earth is DEALING with something BIG!

Many of the fires are arson but not all of them.  Something is changing inside the earth. I believe that “hot-spots” are formed.

They will keeop cancelling science and manipulating data

Cancelling Science (4 min)

They know

They know

They know what is coming or at least they think they know.  This makes their actions unforgivable because what they are doing will ensure that many will not survive.

X-Class Solar Flare | June 20, 2023 (1 min)

Earth’s Tilt Has Shifted as Fish Farms Will Be Closed Next (11 min)

(MIAC 425) The Long Game to Steal Our Planet (w/Drew Missen)-34 min